The Easiest Way to Simplify Your Offense And Score More Points

Tired of Having A Massive Playbook That Doesn't Score You Points?

Simplify Your Offense in 6 Days: Increase Your Scoring and Get More Wins!

My playbook was too long.

I had over 30 different plays. Runs. Passes. 'Shot' plays. Trick plays. Plays I saw on Saturday and Sunday that I thought was cool.

I had all the 'tools' in my toolbox for any and every situation.

But I had one problem...

My players couldn't remember them all.

Sure, they could remember the simple ones we ran all the time. But the one's I called every now and again? 

Forget about it.

They kept running the wrong play! Every time I called a play that I knew would work (because I saw Ohio State run it) my players would run something completely different. Then they would come to the sideline and tell me they  didn't remember the play.

How could they not remember it? We practiced it during Team period every Tuesday!

That's When I Dove Into The Data And Realized I Was A Horrible Playcaller!

After the season I decided to see what our best runs and passes where. So I dove into the Hudl data and looked at everything.

The runs...the passes...the game situaions...

I wanted to know what I was calling and when.

Then I took the data I gathered from games and cross refferenced it with my practice plans and scripts.

What I saw blew my mind: I was setting up my players for failure.

How was I getting mad at my players when I wasn't preparing them for the game and a guaranteeing them failure? How could I get mad at them and talk about 'kids don't really care' about the game when I wasn't doing right by them?

You Become What Your Practice: So Practice What You Want  To Become

You've got three days to really practice for your opponent. How you use those three days affects the outcome of the game. If you are wasting time practicing different plays you installed because you saw them on TV then you are going to have a bad time. But if you practice your most effective plays, then you will become an explosive.

Simplify Your Offense by Running Your Best Plays: Let The Data Tell You Want To Run!

Data doesn't lie or tell the truth. Data is just a collection of the facts. However, to turn data into value, it is important to understand what truth needs to be uncovered.

I found the data that uncovered the truth about our offense. We weren't efficent. We were a 'grab bag' offense....meaning we would call a random play just because we thought it would work. Not based on anything else but our 'gut'. 

Stop relying on your 'gut' when calling plays - When you shoot from the hip during games and trust whatever it is your 'gut' is telling you then you are setting your kids up for failure. You need to have a system of 'If/Then' calls based on cold, hard data.

Once I dove into the data, and saw which plays worked and which plays didn't...

I was able to simplify my offense by 63 percent.

Cutting out plays and formations that we only used once every three games...

And making things easier for our kids to remember and execute.

There is Magic in Simplicity

Kids have a bunch of stuff going on in their lifes besides football. They have school work, girlfriends, jobs, cars, money, family, video games, other sports, other classes, plans for the future. You need to keep your offense simple so it's one less thing they have to think about.

Simplified offense means less time spent at practice.

Simplified offense means more points scored and more wins.

Simplified offense means more players will talk about the team and want to join.

Good Things Happen When You Simplify Your Offense

  • Less Time Spent On Planning. 
    When you simplify your offense you create your own 'If/Then' structure which allows you to spend less time planning and coaching against 'ghosts'
  • Practice Becomes Easier. When you simplify your offense then you know what you must do in practice in order to get better. You know which drills to run, what you must do in group period, and how to run a more effective team period.
  • Players Take Ownership.When players know the offense inside and out then they take ownership and become the coach on the field...making your job as a coach 100 times easier.

When You Know What To Look For, Your Offense Starts to Become More Explosive...

But how do you know what to look for? Which numbers do you look at and which ones do you get rid of? That was the question I had when I started to dive into the previous season's data.

That's when I decided to finally put my Mathematics degree to good use. I poured over college and NFL offenses, looking at the raw numbers to tell me what makes a great offense...

...and what makes a crappy one.

That's where a couple of key stats popped out at me. Things like Explosive Yards, Pass Per Attempt, 3rd Down Efficiency, Red Zone percentage.

These are the markers of what makes or breaks an offense.

This Break Through Was So Massive For Me. That's Why I'm Running a

6-Day Simplfiying Your Offense Challenge

With those cateogries in mind, I was able to simplify my offense in 6 days.

Once the offense was simplified...the points started pouring in.

We were able to increase our passing percentage, yards, and touchdowns. Our rushing stats tripled. Our points score doubled. We won more games and made it to the playoffs for the first time in 5 years. Everything happened because we decided to simplify our offense to THE BEST PLAYS based on the data.

  1. 1
    6-Day Challenge: in 6 days you will create a simplified version of YOUR OFFENSE.
  2. 2
    You will cultivate your offense: your best runs, passes, 3rd down calls, tags, and formations.
  3. 3
    Create Your Own 'If/Then' structure: develop your own personal 'If/Then' structure to simplify your play calling.

What Coaches Are Saying About Coach Mckie

6-Day Simplify Your Offense Challenege

The 6-Day Simplify Your Offense Challenege helps you achieve the perfect offense FOR YOU. You will use your own plays to craft the perfect offense for your players, your coaching staff, and your program. These are plays YOU TRUST and YOU KNOW will work for YOUR PLAYERS.

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See What Coaches Are Saying About Coach McKie

About Coach Ron McKie

Coach Ron McKie is a football coach with over a decade of experience. He's helped thousands of football coaches simplify their offense, score more points, and win more games.

Coach McKie has a poplular YouTube Channel, Podcast, and football website dedicated to football.

Does It Matter If I Don't Run The Spread Offense?

The 6-Day Simplify Your Offense Challenge is for ANY offense. Why? Because we are taking your offense and simplifying it. We aren't creating a brand new offense for you.

We will be diving into YOUR data...looking at YOUR plays...and crafting the perfect offense FOR YOU.

Simplifying vs Not Simplifying

Simplifying List

  • Less plays you have to get perfect.
  • Makes game planning easier.
  • Creates play ownership.
  • Cuts down on practice time
  • Get great at a handful of concepts

Not Simplifying List

  • Playcall sheet is the size of a Waffle House menu.
  • Players get confused when you call a play they haven't ran in 3 weeks.
  • Coaches complain about how 'dumb' their players are.
  • 3+ hours of practice to get good at a massive playbook.

Here's What You'll Receive When You Join The "6-Day Simplify Your Offense Challenge" 

  • Daily Challenge Emails.
  • In-depth ways to find your most productive runs
  • How to create the perfect passing concepts for your players
  • Create your own personal 'If/Then' structure

BONUS #1 - Simple 3 Day Install Structure

What do you do after you take finish your 6 Day Simplifying Your Offense Challenge?

You take your best plays and create an Install Schedule for them.

This bonus clinic walks you through:

  • How to structure your run installation so your players maximize their carry over
  • What's the best way to structure your quick game so you can utilize that days RPOs.
  • What's the thought process behind structuring your drop back game and why it's important for the quarterback's learning.

BONUS #2 - Building Your Program's Culture

What's the next piece of the puzzle after you simplify your offense?

Building a winning culture.

That's what Bonus #2 is.

Coach Randy Jackson talks about ways to build a winning culture for your program.

Inside the clinic talk you'll discover:

  • An easy way to group up your players so that peer pressure brings out the best in them.
  • Ways to always COMPETE inside your program so your players don't fold during game time.
  • Why you need to have leadership lessons and some ideas on what to talk about.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't simplify your offense by the end of the challenge, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.