Dear Coach,

            Over the next few minutes I’m going to show you how to score a LOT of touchdowns while running one formation…even if you have NO IDEA HOW TO TEACH YOUR QUARTERBACK PROGRESSIONS.

I know…because I’ve done it.

Time and time again.

And I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to do it.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Before we get into all the exciting details, I should probably introduce myself and explain why I’m uniquely qualified to show you how to score a TON of touchdowns in your own offense.

My name is Ron McKie…but I’m better known as “Coach McKie.”

I’m a football coach, podcaster, and YouTuber. Or as I like to say…an “Apostle of the Passing Game”

Since 2010, I’ve been the offensive coordinator at a small football program in South Carolina…and we’ve set OFFENSIVE RECORDS every year in our offense.

I’ve also helped 100s of coaches to install this offense across the country and they have gotten similar results. Results that have SHOCKED their team because they couldn’t believe how simple it is to pass the ball.

My work has been featured on Podcasts like Run the Power or you might have heard my name a couple of times on the Joe Daniel Football podcast. You might have seen some of my YouTube videos while searching for ways to better your offense. Or you might have stumbled across my Chief Pigskin online clinic.

 Despite all this self-aggrandizing, it’s likely you’ve never heard of me. I’ve kept a low profile over the past 10 years.

With the exception of being a featured speaker at a couple of coaching clinics around the South, I’ve never tried to get on the coaching clinic circuit to promote myself.

That’s just not my thing.

I’ve been too content enjoying my laid back offense to throw my hat into the overcrowded football guru market.

But enough about me.

I just wanted to show you I’ve been around the block a few times and have figured some stuff about scoring points.

What I’m here to share with you today is…

How To Develop An Offense
Most “Normal Coaches” Can Only DREAM About!

            I’m going to show you how I did it.

            And it worked like gangbusters for me even when I was still a wet behind the ears Offensive Coordinator rookie…and will work for you, too.

            So how are you going to shatter offensive records while running only one formation?

            That’s easy.

            I’m going to show you how to become a successful…          

One Formation Savant!”

            To truly be in control of your offense, YOU must be in control. And the best way to do that is to SIMPLIFY your offensive playbook.

            I like the term “One Formation Savant” because you can install a devastating offensive system that makes it seem like everyone is open…yet the system is incredibly easy for your players.

            But make no mistake about it…a one formation savant is nothing to look down your nose at. It can turn your offense into an explosive touchdown scoring machine…in some cases shattering state scoring records.

            In fact, earlier this year our offense set the school record for touchdowns in a game AND most points scored in a game.

            And this was with a team that has ran nothing but the Wing-T for their entire football history…doing nothing but taking the snap, turning around, and handing the ball off on EVERY play.

            I was so frustrated by the way our team ran the spread offense I THOUGHT about…(gasp!)…going back to the…W..W..W…(the word is so painful to me, it hurts just to say it)…


            Ugh! Just thinking about it makes me nauseous.

            But simplifying our offensive formations – running our entire playbook through ONE FORMATION – started letting us score points…and saved me from having to go back to the Wing-T

            Anyhoo…my point is…yes, you can run your entire offense from one formation…but don’t under-estimate its potential.

            We’ve scored a TON of points out of this one formation since we’ve installed it…and we are always in the game because we are always within striking distance.

            Don’t get me wrong. Becoming a successful offensive juggernaut hasn’t exactly been easy. I think we’ve made very possible mistake along the way…and lost a lot of time and energy learning how to do it successfully.

            But the good news is there’s no reason for YOUR OFFENSE to endure all the pain, stress, and agony of getting shut out and losing games like we did.

            You see…

I’ve provided a shortcut for you!

            Earlier this year I did my first-ever Coaching Community Program, revealing my successful techniques for running the spread offense with confidence, scoring a ton of points, and piling on the wins.

            I revealed step-by-step the EXACT process I’ve used to break numerous offensive school records…the kind of records that have been around for over two decades AND help our team win come from behind playoff games.

            The 276 Coaching Community members lucky enough to join the Ron McKie Football Coaching Community have had the same amount of success. They have increased their scoring, doubled (and tripled) their win totals, and have gotten a massive influx of new football players because their players LOVE the offense, they see on Friday nights.

            It is an amazing Coaching Community… and the coaches who missed out on joining REALLY missed out on something that could have paid off for their team BIG time.

            But don’t feel bad…because even though I didn’t know you at the time, I was already thinking about you.

            I recorded all the webinars from my Coaching Community just for you.

            I knew somehow…some way…at some point in the future, an ambitious coach with big scoring dreams, but lacking the formation, drills and tags to achieve them, would find me.

            And I want to be the mentor to show you the path to your offensive dreams.

            See, you’ve been lied to and put down your entire life…told you run an up tempo spread offense because it was too difficult. Told to stop wanting to spread the defense and just get under center and hand the ball off and make the best of it.

            Well, I’m here to tell you…

That’s just pure B.S.!

            If “they” haven’t beaten your offensive dreams, hopes and ambitions out of you yet…they will.

            Unless I can get to you before they do.

            Even though you may not realize it right now, many different forces are against you to “keep your offense in its place” …and keep you from achieving the things you want your offense to achieve.

            I’m not getting all “woo woo” new-agey and Inky Johnson on you. I’m just stating the facts.

            I mean, think about it…

            Did you grow up with your coaches constantly supporting the Spread with positive statements and loving support?

            Did your coaches always tell you that throwing the ball is the BEST way to score on defenses?

            Did your coaches always encourage your quarterback to drop back and throw the ball to the best player on the field…so that player had the ability to make one person miss before scoring?

            I highly doubt it.

            And frankly…

That REALLY pisses me off!

            How many sharp, special, gun slinging quarterbacks are living sports lives of quiet desperation…stuck in life-sucking, mind-numbing offensive systems simplify because football coaches don’t know any better?

            Nobody has ever shown them they really can break free from all that crap and live an offensive life they used to dream about as a kid…before throwing the ball was beaten out of them.

            My mentor Mike Leach used to say he taught Spreading the Ball Around because he was making the defense defend side line to side line and 30 yards down the field. He believed lining up in foot to foot splits and handing the ball off like all the other offenses would kill your team.

            Sure, probably not literally…but it’s much worse than death, actually.

            When you literally die, at least your suffering ends.

But when you follow the “approved” offensive system, you die inside very practice and game. Unfortunately, you show up every day…trying to come up with creative ways to get people out of the box.

            You literally sleep walk through your entire coaching life…settling for the meager scraps tossed off the table of explosive offense…

While a small group of enlightened people
are gorging on an absolute frickin’ FEAST!

            I may be the only one who has ever told you this…but you really can run your entire offense from one formation with ease and join us at the feast.

            All the things you think are keeping your offense from it are merely elaborate illusions, designed to keep your offense from even trying.

            And unfortunately, these illusions work like crazy…because there are hundreds of walking dead football coaches who have never even tried to improve their offensive lives.

            Look…if you’ve never met a coach willing to tell you the REAL truth about how running your entire playbook from one formation works, I realize this all may seem a little shocking to you.

            And if I hadn’t blazed the trail for you with a logical, practical and PROVEN blueprint for running your offense from one formation …I wouldn’t blame you for writing me off as a nut job spouting airy-fairy theories.

            But I HAVE blazed the trail for you… and I CAN show you exactly how to run your entire offense from one formation.

            You can probably tell I’m passionate about rescuing coaches from sleep walking through their offense…but I’m also a realist.

            I know I can’t save EVERY COACH from sleep walking through their offense. In fact, I know beyond a shadow of doubt I can only reach about .00000000!%.

            A coach with the drive and ambition to make their offensive dreams come true is a very rare coach indeed.

            But for reasons I’ll disclose to you when we hopefully meet in person some day…

I’m betting you’re one
of the precious .0000000001%!

            And if I’m right, what I’m about to share with you is going to get you very excited.

            Like I was saying before, earlier this year I revealed my one formation secrets to my Ron McKie Football Coaching Community members in an online coaching course.

            I recorded all the diagrams, chalk talks, real life cut ups, and coaching explanations and complied all the documents and resources into PDFs.

            After the records, I edited everything to video and gave copies to all the Ron McKie Football Coaching Community members. But ever since then, this highly valuable resource has just sat on my shelf gathering dust.

            You see, I didn’t want to start “casting my pearls before swine” and revealing my very best one formation offensive secrets to every Tom, Dick & Harry who wouldn’t understand or appreciate them.


            I only wanted to make it available to the cream of the crop…the .000000001%.

            And folks like that are hard to find.

            But YOU, my friend, have jumped through a few hoops to get to this point…AND you’re still reading this letter in spite of several subtle little things I deliberately put in your way to weed out the sleep-walking 99.9999999999%...and even intentionally (gasp!) offend them.

            This entire process was meticulously engineered from the very beginning to…

Attract the WINNERS!

            And that is why I’m betting you’re the right person to reveal my one formation offense secrets.

            So my secret is now out:

            I’m looking for a few good proteges.

            And I’d like to add YOU to that very short list.

            Now I can’t mentor more than a handful of people one-on-one…and I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news…but that roster is full.

            But I can mentor you through other means thanks to the miracle of all the high tech tools now available to us.

            I’m going to mentor you through a program I’m calling…                             

"Compress Your Offense …And Quickly Triple Your Scoring in Two Weeks”

            What I’m about to reveal can change your offense in ways you never even DREAMED possible. But before I fill you in on everything, I have a confession to make…

            I never really saw myself as a mentor type of guy.

            When I started a few years ago, I simplify wanted to pass along what I’d learned about the great game of football.

            I never wanted to enter the guru market. I don’t want to even be remotely associated with those guys. Most of ‘em are so full of crap their eyes are brown. (Mine are GREEN, by the way.)

            I just wanted to provide extremely valuable content and pass along some of the lessons I learned while studying and running the Air Raid Offense from the greats of the Air Raid Offense: Hal Mumme, Mike Leach, Dana Holgerson, Lincoln Riley…and from many years in the football coaching “school of hard knocks.”

            I wanted to stay under the radar and post an occasional YouTube video or Podcast episode. No guru stuff…no clinic talks…no webinars…and DEFINITELY no mentoring, coaching or membership sites.

            But something happened to change my mind.

            I had a little scare that made me totally re-evaluate my life.

            I got to thinking about what I’ve done for others…and what coaches would say about me after I kicked the bucket.

            Wanna know what coaches would have said about me if I had died after my little scare?


            And that sucks…out loud.

            So I immediately went about changing that.

            You see, based on where I came from, I used to think I’d done pretty well…

            …I’ve been recognized and endorsed by some of the top high school football coaches around the country…

            …I’ve grown a 11k YouTube channel that’s helped 100,000s of football coaches around the world get better at simplifying their offense…

            …I’ve grown a podcast with 15,000 downloads per month about how to simplify your offense to a point where your players know their offense like the back of their hand…

            …I’ve used my spread football knowledge to bring the Air Raid offense to a school that’s ONLY ran the Wing-T and have set offensive records EVERY YEAR….

            …I’ve enjoyed offensive success I never could have imagined back when I first started coaching. Some games we only ran 4 plays at most. Some games we didn’t do anything that even resembles complexity, yet the opposing defensive coordinators gave up on the sideline.

            Geez…enough already! This is starting to sound obnoxiously self-aggrandizing.

            Anyhoo…my point is, I used to think all that was pretty good for a kid who played defense his in high school and college.

            But it’s not good enough anymore…because…

I Want YOU To Enjoy
That Kind Of Success!

            The things I know can RADICALLY transform your offense…in practically no time at all.

            But I’ve never really had the opportunity to pass along my most successful simplifying secrets…until now.

            In my journey toward simplifying the offensive side of football, I endured six long years of push back, eye rolling, and name calling failures.

            Sure, after that things started coming together…but I couldn’t totally “crack the code” until the greats showed me the way.

            The reason I took some extreme measures to get the greats attention was because I understood that learning under the masters of the Air Raid was a shortcut to achieving offensive success.

            And now I have the chance to do for YOU exactly what the Air Raid greats did for me.

            I sincerely want you to have the same kind of scoring success I’ve enjoyed…and mentoring is the fastest way for you to achieve it.

            A good mentor can help you experience quantum leap scoring so…

You Can Accomplish In WEEKS
What Would Normally Take YEARS!

            My experience with the Air Raid greats proves it.

            Here’s what this is all about…

            I’ve just released all the videos, audio and supporting material (and a couple other nice little surprises) from One Formation Offense: Two-Back Set offensive program I held earlier this year.

            I’m going to take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to have a successful, yet simple offense even if you have…

No Passing Experience…

A quarterback who can’t throw the ball 10 yards…

Are coming from some kind of run heavy offensive scheme…

Your kids can’t catch a cold in the arctic…

Have never called more than 5 passing plays in one game…

The idea of allowing your quarterback to make a decision scares you…

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete wet-behind-the-ears newbie. I’m going to show you EVERYTHING you need to simplify your playbook and score points in the spread offense…so you can start enjoying scoring points and winning football games.

Here’s What You Get…

            With your investment in One Formation Offense: Two-Back Set …you get an online course crammed full of the following components and bonuses:

Ten Training And Q&A Sessions – These are the videos of the online course. It’s almost like me being in front of your coaching staff and going over every little part of the Air Raid quick game... but even better because you can review the videos as many times as you want at your leisure. ($197 value)

MP3 audios of the Quick Game lessons –You can listen to the audio portion of the lessons on your iPhone, Android,  computer or in your car.

The Air Raid Playbook Resource PowerPoint – You’ll get my playbook PowerPoint I created when I first started running this offense. This is the complete offensive playbook with all the formations, runs, passes, tags, and more to help you get started with your offense….or to use to get that NEXT football job.

It’s taken me 10+ years to sort through all the chiselers, phonies and losers to find the coaches and offensive resources I trust. With this resource in hand, you won’t have to go through all the lost time and heartache I did to find good honest schemes and offensive philosophy. ($97 value)

Never Before Release of Two-Hours of Live Air Raid Coaching Calls – The two hours worth of Live Air Raid Coaching Calls are only for Ron McKie Football Coaching Community Members. But this time - and only this time - you will discover how to teach the Air Raid 6 concepts along with the Air Raid Mesh concept like the D1 Colleges do. ($97 value)

Lifetime Updates – I don’t just talk the talk… I walk the walk. I’m still actively in the trenches, constantly learning new, successful, and simple ways of using the One Formation Offense efficiently. I’m always testing and learning new and better ways to do all this Air Raid stuff. And I want to keep you updated on any new tricks and techniques I discover.

So you won’t miss out on these new discoveries, you’ll get lifetime updates to my One Formation Offense: Two-Back Set program.

As I come across new information I think can help you, I’ll schedule an update webinar.

By the way, these lifetime updates are for the duration of MY lifetime. If I die before you, don’t count on me coming back to do a teleseminar! ($247+ value.)

In case you haven’t added it all up…

That’s a total value of over $540!

But don’t freak out…you’re not going to invest anywhere NEAR that.

By the way…have you ever seen those football guru B.S. artists who assign an extremely high (and arbitrary) value to their products to trick you into thinking they’re worth more than they really are?

Well let me clear something up…

My consulting fee is currently $250 an hour. The values listed for each component of the coaching program are based on that hourly fee.

For example: the value of the eight training sessions is $97 because each session lasts at least one hour. 8 X $97/hour = $776


I refuse to play the head games promoted by the football “good ole boys club.” I’m just not like that…any you’re too smart to be fooled by that kind of chicanery anyway.

The values listed are the fees you would pay to hire me for that amount of consulting time.


In addition to the $776 worth of my precious time you’ll get with your investment in One Formation Offense: Two-Back Set

You’ll Also Get These 2 Bonuses…
A $150 Value… Absolutely FREE!

FREE Bonus #1

“The Hidden RPO Coaching Clinic”

In this nearly two-hour Live Coaching Clinic, I share some of the best, most shocking and explosive RPO concepts I’ve ever learned from great High School Football Coaches.

These are the timeless RPO lessons you can only get from a true master coach.

PLUS, you will discover how YOU can run RPOs in high school…despite what those ‘goo-roos’ on Twitter say.

FREE Bonus #2

“Coach Ron Mckie’s Master Simplification Formula Revealed”

This is the video component of a course I DON’T sell on my website. It is strictly for Ron McKie Football Coaching Community members only. It shows you step-by-step EXACTLY what you need to do to simplify your offense – putting the 80/20 principle into effect…

Here are just a few of the secrets I reveal in the Master Simplification Formula:

If you have way too many plays, do this deep dive analysis to figure out which plays produce the BEST results.

How to base you offense off of field position. (If you DON’T do this, you’re leaving out 60% of your points on the field.)

How to “80/20 your playbook” A simple technique for taming the beast that’s your playbook and getting the maximum scoring potential from your playbook.

The secret of using the 80/20 principle. (Almost NOBODY gets this right.)

You’ll Get All 2 Bonuses…
A $150 Value…
Absolutely FREE!

            I’m cramming 10+ years of Spread Air Raid experience into this course…and providing at least 1,000 times more value than what you’re going to invest.

            But know this…

            This isn’t for everybody.

            Like I told you earlier… I’ve taken several steps to repel the kind of coaches I don’t want to deal with…so the fact that you’re still with me at this point is a pretty good indication you’re the right coach for my One Formation Offense: Two-Back Set.

            But just in case my little screening process has allowed a few undesirables to slip through the cracks…let me tell you who does NOT qualify.

If you’re the type of coach who has to think about it for a month and talk it over with your coaches, your Twitter followers, you football Facebook buddies, your online message board coaches or random coaches you meet at clinics…this isn’t for you. You can stop reading right now.

Also, I have very little patience for whiners, crybabies, thumb suckers and “negative Nellies.” If that you, I prefer you pass on this opportunity to simplify your playbook         and go back to installing 1,432 different plays for your kids.

So who DOES qualify?

If you’re generally a nice coach…

…You sincerely want to discover the skills to simplify your playbook so you can score more points…

…You’re open-minded and anxious to learn…and…

…You’re a big boy who understands anything worthwhile takes some work…

…Then you’re in!

Let’s Recap...

When you invest in One Formation Offense: Two-Back Set you get…

…$776 worth of consulting time with me revealing my One Formation Offense: Two-Back Set techniques and secrets…and…

…$150 in FREE bonuses…

…For the ridiculously low investment of only $45.

That works out to only $1.50 a day when you spread out over 30 days.

Heck, you’ll spend more than that on your energy drinks and eating fast food every day.

Doesn’t it make more sense to invest that into your offense and the skills your players need to score more points for the rest of the season?

I want you to feel completely confident about your investment in One Formation Offense: Two-Back Set …so you’re completely covered by my…

100% Risk Free
“Gentleman’s Handshake” Guarantee

Back in the day, a good businessman didn’t need lawyers, contracts and all that legal mumbo jumbo. A man’s word was his bond and a handshake agreement was better than any legal-ese contract a lawyer could write.

Call me old-fashioned but I still believe in that.

So here’s my handshake agreement with you:

If you’re not happy with One Formation Offense: Two-Back Set for any reason whatsoever…just send me an email within the first 30 days and…

I’ll Refund Every Penny You Invested!

No conditions, no weasel clauses, no hassles…and no hard feelings.

And you can keep all the bonuses as my gift for giving the course a try.

You get to discover all my best touchdown, simplification secrets and put them into action risk free for 30 days…and you can get all your money back if you’re not satisfied…AND keep all the bonuses.

I think that’s more than fair, don’t you?

See, I’ve been ripped off by a few of the Coaches Choice/Championship Production DVDs with their false promises…and it doesn’t feel good.

In fact, it made me feel like a dumbass…just another sap in their revolving door of nameless, faceless, inconsequential “marks” to be taken advantage of and swindled.

Frankly, I felt embarrassed and stupid.

I don’t ever in a million years want YOU to feel that kind of humiliation.

I want you to be overwhelmingly THRILLED with your investment in One Formation Offense: Two-Back Set …and I’ll bend over backwards to make absolutely SURE you’re happy.

You have my word on that.

Click below now to reserve your copy of One Formation Offense: Two-Back Set:

We’ve covered a LOT
of ground today...

By now I’m sure you understand how these secrets and techniques can skyrocket your scoring and dramatically transform your entire offense…in RECORD time.

This is the EXACT same blueprint that saved my offense from a life of random touchdowns and winless games that was killing my coaching soul.

I’ve only ever shared these secrets with a handful of people…and now I’m presenting YOU the opportunity to mentor with me and get over $776 worth of my time for only PENNIES on the dollar.

If you’re the coach I think you are…here’s what you need to do right now…

Click below to reserve your very own copy of One Formation Offense: Two-Back Set::

As soon as you reserve your copy, you’ll be emailed the very BEST system for simplifying your offense, scoring MORE points, and WINNING MORE GAMES!

I’m looking forward to working with you. It’s gonna be a fun ride.

All the best,

Ron McKie

P.S. You’re soon going to witness something I’ve never seen done by anybody.

I’m going to help you conquer the two biggest problems most football coaches are almost NEVER able to overcome…

Confusion & Overwhelm!

This can keep you in a holding pattern for YEARS if you don’t know how to deal with it. Some of the sharpest football coaches I know have been completely paralyzed by it.

If you don’t get this in check from the start, you’ll NEVER be able to let the curtain go up on your show.

I’m going to reveal how to kill this beast once and for all.

Confusion and overwhelm will never again “hamstring” you from crossing the finish line and entering the winner’s circle.

And that’s just ONE of the many surprises that await you.

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