Simplify Your Offense and Score More Points Using the 80/20 Principle. 


ON-DEMAND TRAINING with top-rated Football Coaches for Only $9.95/MONTH

MOST Football Courses cost at least $25 dollars per video and leave you with more questions than answers - So I decided to create one football group every coach  could join and get their questions answered for $9.95/month

What You Get For Only $9.95/MONTH

Lesson Sneak Peek: How to Run The Wing-T From the Spread Offense

30+ Video Lessons

  • The Simplified Inside Zone That Will Make Your Run Game Unstoppable
  • The Simple Stick Concept That Can Be Ran At Any Level
  • The Automatic Corner Concept That You Can Run In The Redzone
  • The Simplified Air Raid Pass Blocking Clinic That Coach Patrick Taylor Has Put Together
  • The Monday Mesh Clinic That Will Have You Installing And Excelling At Mesh

Practices and Game Scripts Done For You

  • The Two Platoon Practice for Coaches Who Use Two Platoons
  • The One Platoon Practice for Coaches Who Use One Platoons
  • The Super Simple Wristband Template for Coaches Who Need Wristbands
  • The Automatic Game Planning for Coaches Who Want To KNOW What To Attack Come Game Day.

LIVE Zoom Calls

  • Get Your Practice Schedule Done By An Expert
  • Discover How To Attack Your Upcoming Opponent 
  • Brainstorm Ways To Simplify Your Program That Will Make It Simple For Your Players
  • Get Clarity On The Type Of Offense You Want To Run

Weekly LIVE Football Updates

  • Ditch Outdated Football Tactics That Are Keeping Your Team Stuck
  • Keep Moving the Chains By Creating The Perfect Game Plan For Your Upcoming Opponent
  • Be The First To Know New Schemes and Strategies To Make Your Offense More Deadly
  • Stay Ahead Of Defensive Schemes That Can Compromise Your Offensive Production


  • The Football Secrets Newsletter. A Bi-Weekly Newsletter that reveals the latest trends, strategies, and tactics football programs around the country are using in order to be the best of the best.
  • Patrick Taylor's Newest Course - Simplified OL Protection. Discover how to simplify pass protection for your offensive linemen and how it has lead to 5,000 yard offenses for the last 3 years.
  • Simple Wristband Program.This wristband program will allow your players to ALWAYS run the correct play...regardless of if they've practiced at the position or not.
  • Power Spread RPO Clinic.This clinic is a MUST if you want to combine the downhill rushing attack of Auburn with an RPO passing attack of LSU


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