Attack This Front – Tulsa vs Tulane



Tulsa 24 Tulane 7

4:00 left in the 2nd Quarter

Ball is on the Left Hash +18

3rd and 4


How would you attack this front? Why would you choose that play? What is your thought process about 4:00 left in the first half? Are you trying to go for the kill or milking the clock and hope to get points?

Comments on Attack This Front – Tulsa vs Tulane

  1. Coach B says:

    luckily our QB is a good runner so we’ll sprint out left with a F Corner, either an open TD throw or he’ll get 4+ yards on his feet

  2. Clay says:

    It looks like man.

    If I have an athletic QB I’m running outside zone with the QB and the RB leading. TE and OT combo 7 tech to PS LB with RB taking on the safety.

    If I don’t have an athletic QB, I am going to run Y stick and with the RB in the flat. In the red zone vs man, we have the TE set up a “rub” on the LB (who chases the RB) as he runs his stick route.

  3. Dale says:

    Toss rob tB with Pin-Pull.
    Y – down block DE
    Pull LT and C

  4. Morris Washington says:

    Going for the throat inside power C pins 1 tech G pulls to LB other G keeps 3 tech in B gap. When I score may go for 2 . If I get the ball to the 2nd I get to eat clock if he gets the ball I want to force him to throw so I can pin my ears back and rush the passer

  5. Coach Hatchett says:

    I cant make my mind up on this one I’m torn between two plays: pin and pull to the left or trap

    If I was really wanting to score and break the defense’s back I think I would call the pin and pull to the left and get to the pylon


    If I trap the 3 tech, left G works up to the Mike and the T blocks down on end and TE fold blocks up to LB I think we could get the 4 yards and if not its a easier kick for the points

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