Three Must Run Air Raid Drills

Mike Leach talking to Hal Mumme

Hal Mumme and Mike Leach created the best offense in the world.

Do you love throwing the ball? Do you love setting records for most points scored in a quarter? In a game? In a season?

Then you will love the Air Raid offense.

Why the run the Air Raid offense? Because you are able to get the ball to your playmakers in space and let them do what they do best – score.

But how do you practice the Air Raid? Do you have the quarterback throw to one receiver the entire practice? Do you run nothing but 7 on 7? Do you roll the football out and tell your players, “Throw the ball for two hours.”


You’ve got to have drills. Not just any drills. Drills that reinforce what you will be doing on game day.

And you are in luck. Because I’ve put together an eBook that covers the THREE MOST IMPORTANT AIR RAID DRILLS YOU NEED TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

Do you want it? Sure, you do. It’s free, right?


Just sign up for it at the bottom. Read it. Love it. Score points using it.