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A brilliant team of College Football Data Analysts recently discovered how you can...

Maximize Your Scoring and Wins

With a Simplified Air Raid Offense.

When the Air Raid Offense first came out, some teams scored and won fast with it. Others didn't score or win at all.

After much trial and error, it was discovered that in order to REALLY score points and win, it had to come from a quarterback who was a future NFL Draft Pick...with a group of receivers that could juke their shadow out of its shoes.

And you need to start installing the offense "year round" the moment you decide to change your offense to the Air Raid Offense.

That "year round" way works OK for some programs...but the lack of weight room, players, coaches, and other causes that separate the Haves from the Have Nots make ‘year round’ training un-achievable.

So what about all these “improved” Air Raid systems that claim they get you more points and drive defenses crazy with their multiple formations and plays?

In most cases there is still the problem of lack of ‘year round’ installation, coaches, complex plays, and insane amount of tags. And some teams score LESS while installing these offensive systems.

 See, these “new and improved” offensive systems are nothing more than Saturday and Sunday Night Football plays SMASHED on top of the Air Raid Offense. They don’t make the offense any less easy than the normal Air Raid Offense. But they DO cause massive confusion for your players due to the addition TAGS and ‘If/Then’ RPOs…and THAT causes fewer points AND WINS!

There Are More Than 43 NCAA Offenses Proving the Air Raid Concepts Deliver MAXIMUM Points...So Why Doesn't It Always Work That Way In The “Real World?”

Here’s a shocking discovery we made...         

            When teams went to the Air Raid offense, most of them installed EVERY SINGLE PLAY ever ran by an Air Raid team. That means they installed every tag, every version of a passing concept, every quick game, every drop back, every run, and every RPO.

And it gets even worse...

After they’ve installed ALL of those plays… the coaches would install MORE PLAYS they’ve seen on the TV and Internet.

So not only do their players have to learn how to run the MASSIVE amount of NEW PLAYS you installed…they have to learn all of the OTHER PLAYS you want to run because you saw a small click of it on Twitter.

And there’s another problem with all the other “new and improved” Air Raid systems…

Because the Air Raid Offense has a structured practice with no wasted motion and drills…these “new and improved” Air Raid systems create 2 and a 30 to 3 hour practices, causing your players to lose focus and GET WORSE.

Ever see teams that scored a ton of points one game and get shut out the next? That’s the infamous “Air Raid bloat.” You are able to score a lot of points randomly because of how BAD your opponents’’ defense is…not because of you potent offense.  PROVE THE PROBLEM BY SOCIAL PROOF OF WHAT THEY’VE SEEN OR HEARD.

The bottom line is this...

Due to the MASSIVE playbook bloat of the “new and improved” Air Raid Systems, it’s almost impossible to get GREAT at a core group of plays. And when you start to score points almost at will…it makes you OVER CONFIDENT and your call sheet becomes larger than poster board for a science project!

But Now There’s Simplifying the Air Raid Offense eBook...
The First Air Raid Offense with Less Plays, Less Practice Time, and More Tempo…
That Lives Up To Its Claim Of

I’m talking about PERMANENT point scoring... not the temporary feast or famine point scoring outdated “new” Air Raid systems give you.

Simplifying the Air Raid Offense eBook  is a striped down version of the Air Raid Offense for the offense who wants to score points BUT not load down their playbook.

Here’s How It Works...

Knowing how effective the Air Raid Offense has the potential to be in scoring points, we’ve been working on stripping down the Air Raid Offense to it’s basic plays to address the problem of bloated playbook syndrome.

What we came up with BLOWS AWAY plain old-fashioned Spread Offensive systems!

We’ve successfully striped the Air Raid Offense down to it’s CORE plays to insure maximum point scoring.

Here’s what we’ve come up with:

The Air Raid offense started out with a small core group of plays. These plays allowed the players the freedom to alter their routes based on what the defense did. These adjustments allowed teams the ability to always be correct…regardless of what the defense did.

But, why is that important? What role does this have in scoring points while keeping your playbook small?

The Air Raid Offense allows players to get GREAT at a small group of plays. And to master the ability to SEE and UNDERSTAND what the defense is doing. This means the defense will NEVER be right.

But the Air Raid Offense gives the players ownership of the offense because they are practicing the same concepts repeatedly. They get to pick up the little things that make the offense explosive.

This means you can use a small set of concepts to maximize your offenses efficiency… and the “Bloated Playbook” will be totally eliminated!

In other words, Simplifying the Air Raid Offense eBook allows you to use the Air Raid Offense to its full and most potent, with only a fraction of the plays

In fact...

You Can Install the Entire Offense In Fall Camp and Beat Last Year’s Point Scoring Average.

When used in conjunction with your Every Day Air Raid Drills... Simplifying the Air Raid Offense triggers a scoring onslaught effect called ‘Scoreboard Ignition.'

A Scoreboard Ignition is an increase effect of points scored by your offense through the air and on the ground. The scoreboard operator’s hand will hurt so bad that he or she will get up, walk to his/her car, and IGNITE the engine. This ‘Scoreboard Ignition’ has the same effect similar as punching larger numbers into your calculator in math class.

More points that scored through the air with our simplified passing attack…

…more points scored on the ground with our explosive running attack…

…means more points added to the scoreboard….

And this triggers an ERROR on the scoreboard once it has reached its MAXIMUM amount of points allowed…

…your athletic department will be FORCED to get a new scoreboard.

If that were the ONLY thing Simplifying the Air Raid eBook did it would still be a totally kick ass Offensive scheme…

But We Also Added the Simplest RPOs That Confuses the Defenses and Let’s Your Offense Be Right…NO MATTER WHAT!

In addition to the simplified Air Raid passing concepts, we also added easy to read RPOs to our running scheme.  .

These easy to read RPOs allows your offense to ALWAYS be right in your play call… without confusing your players.

And Simplifying the Air Raid Offense eBook does not confuse your offense or force you to create a MASSIVE playbook.

The combination of simple Air Raid Passing Concepts and easy to read RPOs in the Simplifying the Air Raid eBook can produce...

Up To 157% Increase in Points Score Than Plain Old-Fashioned ‘New” Air Raid!

Here’s some of the benefits you’ll experience in only a few weeks with Simplifying the Air Raid eBook...

  • Ten to fifteen... and even 20 points scored are regularly being reported in just 2 weeks with Simplified Air Raid eBook.

  • Hundreds of coaches who have read and implemented the Simplifying the Air Raid Offense eBook have solidified their offense and elevated their points scored per game. 

  • The special simplified playbook in Simplifying the Air Raid Offense eBook is EAF Offense. (EAF or “Explosive As F***” is the ability to get your fans to look at one another and say “Dang…that offense is explosive as f***!”). This causes an increase in player participation and allows your offense to ALWAYS be a threat.
  • Football coaches following the Simplified Air Raid Offense eBook system are experiencing  DRASTIC increases in offensive points per game... in record time.

  • Simplifying the Air Raid eBook supports increased endurance. Your practices will be ran at such an explosive pace that your don’t have to condition after practice…making the practices ‘harder’ than the games and leaving your players confident on game day.
  • You’ll actually feel like a D1/NFL Offensive coordinator when you are dialing up the RIGHT PLAY at the RIGHT TIME because you know how to attack the defense.

  • Simplifying the Air Raid eBook’s simplified playbook won’t create confusion among your players or staff.

  • Promotes offensive mastery and exceptional confidence in your players BECAUSE they KNOW and UNDERSTAND the offense on a deeper level.

Coaches Of Simplifying the Air Raid eBook Are Reporting Rapid
Point Scoring... Without Any TURNOVERS!

Coaches are reporting the points scored from Simplifying the Air Raid eBook are much better and FASTER than the ‘new and improved’ Air Raid systems... but without the bloated playbook.

Simplifying the Air Raid eBook is easy run and simple to install... but does not contain a bloated, wordy playbook your players WON’T remember.

How Do I Install It?

  • Most coaches get a new DVD or system and install EVERY play in the offense. This causes confusion and returns poor results because of information overload…and your players will lose faith in your coaching abilities.
  • Simplifying the Air Raid eBook  is installed in 3 DAYS then repped throughout the entire football season.
  • It’s important to stay on the 3 day install schedule throughout the season, too. This will allow your players to truly MASTER the system and gain confidence. Once your players know and understand the offense THEN you will see your points SKYROCKET.

Since Simplifying the Air Raid eBook is a complete offensive system you can run it for as long as you want... without defenses being able to stop you.

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The All American Inside Zone RPO Drill eBook will cut out all of the confusion because your quarterback will make his decision based on what the defense does. If the defense overplays the run…the quarterback will pass it. If the defense drops back for the pass…the quarterback will hand it off to the running back.

This is a simple AND explosive play that will help get you out of difficult situations.

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Coach Ron McKie

Here’s What Coaches Are Saying About Simplifying the Air Raid Offense eBook...

Coach McKie's Air Raid Book enabled our team to transition from the Triple Option to the Air Raid offense with very little confusion; every question I had about this offense and more was included in this book !

Sam Shutty

Coach McKie is spot on with his Air Raid book. It is a great manual for simplifying your spread offense. He did not forget that simple executes!

Mark Cory

The book really gives a great understanding of how less is more and to play fast.

joseph kegler

I love this book. Great job of making a fun offense for the kids simple.


I been coaching for 8 years and this book helped me understand the Air Raid Offense alot better. I can't wait to install this offense. Very easy to follow

Dewayne L Seay

Finding ways to make passing game easier and more efficient.

The ability to have a small playbook with tag opportunities to hurt a defense when they take things away.

This course is really going to help our football program offensively going forward. It is well presented, easily understood and can be implemented pretty easily. Recommend it to anybody interested in air raid Offense.

Ray Richards Head Coach/OC

The "Simplifying the Air Raid" book is one of the best extract of the air raid offense. It's really simple, very useable in practice and gameplanning too.

Attila Szederjesi