How Fresh Sizzling Fajitas 5X My Scoring While Cutting My Playbook in Half!

I couldn't believe I was having dinner with five of most influential offensive coaches from the historic One Back Clinic...

...and two of them were Hal Mumme and John Jenkins.

This was like being apart of the football Avengers...

...coaches who fight defenses through the air...

...and make them pay!

And here I am in the middle of the dinner soaking in all of their knowledge.

Who am I?

My name is Ron McKie (pronounced MACK-KEY) and I have been coaching football for the past 10 years. (I'm the guy with classes and beard in the picture above.)

The past five years I’ve been the offensive coordinator for a little school in South Carolina.

In those 5 years as offensive coordinator, we’ve shattered school and region records every year on offense while increasing our wins and player participation.

I  also have a popular YouTube Channel and Podcast (Talking Football with Coach McKie) where I interview football coaches from around the globe and help them simplify their offense WHILE scoring a TON OF POINTS.

That’s how I ended up at dinner with Coach Hal Mumme - creator of the Air Raid Offense, Coach John Jenkins - legendary Run and Shoot football coach, Coach AJ Smith - creator of the One Back Clinic and assistant coach to Coach June Jones, Coach Shawn Liotta - creator of the explosive No Huddle, No Mercy offense, and Coach Nick Codutti - famous offensive coordinator from Tomball High School in Texas and THE Wide Zone Guru.

What these coaches talked about BLEW MY FREAKING MIND!

Especially when the conversation turned to practice and installing their offense.

When I told them a story of practicing for 3 hours and then staying another 10 hours after practice to watch film and game plan...

...they laughed in my face.

Coach Mumme told me he barely spends 10 hours TOTAL working on game plans and practice scripts for the entire season.

Coach Jenkins laughed and said it doesn’t matter what the defense does because his offense will ALWAYS be right.

Coach Liotta shook his head and said his staff only worries about their team and doesn’t care what the defense does.

Coach Codutti asked if I was kidding about installing all of those plays because he gets his offense installed in three days.

Then it HIT ME…

…these guys were using the 80/20 Principle.

What’s the 80/20 Principle?

Everything in the world is subjected to the 80/20 Principle.

It was discovered by Italian Economist Vilfredo Pareto in the early 1900s. Pareto realized that 80% of the wealth in England was held by 20% of the population.

Decades later, an author by the name of Richard Koch, discovered that you can extend the 80/20 Principle to other areas in life.

Think about it…

-20% of freeways get 80% of the traffic
-20% of fast food restaurants get 80% of the customers
-20% of college football programs win 80% of the championships
-20% of the movie studios win 80% of the box offices

When Koch stumbled upon this discovery, he began to apply the 80/20 Principle to his life and his work. It’s the reason he was able to go from working 60 hours a week as a management consultant making six figures…to being worth $400 million while working just one hour per day.

His approach is all about ‘less is more’.

And you can apply the 80/20 Principle to your playbook as well.

You can MAXIMIZE your playbook by finding the plays that give you:

✔️The most yards
✔️The most touchdowns
✔️The most explosive plays

…while eliminating the plays that you suck at.

All you need to do is understand what to look for. Then once you understand what to look for and start installing the plays and immersed in the philosophy of less…

…your offense will EXPLODE.

So how can you learn to 80/20 your playbook?

I’ve taken everything I’ve ever learned about simplifying an offense and all the knowledge I’ve gained from interviewing hundreds of coaches around the world and condensed it into a six week crash course called Super Simple Spread Offense.

Could you learn how to simplify your offense on your own? Maybe. It’s possible but I doubt it…

You could sit down and pour over your offensive numbers, figure out which runs and passes where the most explosive and which ones were pure luck, figure out which formations to use and which ones to get rid of, research and talk to several coaches about which passing concepts to run and how to teach your quarterback to read the routes, find out which run plays are the best to run and the specific coaching points for every position, work at putting together the perfect practice plan and game script, and figuring out the right way to game plan for an opponent.

OR you can take this course and learn all of this in just 6 weeks, WHILE I walk you through the process as you build your own explosive offense, break down some of the best offenses in the country, AND get proven practice structures and scripts you can use to create an explosive offense — regardless of the size or age of your team.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn inside:

✔️The ultimate play to get good at within ANY offense (once you start to run this play you will discover you have an answer for ANYTHING the defense does)

✔️The little known drill that builds your players confidence in being able to catch the football and will nearly eliminate drops. (Plus, the exact way to practice this skill so you aren’t wasting time in practice.)

✔️Why double teams are ‘over rated’ and put your offensive linemen at a disadvantage. (Double teams have their moments but it takes a ton of time to get great at them. That’s why this scheme is the best at creating an explosive run game.)

✔️ How to create an unlimited amount of One-Word Plays without overloading your players. (This will allow you to dictate the speed of the game and piss off your opponent's defensive coordinator.)

✔️The Super Simple QB Method that teaches your quarterback the BEST way to go through his progression. (This method is so simple a 3 year old can do it.)

✔️An ‘idiot proof’ practice structure for every day of the week. (So you aren’t scrambling during your planning period to come up with a practice structure, script, and call sheet.)

✔️ The 'Easy to Use Tags' for each passing concept so defenses will ALWAYS be one step behind. (These tags won’t confuse your quarterback AT ALL. They aren’t the crazy tags you see the ‘goo-roos’ spouting on Twitter. These are game tested and Air Raid approved.)

✔️The 'Unstoppable Crack Screen' and why you need to run this against Man-to-Man defense. (If you see Man-to-Man then you will be rubbing your hands together like Birdman because you KNOW you are fixing to score.)

✔️How to create a dominating quick game with the Super Simple Air Raid Quick Game Plays. (These plays are so simple your middle school program can run them and DOMINATE.)

✔️Plus, a whole bunch more…

Here’s What You’ll Receive When You Get the Super Simple Spread Offense Today:

🔥Access to the Simplifying the Air Raid Offense, One Formation Offense and Power Air Raid Offense courses so you can start the ground running with the offense.

🔥Daily emails straight to your inbox 5 days a week for 6 weeks. The content of these emails will teach you each specific Spread Air Raid principles and concepts, and give you a proven structure for all of the most explosive plays inside the Spread Air Raid Offense.

🔥Access to practice scripts, schedules, and call sheets. These will help you prepare, plan, and perfect your offense.

🔥 All-22 video from some of the most explosive offense in the past 5 years and discover how to ‘pad’ the games and get inside the minds of the most prolific offensive coordinators in college.

🔥 You’ll have a complete week’s worth of practice schedules and scripts (minimum) of your own in just 6 weeks. (That’s an absolute MINIMUM. Some coaches will have their entire Spring, Summer, Fall Camp, and Season’s install schedule, practice schedule, practice scripts, and game sheets done. It just depends on your commitment level.)

All you have to do is hit the Enroll Now button below to get all of this right now.

Here’s my guarantee: I’m not offering a guarantee…at least not in the “traditional” sense. I don’t believe in them. A guarantee gives you a way to back out NOT simplifying your offense. It allows you to pick and choose what you want to do inside your offense and then blame someone else when you don’t go ALL IN!

Not having a guarantee means you have to “shit or get off the pot” so to speak. You MUST take action because there is no other option.

That being said, here’s what I AM offering. If you actually DO the exercises inside the course and follow through on everything that’s covered AND you run the system for the entire year without changing a thing, just show me what you’ve done and I’ll GLADLY refund your money AND GIVE YOU AND EXTRA $200! (Show me your practice scripts for the year and 4 games throughout the year.)

I haven’t had a single refund yet.

I’m doing this because I truly believe it’s the best way to ensure you simplify your offense. I know how easy it is buy a course, go through it for a week, and decided “I can’t do this. I don’t have the kids.” And I offer that guarantee because I KNOW that you can’t simplify your offense and NOT become a freaking NON-STOP SCORING MACHINE!

Look, simplifying your offense works. I know it does. Everyone who’s been through one of my courses and done the work knows it does.

Your offensive production will go through the roof if you DO THE WORK. It’s time to take action and assume responsibility for your offenses success. You need to stop blaming the kids and start making things simple for them.

I’m here to help guide you on the path of simplification and give you the tools and knowledge you need to succeed.

So take action and get the Super Simple Spread Offense today.

You’ll receive an email immediately with your website login and three online courses. You’ll also immediately get an All-22 video of one of the simplest and most explosive offenses in the past 15 years in college football.

*Sign up for the ‘beta package’ below for $497. This is HALF OFF the launch price.*

Also, since this is a beta version, you will gain access to 4 previously recorded Zoom meetings were I talked about the weeks emails and NEW plays that will cause your opponent to SMASH their headsets during the game!

The daily emails will begin the following Monday.

Will I really 5X my scoring?

It is 100 percent possible to 5X your scoring using the Super Simple Spread Offense. Multiple coaches have done that. (Including me.) But let's say you don't. Let's say you only double your scoring. Wouldn't that be worth it?

Will this work for youth and middle school teams?

Yes it will. The Super Simple Spread Offensive System works at ANY age. There our coaches inside the Ron McKie Football Coaching Community who use it and have DOMINATED their opponents.

Will this teach me how to structure my practices and installs so my kids won’t forget the plays three days later?

Yes, this course structures everything in a way that you are getting MAXIMUM reps at your plays. So your kids learn WHAT to do, WHY they are doing what they are doing, and HOW to perfect their offense. The reason why we are doing all of this is so they WON’T forget the plays. This is our motto and you must write it down somewhere: “Embrace the boredom.”

I have a huge problem with installing plays I see on Saturday and Sunday, will this still help me?

Yes, by keeping our playbook small and going with the philosophy of “If you install something new then you MUST take something out” you’ll never have to worry about getting a fat playbook again.

I don’t have a quarterback/wide receiver/running back/offensive linemen for this offense. Should I still get this product?

First, if you don’t have any players then it doesn’t matter what offense you run. So stop with that ‘poor me’ way of thinking. Second, you have the players to run this offense. In fact, THIS OFFENSE WAS CREATED FOR LESSER TALENTED TEAMS! That’s why Hal Mumme, Mouse Davis, John Jenkins, June Jones, and Mike Leach have been so successful everywhere they’ve been. They haven’t had the best talent in the world. But they WIN because of this system.