Attack This OFFENSE


We spend so much time on offense that we forget there is two more phases of the ball. Not today. We are going to put our defensive coordinator cap on and think of was to attack this offense.
The reason we are going to do this is too fold:

  1. You might actually become a defensive coordinator one day and this well help you out. (Don’t laugh. Crazier things have happened in high school ball.)
  2. Thinking like the ‘enemy’ will help you become a better offensive coach. (Being on the defensive side of the ball for 3 years helped me.)


2nd Quarter - 8:41
2nd & 10 [Ok. State just threw an incomplete on first down] Ball is on the Right Hash, -21 yard line
Ok. State 21 TCU 9

[Note:Ok. State motions the running back out of the back field and lines him up with the two receivers.]

What would you do to defend this offense?

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Coach Gossett - March 19, 2018 Reply

Bring 6, play man. I figure you are trying to make me uncomfortable with 5 wide, I will bring one more than you can block.

James Williams - March 18, 2018 Reply

From a 4-3 I would expand my sam with jack over the top. I would keep mike in the box to spy qb with my free single high. I woukd consider making a knife call with my will to press the issue from back side.

Anthony Bogan - March 17, 2018 Reply

I’d play 2 deep Man if I had the dudes to pull off man . Safeties would man up on the RB.

Morris Washington - March 17, 2018 Reply

Roll safety to RB LB still has TE safety to the ball with man free and LB spy on QB 4 man rush scared of QB draw in this formation

Tom - March 17, 2018 Reply

Put the pressure on: safeties cover the RB and TE - blitz both linebackers. Coming hard to create havoc - incomplete pass, sack, fumble…

    Coach Ron McKie - March 17, 2018 Reply


    I’m the same way. I don’t like to sit back and wait on what the offense will do. I believe in playing offense while on defense.

Mykeal Terry - March 17, 2018 Reply

I would rotate the safety down to cover the back and have the LB stay to cover the TE. I would have the other safety move over the ball.

    Coach Ron McKie - March 17, 2018 Reply

    What coverage would you be playing behind it? Man? Zone?

Chris Paige - March 17, 2018 Reply

From a 4,2,5 i would roll my weak safty over the back. I hate having backers on backs unless the Backer is just that dude. The coverage would be 2 read/palms with a lock stag on the back side.

    Coach Ron McKie - March 17, 2018 Reply

    Interesting. Why don’t you like Linebackers on Running backs? To me a running back is just a linebacker who has the ball. Do you have any good material on Palms coverage? Always looking to get better on that area of my game.

Dale Carlson - March 17, 2018 Reply

Roll the S down to the RB. Drop the end opposite of the RB motion. Loop the N outside and double A-Gap some blitz playing 3 behind.

    Coach Ron McKie - March 17, 2018 Reply

    A zone blitz? Nice. Don’t see that many ends dropping at the high school level. Would really mess up the QB progression.

Adam - March 17, 2018 Reply

Lock the boundary corner and have the boundary safety bump to the hash and play solo (help to quad side). Trey side that became quads will need to become special call (corner lock and safety and Nickel read 3 to 2). End over TE has to be physical and not allow a free release.

    Coach Ron McKie - March 17, 2018 Reply

    I like the locking up #1. We are seeing that a lot now in South Carolina.

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