Attack This Coverage – New Mexico vs Hawaii


Here’s the Situation:

New Mexico 14 Hawaii 14
3rd Quarter 1st & 10 14:53
Ball on Right Hash -18

How would you attack Hawaii’s defensive coverage? Remember, New Mexico is a Triple Option team. So try to take that into account with your play calling.

Comments on Attack This Coverage – New Mexico vs Hawaii

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would run empty left with the jet motion to the right running power read to the 1 tech

  2. Coach Simmons says:

    TAKE A SHOT. PPO. Show Inside split zone. Put flat defender in conflict and attack both safeties (based on tendency to fly to inside zone.) Flat defender is in conflict with what we call Bubble Fade. If he stays back or attacks the IZ, throw the bubble. If he plays the bubble, our slot converts to Fade (similar to Wheel). Outside WR to field releases inside for a SLUGGO (reading the Field Safety). We mirror this route on the Backside. We have tags for which defender is out primary read. I have found that double moves can be devastating off inside run action.

  3. CoachCastle says:

    Power RPO to the left with the #2 WR running a stick route. Read the overhang. If he widens, give the ball. If he commits inside on the mesh, pull & throw.

  4. Clay says:

    Power/Counter GH to our right (guard traps and H wraps). Can pass set the LT to invite the DE upfield before releasing to the 2nd level because he has no one in his backside gap. RPO the overhang since we have 6 to block 6. #2 and #1 strong run Levels – #2 runs a pop to grass and #1 has the 5 yard-in. It would be nice if he was a on the numbers. Backside I would probably push crack the safety, but you could run a skinny post as a pre-snap rpo if the safety cheats down pre-snap.

  5. James says:

    Pre-snap I am looking to the single receiver side for money (depending on my matchup. Number 1 outside release on fade, number 2 will run the stick toward number 2 backer. H is running the arrow. Our line is blocking pin and pull with PSG blocking down and C is skipping up to PS backer. If we have numbers QB would also have the option to follow. Speed option and midline look really good as well.

  6. Scott A Spaulding says:

    Run a shoot to the rb to the left

  7. Reshonne Rice says:

    I would Just run the Y Corner concept

  8. Coach B says:

    We’ll attack the overhang Backer on the field, he is either 7th man in the box or covering the flat – let’s put him in conflict like this:
    IZ right with a Stick concept on left, #1 MOR, #2 stick route, Sniffer/Hback chips DE goes to the flat… #1 on right runs open grass slant concept

    1. Like Coach Dearmon has said, “You can’t serve two masters.” I love your idea.

  9. Coach Maurice Wyatt says:

    This will be my play call against this DEF:

    Quad Left Jailhouse Left or Trips Left Motion Left (Send my Back to set up Quad formation to the left) Jailhouse Left

  10. Morris Washington says:

    6 in the box going with the stick route in slot outside release up top reading the LB

    1. Can’t go wrong with the Y-Stick concept. That’s the subject of my new video. I freaking love that concept.

  11. Zach Tibbs says:

    I would twirl motion with the slot receiver and run inside zone right with the RB. The Y is blocking MDM (CB) while the X takes the Safety as MDM. QB is reading DE and pitch man is LB. You could also RPO the Y and have him run an arrow or POP pass.

    1. That’s a good play design. Love what you can do with the option.

  12. Coach Grob says:

    Inside zone with a “fungo” (quick out) from the H. Hinge BST to block the DE Q post-snap read the ILB. Pre snap read tells Q that the 2on3 below the hard deck gives us numbers for the pass option.

    #1 block the CB, #2 blocking MDM (should be the overhang). Gift route from BS#1.

    1. You call that route ‘fungo’? I’m going to put it in because it is amazing play, but I was going to call it ‘slip’.

      1. Coach Grob says:

        NZone term.

  13. Coachjwilson says:

    Midline to the 3 technique with twirl motion by the slot. Or Counter option to the boundary with slot motion.

    1. Is your midline a different play or a tag to your inside zone?

      1. Coachjwilson says:

        Tag tells OL not to block 3tech. Navy has an adjustment in their flexbone where they fold the BSG. I would also put Aback behind the QB instead of offset.

  14. Gary Tuell says:

    Well I’m not a triple guy but here goes.

    Twirl motion the slot and run zone triple option. Inside zone to right five read is EMOL then pitch is the OLB. Take their cruiser back arcing to the safety/alley player. Backside safety has to come all the way across to make play and with the quick twirl he might start spiking down.

    Then you can always just push motion the TB to field and have cruiser arc to block safety and you get your 3 over 3 with your TB one on one with an ILB to the field.

    1. I like that. I love to run the triple option. Just don’t know it well enough.

  15. Coach Hatchett says:

    I would roll QB and run flood to the field with sniffer in flat and Back helping set edge

    1. I’ve never been a fan of the roll out. I’ve tried but I think rolling out helps the defense.

  16. Billy K says:

    6 Man box….run power to the left (3 tech) with frontside bubble…but throw the gift hitch to the right.

    1. Do you ever run power to a 1 tech?

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