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“Coach McKie has a unique ability to make the air raid SUPER HS friendly. His existing you tube videos are some of the best online football content videos available. After watching all of those purchasing the course was a no brainier!" - Coach Gary Anderson

Never Worry about throwing the ball again

Because the Simplified Air Raid System Has You Covered

The Simplified Air Raid System Makes Sure Your Players Know What to Run, Who to Key, and How to Execute the Devastating Air Raid Offense.

Don't be afraid of the pass

Don't lie awake at night wondering if your 16-year-old quarterback will key the right defender in the Pin and Pull RPO, or if he will remember his progression on the Shallow Crossing series. 

Be confident in his ability because YOU coached him on what to do.


Because you are running the MOST DEVASTATING OFFENSE in all of football...

...the Air Raid Offense.

YOU'VE taught your quarterback who to read on passing plays, who to key on running plays, and the adjustments he must make throughout the game.

“Coach Mckie's Simplified Air Raid Offense is a must for anyone interested in improving their passing attack. ”

Billy Donegan - Head Coach

Never Be Confused on Assignments

Every run, pass, and pass protection is drawn up and thoroughly covered in the Simplified Air Raid Offense.

Tags Make The World Go Round

Defense trying to stop your base plays? Then make them pay with a tag. The Simplified Air Raid Offense covers the most important TAGS you need in the offense.

Real Life Cut Ups

Watch real life high school players executing the plays and BEING SUCCESSFUL in the Air Raid Offense.

What if I told you there was a way to run an explosive offense...

...and it was incredibly easy to install and run?

How does this sound:

THROW the ball for 300 yards a game 

Have kids BEGGING you to play football

SELL out your games because fans what to see your offense

COACHES calling you to learn HOW to run YOUR OFFENSE

The Air Raid Offense has done all of that at every level of football. And you can do it too with this easy to install, simple to run, and devastating offense. 

Your players will love throwing the ball around. Your coaches will love the simplicity of installing it. And your community will love the success your team will have when you run the Air Raid Offense.

Simple Passing Concepts

Learn how to break down the Air Raid passing concepts into small, bite-sized teaching points that let your players pass with confidence.

Explosive RPOs

Learn simple Run Pass Options to attach to your Inside Zone and Pin and Pull run schemes that will have defensive coordinators' pulling out their hair.

Game Time Adjustments

Learn how to tag the Air Raid passing concepts to PUNISH the defense when they try to stop your base plays.

Simplified Air raid course is worth the money and then some. The course gives great detail along with video proof as to how to simply your air raid offense while still maintaining a high scoring offense. The course gives examples from blocking schemes, how to teach each skill guy to communication and answers the all important question of why coaches does what he does. Great course.

Coach Anthony Bogan

Offensive Coordinator

Get started shredding defenses through the air now!

Learn how to throw the ball with ease, run the ball at will, and score points on almost every single time you have your on offense. The defense won't stop you. Your players will love you. And the points will pile up.

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Simplified Air Raid Passing Game

Learn the Ins and Outs of the Air Raid Passing Game

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    Learn how to excel at the Shallow Crossing Series and what to do when defenses try to take the play away.
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    Learn the secret to running the Y-Cross and Y-Sail concept to perfection and how to TAG the play to make defenders pay when they fall asleep.

Simplified Air Raid Running Attack

Force the defenses to defend the entire field

Don't let the name 'Air Raid' fool you. You will still run the ball in this offense. Only those two yard runs will be 15 to 30 yard EXPLOSIVE plays.

You'll learn what RPOs to tag with Inside Zone. Who your quarterback is keying on the Pin and Pull scheme. And how to TAG the run game to make defenses PAY for committing to stop the pass.

Coaches LOVE the Simplified Air Raid Course.

Here's why:​​​​

Coach McKie has a unique ability to make the air raid SUPER HS friendly. - Coach Gary Anderson 

I have always wanted to run the air raid offense, but just needed to figure out an easy way to run it and call it. Coach Mckie always shares great information and wants things to be simple as possible just like me. It would be dumb of me to not get this, and not to learn a simple way to run this offense for the kids and coaches. - Coach Steve Kuchefski

Great learning tool. I keep going back and reading over and over. Great for any Striving OC! - Coach Scott Eubanks

The course lives up to its title and Coach McKie's manta of "Master the Spread, Score points and Have Fun!" A must have for any coach running or looking to run the Spread and throw the ball around..

Coach Ernie Burghardt

Quarterback Coach

About the ​Author

Coach McKie is a 10 year veteran football coach - having coached on both side of the ball. He has helped set multiple school records in passing yards, passing touchdowns, overall touchdowns, and points scored in a game with the use of the Spread Offense.

In 2015, Coach McKie started a YouTube channel to help spread his knowledge of the Spread Offense to other coaches and help them have success in the Spread Offense. Since then, he has helped over 41 coaches successfully install the Spread Offense at their school.

Start Breaking Records NOW!

Get the Simplifying the Air Raid Offense now and start BREAKING records now.

Gain lifetime access to this single course

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