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Football Coach Giving away his jealously guarded secrets for WINNING MORE GAMES while SPENDING LESS TIME on football!

Dear Coach,

I want you to ask yourself a very important questions:

Are you SERIOUSLY ready to WIN MORE GAMES...almost overnight?

I certainly hope so beacuse you're about to discover some rather unique ways to WIN MORE GAMES,  and quite possibly, TURN AROUND YOUR PROGRAM...very quickly.

But believe me, you better be ready...because this is something that can SAVE YOU TIME like never before.

Here's what it's all about:

I'm Coach Ron McKie. I'm a 10 year football coach.

I've got a popular YouTube Channel where Hall of Fame football players come on to share their knowledge:

I've also interviewed:

  • Air Raid Creator Hal Mumme
  • XFL Wide Reciever Coach Austin James Smith
  • Mississippi State Running Backs Coach Eric Mele
  • Texas State's Offensive Coordinator Dave Marsh
  • Georgia State's Offensive Line Coach Thomas Austin

I've also presented at the Air Raid Certified National Convention.

It's likely you've never heard of me though. I've been content to keep a pretty low profile and remain behind the scenes.

Except for following me on YouTube, I've never tried to promote myself, self-aggrandize and do all that chest-beating nonsense other coaches do on social media.

Long story short:

I'm going to give you a few cool surprises when you take advantage of the subscription to my newsletter...

Football Secrets

I've been writing a free blog for several years at I refuse to share my most effective hard-core football secrets there.

See, I don't want my most effective secrets indexed by Google for all the world to see. I only want to reveal THAT to like-minded coaches who "get it", undersand its value and will take action.

So now, all my very best and most effective secrets are reserved exclusively for subscribers to my new newsletter Football Secrets.

Each issue is like having an entire football staff practically knock on your door. All you have to do is answer.

I'm pouring my heart and soul into Football Secrets...and sharing EVERYTHING I've discovered about football in my 11 year journy. 

And that includes all the embarrassing stuff I'd rather NOT share...and have never revealed before.

Even though I'd rather not, I'll endure all the embarrassment, criticism and ridicule I'll be subjected to by revealing this stuff.

You see, I know my most private and humbling experiences are going to be the most football-changing...and in some cases, football-SAVING lessons for you.

You're going to get a very personal look into my daily football life...and an almost "real time" education about what's working right NOW in winning football games.

I'm going to let you look over my shoulder as I implement these secrets and techiques on my own team, other football coaches' teams...and my various new football techniques and drills.

You'll get to see...

The "Behind The Scenes" Results Of Everything!

Completed Passes, Touch Downs...and the disappointing and embarrassing interceptions...I'm going to reveal it ALL to you...almost right as it's happening.

I don't think you're ever going to get a more honest and "open book" look into a highly experienced football throught process and actions.

If you are a football coach or thinking about becoming a football coach...or you're someone who'd simpliy like to dive deeper into the understanding of football discover the IN-DEPTH knowledge of the game so you can be the smartest football person in the room...

Just One Idea From One Issue Could BENEFIT!

Here's just a small SAMPLE of what I'm going to reveal in Football Secrets newsletter...

  • 3 very simple-to-implement techniques that can very easily score you more points...and win you more games in less time!
  • Most teams have at least three very large "holes" that's keeping them back from winning games. Here's how to identify the "holes" where you're FAILING...and how to quickly plug them to win.
  • Want to get your kids smarter? You'll discover 3 little "tweaks" to helping your kids gain a deeper understanding of fooball using the power of video games. (Yes, you can use video games to get better.)
  • What I did to take a team who ONLY ran the Wing-T...and createda powerful passing team. And it only required a few hours each week to keep it going and SCORING POINTS. (More importantly, you'll discover all the major "Fk Ups" I made that have cost me games.)
  • You're FEAR...and you don't even know it. (Evey if you are ALEADY SUCCESSFUL.)
  • Experiencing the typical "INFORMATION overwhelm"? Here's what to do when you dont' know what to do. (Confusion and "overwhelm" will never agin "hamstring" you and your program from making progress.)
  • How to build a culture for your program.
  • How to get KNOWLEDGEABLE about the game of football...for FREE! (Almost NONE of the succesful football coaches are on to this secerty yet.)

But let me warn you:

These issues are RAW. I don't pull any pucnhes...and nobody has ever accussed me of being politically correct.

I simply don't have time for "chaff". These Football Secrets issues are all meat. They contain the most intense personal stuff I've ever revealed.

It took me a long time to make up my mind to publish and release them...but no one has ever really accused me of playing it too safe.

There's simplfy no doublt about it...this is THE NEWSLETTER for coaches and fans who want to learn the real secrets of WINNING FOOTBALL GAMES and gainging a DEEPER KNOWLEDGE about the game of football.

Every other week I'll give you unique insider info and football strategies you will NEVER read in any other publication in the entire world.

Things like...

  • An ARSENAL of FOOTBALL tricks most EXPERTS don't even know exist...
  • How to use a simple counting system to identify what teams are trying to do...
  • How to create "instant POINTS" that practically WINS YOU GAMES...
  • Are you seriouls ready to double or triple your football knowledge? Do this and you very well could DOUBLE your FOOTBALL only  2 DAYS! (But believe you me, you better be ready...because EVERYONE WILL COME TO YOU FOR YOUR KNOWLEDGE.)
  • How to spend less time at practice AND win more games in the process..

That's a "sneak peek" at just a HANDFUL of the many exciting lessons I'm going to dole out to you bi-weekly in Football Secrets newsletter.

Football Secrets is the "must-have" insider newsletter for...

  • Just starting out youth coaches...
  • Middle School coaches who want to move up the coaching ladder...
  • High School position coaches who want to become coordinators...
  • High School Coordinators who want to become Head Coach...
  • Offensive coordinators who want to create an unstoppable offense...
  • Defensive coordinators who want to shut down offenses...
  • Football Players who want to get better at their craft...
  • Football fans who want to gain a deeper understanding of football...
  • Madden players who want to play the game as it was meant to be played...
  • Or ANYBODY who has a sincere desire to UNDERSTAND the game of football Inside and Out...

I want you to SEE FOR YOURSELF the value of this rare opportunity...and experience FIRST HAND the quantum leaps in FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE you can achieve as soon as you discover the missing pieces to your own "FOOTBALL puzzle."

A very important park of my back-story...and how I discovered the missing pieces to my personal success puzzle was the time I spent with Hall of Fame football players and coaches and Division 1 Football Coaches.

These players and coaches used to say they would only share their highest of high-level hard-won secrets with a HANDFUL of people they felt were TRULY ready for it...and would only use them for good, never evil.

And before they would reveal these secrets, you would have to strip down to your swim trunks and wade out into the ocean ultil you were neck deep in the water. (That was to make sure you weren't wearing a "wire.)

Well, after interviewing and talking with the Coaches and Players...and completely gaining their trust...I did exactly that. And just like they promised...

"NFL Hall Of Famers and College Coordinators"

Revealed ALL Their Highest-Level "Player and Coaching" Secrets To Me!

Let me tell you...that was one of the most important moments of my entire life.

Now I have to admit...a lot of the stuff they revealed didn't make a lot of sense to me at the time. But I hung on their every word like a drowning man hangs onto a lifesaver.

And I careflly filed those secrets away in the drecesses of my mind...because I know, one day it WOULD make sense...and might possibly...

Save My Football Life!


(I know that sounds "over the top" and overly dramatic, but I swear to you it's the honest to God's truth.)

See, back then I hadn't yet had enough coaching experience...and wasn't SCORING A TON OF POINTS AND WINNING GAMES for a lot of those secrets to apply to me.

But just a couple short years later, they became VERY relevant and came to life for me in ways I never could have imagined.

If these Hall of Fame Football Plays and Coaches and Division 1 Football Coaches had never shared those secrets with me, I honestly don't know where I'd be today.

I'm sure I wouldn't ahve the freedom, happiness, preparedness for whatever thre furture may bring...and dary I say, the FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE I have now.

And now that I've lived and breathed these "Hall of Fame and Division 1 Coordinator insiders-only secrets", I'm going to share many of them with you.

Secrets like...

  • How to protect your BEST PLAYS and simplifying your offense...instead of searching the Internet for MORE plays and frustrating your players...
  • Secrets about my personal offense (and a few very unusual plays in my playbook) that are absolutely CRUCIAL if you want to WIN GAMES. (Not even 1/2 of 1% of successful PROGRAMS understand this.)
  • What Madden, NBA 2K, and other assorted "video games" can teach you about WINNING GAMES and getting prepared mentally. (Trust me, in just another few years, people who don't know this are going to lose THEIR JOB.)
  • Is it true that NUMBEROUS successful coaches and players, after winning championships are EVEN WORSE OFF? Sadly, yes. And it's absolutely CRUCIAL you understand YOU can avoid the same fate.
  • Got a SMALL MEASURE OF SUCCESS? Here's how to MULTIPLY YOUR SUCCESS FOR SPORT DOMINATION. (This "old fashioned" technique was the jealously guarded secret used by PAST FOOTBALL COACHES to quickly ramp up and WIN MORE GAMES).
  • Want a quick and easy secret to give you an extra 5% mental 'edge" when calling plays? DO this 5 minutes before you start coaching. (This is a BIG secret of the Hall of Fame and Division 1 players and coaches...but nobody ever talks about it outside of their "inner sanctum".)
  • The most important "master key" to GAINING FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE. (And it's NOT what all the "experts" in the FOOTBALL COACHING crowd have told you.)

That's just a little "peek behind the curtain" at some of the secrets I'm going to reveal.

I could litterally go on for days about all the insider secrets, tricks, techniques...and crucial football lessons for staying sane in an insane world I've learned during my journey as a football coach.

You're going to get teh hardest of hard-core stuff I learned at the feet of the masters themselves...and have since experienced for myself (multiple times) from the football of hard knocks.

To be brutally frank with you, some of the really deep stuff may take you so far "down the rabbit hole"...

You May Be Downright FRIGHTENED By It!

I honestly don't care. Football Secrets newsletter is for coaches, players, and football enthustists...or people who are smart enough (and gutsy enough) who want to become a coach, a player, or football enthusiast. This is big boy infomraiton. No wimps, whiners or "wanna-bees" allowed.

I have to tell you, mentoring with Hall of Famers and Division 1 Coordinators isn't the only unique advantage I've had in figuring out all this football stuff.

My 11 years of football experience gave me a real world, down and dirty street-level education in football...and the ability to score points and win games. And THAT is an almost...

Unfair Advantge For Any Football Enthusiast

Who do you think best benefits from scoring points, understanding football at a in-depth level, and wins more games?

A PhD ("Piled Higher and Deeper") spouting airy-fairy theories from his ivory tower, far removed from the real world? A guy regurgitating stuff he only THINKS he knows because he read it in books from otehr PhD's who spouted theories from THEIR ivory towers?

Or a college educated FOOTBALL COACH who has coached for over a decad and has interviewed HALL OF FAME and DIVISION 1 Offensive Coordinators in the past 5 years?

In MY life (and decade-plus coaching career and 5+ years of interviewing Hall of Fame Coaches/Players and Division 1 Coordinators) depended on it, that's a no-brainer. The street-savvy EXPERIENCE is the ONLY logical choice.

And I'm going to pass those street savvy football secrets (that have literally saved my career) on to you every single time.

Football Secrets is very personal and from my heart. It's me talking one-on-one with you as your menter, sincerely interested in your success and happiness.

Every issue is like we're sitting around at the end of the day on my deck by the pool, watching the sunset, enjoying a beer or two..hanging out while I share my most time saving, football savvy (and hard-earned) lessons with you.

Each issue is jam packed with hands-on, practical and immediately actionable ways to score points, engaged your players, grow your football knowledge, leverage technology from all the new trends developing all around us.

If You've Not Yet Started Football But Plan To...

Football Secrets will show you the easiest and fastest way to get started and GET AHEAD as quickly as possible. You'll be able to avoid all the mistakes that held me back for 5long years and kept me from calling plays, scoring points, and having fun.

But let me be painfully. honest with you if you're not studying football yet:

I'm not going to sugarcoat things and paint a picture of LONG NIGHT GRINDING FILM, USING OLD SCHOOL TEACHING TAPES,  AND SCREAMING AT PLAYERS. Anybody telling you that is flat out lying to you.

Some of my football coaching experiences will show you it can get pretty scary at times. If it does scare you away, consider it a favor. The football coaching game is no place for wimps, whiners, the easily scared and timid.

If it doesn't scare you off, it's going to help you avoid a lot of the pitfalls and mistakes most football coaches and football enthusiasts have to learn the hard way.

And it'll hlep you anticipate and successfully deal with the pitfalls and mistakes that simply cannot be avoided.

Football Secrets isn't just some beginner's football guide. It's a no-holds-barred "go for the jugular" football guide.

I'm still in the game...battling all the daily challenges of with tempo, scoring points, motivating the players, learning the Ins and Outs of the game as it evolves...and working on bettering myself while using the 80/20 Principle. 

Every issue of Football Secrets is based on my own expensive experience...usually learned the hard way. You may not always agree with all of it...but you can be sure I didn't swipe it out of some book, polish it up and pass it off to you as some B.S. miracle solution for all your football problems.

These are real-time football lessons pulled from what's working right now in my own football team and with clients and subscribers.


You'll usually get a small dose of my personal success philosophy in each issue...but I realize you can't always be looking up football material. My job is to show you how to research, call, use data and the latest technology better tan you ever imagined possible...faster than you ever thought possible.

Bottom line:

Football Secrets is About Saving Your Time and Helping Learn Football At a Deeper Level

Develop your football quickly as possible. And doing it in a way so you can engineer any kind of football program you desire.

Look, for reasons I don't totally understand, some peole have this weird, self-sabotaging opposition to learning football. If the idea of being a football insider offends you, us both a big favor and do NOT subscribe.

I'm not a troll football 'guru' who only promotes my stuff and acts like I know how to run and HAVE run every single football system in the history of football while also knowing everything there is to know about the history of the game.

I'm a down in the dirt, shirt-sleeves-rolled-up "whatever it takes" football coach who tries the latest methods and let's you know what works and what doesn't work...or else I go out there and interview the coaches who KNOW how to do what I want to do.

Football Secrets cuts through all the hype and B.S. that so often is spouted as "expert" football coaches...and reveals only...

The Very Best FOOTBALL "Gold Nuggets" and "Gems!" 

Every two weeks I reveal the secrets and techniques proven to work like crazy for football faster than you ever imagined.

I leave chasing fads and following the herd to the "false prophet" Twitter-Football Gurus and their blind and deluded disciples.

While those poor suckers are off chasing fantasies (and losing lots of games) my subscribers are getting unherd of results... like...

Scoring More Points WHILE Spending Less Time in Practice


And, if you're open-minded and motivated...

I'm Willing To Teach You, Too!

Everything I've just described is only a tiny glimpse of what I bring to the table each and every time I publish Football Secrets

But know this:

If you still believe some magical and mystical "Football Chant" is going to INCREASE YOUR FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE...The Football Secrets newsletter is definitely NOT for you.

So Who Exactly DOES Qualify?

The more years I spend on this earth, the more I find myself aggravated and drained by middle-of-the-raod, can't-make-up-their-minds, afraid-to-take-a-risk loser football coaches who are basically paralyzed with fear...and never even attempt to live their lives with any sembalnce of gusto.

I understand this mindset. Heck, I was surrounded by it most of my coaching life.

But I can no longer tolerate being anywhere near it. It just pisses me off and sucks the life out of me.

On the other hand...

I'm greatly exhilarated by the action-oriented, "let's-roll-up-our-sleeves-and-get-the-job-done" optimistic, positive thinking, forward-moving football coaches.

The coaches who understand EVERYTHING in football is a gamble...and an on going experience best savored, enjoyed and shared with other like-minded football coaches and enthusiasts.

THESE are the people I want to spend my time with.

And I think I've finally found the ideal way to create a high-powered "magnet" to attract them from all corners of the glod and gather them around me like...


If you're finally ready to DRAMATICALLY increase your football knowledge...

...and aren't afraid to do some work to guarantee you won't be one of the sad souls ambushed, sucker punched and side-lined by the FOOTBALL SIMPLETONS...

You Simply MUST Subscribe Right Away!

If you've assumed I'e already shared everything I have to share on my website at OR on my YouTube channel, you couldn't be more mistaken.

I've hardly even scratched the surface.

All my most effective, tested and proven football lessons are now reserved exclusively for the Football Secrets newsletter.

Take me up on this offer here and now and you will become a cherished member of the most elite group of people in the inner circle of "coaches".

I'm going to treat you like my extended coaching staff...because I really DO care about your success and happiness.

And since I want you to have every possible advantage to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible... you'll also get...

An Additional Clinic Every Single Month

I'll answer questions, evaluate your team and reveal results of any new schemes I've instlled that are working you can swipe them for your own personal gain.

But that's not all. You also get frequent...

Access to Our Behind The Scenes Material

It seems like I'm bragging but I get insider info on the latest football products, material, and coaching content BEFORE it comes out.

And Football Secrets members will be the FIRST to know what's coming down the football pipeline.

And they will get special coupons and discounts BEFORE anyone else will.

This One Thing Alone Could Catapult Your Football Knowledge

No exaggeration. No hype. It's THAT powerful.

If you take full advantage of the Football Secrets newsletter and the frequent bonus material published inside, this newsletter can be your master key to quantum leaps in football coaching and knowledge and plateau-busting"A-HA" moments.

Stop making excuses, choose to increase your football and coaching knowledge and join me now as a Football Secrets newsletter subscriber. In the unlikely event you decide I'm not your cup of tea, you can cancel your Football Secrets newsletter at any time.

Here's what you need to do right now.

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As soon as you do that, I'll immediately reserve your Football Secrets.

So take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity and reserve yiur rightful seat with me and the rest of the Football Secrets coaching staff right now.

I'm looking forard o personally welcoming you.


Coach Ron McKie


Look, you can deny it if you want, watch the latest CoachTube football course and hope for the best...but nothing is going to change.


Because you can't communicate with those coaches.

And that's never going to change.

We're at a precarious time when what works and what doesn't work to winning games and increasing our knowledge has changed dramatically.

Nowadays, you have to be totally in tune and up to date with the change in football.

If you don't know how to strategically react to these constant changes...

  • Latest Run Pass Options
  • Latest Odd Front Defenses That Shut Down Offenes
  • Latest Leadership Trainings to get your players ready to win
  • Latest Madden news you can use to train your players

...You're going to lose out on at least HALF of your football knowledge.

Maybe more.

Or worse, you may not get the chance to be a football coach or be the smartest football person in the room.

The choice is yours.

A few years ago you probably could have coasted along without all this stuff and done OK.

Not anymore...

Your Very Football Survival Depends On It!

You need Football Secrets to stay in the loop about these powerful point scoring, game winning, football knowledge strategies you won't get anywhere else on the planet.

So what are you waiting for?

Let me hear from you TODAY!

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