Attack This Coverage - Eastern Illinois vs Jackson State


Eastern Illinois 35 - Jackson State 0

2nd Quarter 1:26 left

2nd & 10 Ball on the -20, Right Hash

The play before this it was 1st and 15. Eastern Illinois ran a tunnel screen to the number 2 receiver on the three receiver side. What would you do to attack this coverage?

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  1. Stephen Kuchefski says:

    I was at this game… And helped spring ball with this team with Jimmy G. I would do either y stick or Y corner, or Y cross.

  2. Blazo Bojic says:

    QB Power or QB trap to the Tech. 3 side.

  3. Coach BArtlett says:

    Im taking a shot down the field with a fade by #1 on the three man side having #2 run and attack the deep middle scene running a quick slant with# 3. it looks like man free across the board, second and 10 with that momentum Im taking the shot.

    Outside guy on the left run a hitch and drive #2 on a flag to occupy the deep safety from helping out on the deep routes to the trips side.

  4. Coach Maurice Wyatt says:

    Against this Defensive formation, I would run QB “DART LEFT” if they are going to leave MOF open (TD City if QB has any type of speed) 🙂

  5. Jeff Williams says:

    Bubble to trips, Stick to twins, Q draw off 1-back power scheme. Advantage to draw look.

  6. Joe says:

    Boundary- #1 hitch #2 Corner
    Field- #1 slant #2 Corner #3 Take-off

  7. Sonny Wolfe says:

    Eliminate the single receiver - he is doubled. To the trips side - Rub route between #1 & #2; Quik 5 step Corner to #3

  8. Billy K says:

    Look to hit the middle WR quickly off a rub. I like a drive concept (#1 post, #2 shallow under the rub of #3s dig) to the 3 wide side and run a 2 man sail (#1 outside go #2 on deep out) backside to clear out all 3 backside defenders. Read low to high beginning with the shallow quick off the rub. If he’s somehow covered look dig. If safety jumps dig hit the post for 6.

  9. Matt Burleson says:

    2&10 here I’m running QB Draw but I’m running the #2 Weak and #3 WR Strong on Vertical routes to occupy the Safeties . Center and Guard double 1 tech everyone else pass set/fan. If you are worried about QB getting hit he can slide after picking up 1st down . Also clock will stop on 1st down

  10. Tad Barton says:

    Looks like Man Under 2, I’m going to be aggressive and call an Air Raid staple, the 6 route. On the three WR side the #1 Fade, #2 Go and the #3 would bend his vertical to split the safeties (not a post just inside the safety his side to open grass.) On the two WR side the #Fade and #2 Slant .

  11. Clay says:

    Assume 2-man. Smash to both sides with #1’s each running a slant (conversion for press M2M). #3 is running a divide/post/seam-read. Can tag #2 & #3 to switch for a rub. Probably not necessary if you are up 35 points in the 2nd quarter.

  12. Scott Spaulding says:

    QB draw

  13. Bobby Belton says:

    Coach McKie, here’s how I would attack this coverage:

    Twins side,
    #1 - block db
    #2 - bubble screen

    Trips side

    #1 - 3 step hitch.
    #2 - shallow cross, using #3 as a rub/pick
    #3 - mandatory outside release go route

    Assuming this is some type of man coverage, (possibly man - free), I would have the QB read the safety. If he stays deep, then throw the shack. If he comes down to help with the cross, then throw the deep ball to #2

    1. Bobby Belton says:


      Apparently, I can’t count. With only 10 defenders in the picture, there’s obviously another safety somewhere near the far hashes. So now I’m assuming a cover 2 w/ man underneath. That changes my approach slightly.

      Trips side:
      #1 would be my rub/shallow cross guy, with #2 and #3 both running outside release verticals

      Twins side
      #1 runs a post
      #2 runs a wheel route

      1. JayCain says:

        R.P.O. With QB Draw or Dart run with Perimeter screens

  14. Jared Smith says:

    I’d run 3 verts with a switch/rub by #1 & 2 on the 3 man side. The two inside WR would run mesh. QB reads the switch to the mesh.

  15. Coach Hatchett says:

    They look like they are in some type of man (guessing 2 man)I’m running slant/wheels on both sides with number 1 &2, #3 on the trips side will run a slant just like the open grass concept taking advantage of empty middle. I’m looking for a quick hit so Qb has 3 step with a hitch at let it go! If nothing there on the hitch up he pulls it down and run a draw because there is no backers in center of field.

  16. Dale Carlson says:

    Mesh wheel with wheel run to both sides.

  17. Jason Bulling says:

    If the defense has their timeouts its a different story than if they don’t.

    Scenario #1 No Timeouts left for Jackson…..Run the ball or run your screen game again to keep clock moving and get out of half without a turnover or giving the ball back to them with time left.

    Scenario #2 Timeouts left for Jackson….Assuming the other safety is on Hash to the top of screen, I would be apt to attack the triangle to the bottom of the screen with a Slant/Bubble or Slant/Arrow combo. The #1 to the bottom looks like a “DUDE”, I would think he can wall the CB if the LB chases to the flat. This would get us to about 3rd and 3-5 yards and force a timeout. Come back with a Fly motion RPO combo 3 to 2 side and see if I can find some space 2nd level to get a first down and run the clock out.

  18. Cody Oates says:

    5 vertical/ or 4 vertical and slot Wr to the bottom with a deep post

  19. Mark Holcomb says:

    Screen and Go! Lock off the tunnel screen and put the game away.

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