How a 1987 Computer Program Cured a Football Team's Mental Mistakes

Works even for players who have never played football before!

“Your Players Will Never Be Confused Again.”

Never have your players look over at the sidelines in  Confusion Again...

Have you ever called a play and your players looked at you like a deer caught in the headlights?

Or have you called in a play that you KNOW is going to be successful only to it be a BUST because you're player 'forgot what to do on the play'? 

That's what used to happen to me.

I'd call the perfect play...the defense responded EXACTLY like I knew they would...and my player ran the wrong play because he 'forgot'.

Which would cause ME to get yelled at by the Head Coach since I was the Offensive Coordinator. 

I'd hear the dreaded "Timmy ran that play because YOU ALLOWED HIM to do that in practice."

This made me jumped on Timmy's case because he ran the wrong play...

Which would put Timmy into a funk...

And soon the entire team was pissy because everyone was yelling, screaming, and pointing fingers at each other.

I knew something had to change.

Because I didn't want to keep screaming at the kids...

And I sure as hell didn't want to get screamed at by the Head Coach.

But what could I do?

I simplified the Offense to the point it was almost too simple.

How could I create a communication system where we could GO FAST yet always run the play successfully?

Take The Thinkng Away From the Players and Let Them - Play Fast And Be Successful

That's when I started to study major College Football Teams.

What did they all have in common?

Wrist Bands.

They were able to Go Fast...

Score Points...


How was that possible?

Everything I learned about Tempo was about being simple and keeping communication to One Word and Hand Signals.

But the Top College Teams ALL WORE WRISTBANDS.

I knew if it was successful for top College Offenses THEN it would be successful for me., I just had to figure out how to create a SIMPLE Wristband program that was foolproof.

Execute Your Plays To Perfection

Your Players Will ALWAYS Know What To Do

Your Wins Will SKYROCKET When Mistakes are Gone

I Tried Every Wrist Band Software On The Market - And Nothing Was Working.

Sure, I was putting in the information right.


...which I only caught AFTER I lamenated and cut out all of the cards...

...sent me BACK to the program to REDO the wrist bands...

...print them out...

...lamenate them....

...and cut EACH band out.

What was labeled as a 'Time Saver' was actually wasting several hours a week.

I was getting frustrated because I KNEW there was a simplier way to do wristbands.

A way where I had to type it in just one time and everything auto completed.

A way where I didn't have to waste hours painstakingly combing over the program to make sure I filled in ALL THE LITTLE SQUARES correctly.

  • Every Player Knows What To Do. Each Player Has Their Route, Coaching Tips, and Position Specific Key Words So Every Play Is Ran Correctly
  • Switch Out Positions On The Fly. Have a Match Up You Want To Exploit This Week? Then Switch The Players Positions AND Wrist Bands and Never .

I Decided To Put My Computer Science Degree to Use and Create the Simple Wrist Band...

After feeling like I was back in Kindergarden with all the lamenating and cutting...

I decided to put my computer science degree to use and create the Simple Wrist Band.

I went to work creating a wrist band program that would allow me to input data about my plays...

And let it autopopulate the specific individual play for each player.


The wristband program I was creating was MORE than a wristband program.


It formulated everything I need to be an effective and systematic football coach...

And allowed my players to play FAST and EXECUTE every play with 100 percent certainty.

Yes, The Wristband Program not only GUARANTEE No Concept Mistakes. It Also Organized My Call Sheet for me. That's Why I Called It The - “Simple Wristband Program”

The Simple Wristband Program is the Perfect Wristband Software for Your Team

The Simple Wristband Program allows you to create a Master Spread Sheet...

One with every play you run...

And autopopulate it for EACH position...

Create Easy-To-Print-Out Wristband Cards...

While creating a Easy-To-Read Callsheet.

See what Coaches Say About Coach Ron McKie:

Get The Simple Wristband Program

Will The Simple Wristband Program Work For Me?


It doesn't matter what Offense you run...

What Defense you run...

Or what age group you coach at.

The Simple Wristband Program will WORK FOR YOU.

Set it up ONCE and you will be good to go for the rest of the year.

The Simple Wristband Program is so SIMPLE even the 'close to retiring' football coach can use it.

All you have to do is input the plays and the Simple Wristband Program takes care of the rest.

It really is that simple.

But That's Not All

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