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"Why Almost Everyone Is Dead Wrong About Offensive Football... Including How to Create An Instant Flood Of Touchdowns (Which You Can Start Doing After Just ONE Practice)!"

It's amazingly simple when you know the secrets... how to easily design a simple play (no special skills needed)... how to keep defenses on their toes (even while playing fast)... and how to quickly generate touchdowns so easily and simply it's almost unbelievable!

BUT... you can't do it using the dumb, head-in-the-sand football tactics everyone else uses. Read on if you're ready to launch into a new offense of easy touchdowns and breathtaking fun, starting today...

By Ron McKie

In just a moment, I hope to make you so angry you'll want to throw your computer right out the window.

What I have to tell you involves the scandal that's going on in the Football Coaching world today. It's a scandal that - if you are like most people I know - is cheating you out of easy touchdowns and robbing you of the serious results you should be getting from your offense.

It's a mess. If you are running any type of Spread Offense now - or even thinking about using any - then you have to hear everything I'm going to share with you. It's that important.

You can't afford to waste time on ineffective or nonproductive plays. Every second you spend on running a play has to do the work of ten. Every pass in your offense has to be productive and easy for your quarterback.

You can't afford to be basing your offensive decisions on misinformation provided to you by those so-called Football ‘goo-roos’…

Forget the HYPE…running an offense isn't as easy as some people claim it to be. If you have been calling plays for any time at all, you already know this. You can't just put up a random group of plays and wait for the points to start piling up.

Most Coaching DVDs, Books, and Clinic Talks tell you what to do, but they never reveal to you how to do it without wasting thousands of hours in unnecessary and expensive experimentation.

You don't need Offensive Football theories…You need concrete steps and specific directions to take to build and run your offense for maximum touchdowns with minimum time and complexity.

You need to know what is working offensively in the year 2019, not what worked last year or the year before. Forget multiple TAGS, complex formations and shifts, checking plays at the line of scrimmage, and 3 different passing progressions based on what the defense is doing. This crap may have worked three years ago, but all you will get for your trouble today is a goose egg on the scoreboard.

Offensive Football grows and changes so fast most football coaches consider every two months to be a full Offensive year…the DVD/Online Course you just bought on Offensive Football went out-of-date one month before it hit the Internet!


Coach McKie's expertise on the offensive side of the ball is incredible. We have implemented a lot of what he has taught though videos and podcasts. The biggest thing for me is he not only gives you great offensive passing strategies, he provides some great running schemes. His course and podcasts are definite must have!!! Let's score some points.

Anthony Borden Freshman Head Coach and Asst. Varsity OC

"Enter My “Ron McKie Football Coaching Community' Where Offensive Football Breakthroughs Occur...And Receive Well Over $3,850 Worth Of Free Consulting and Coaching Every Single Month"

What if you could immediately find out when every new Offensive Breakthrough occurred…instead of having to wait 6 months for the news to roll around to you?

Well, now you can with the new "Ron McKie Football Coaching Community" member site. No hype. No promises you can earn 52 points per game tomorrow. No outdated offensive football techniques.

You do get exact stats on all of my offensive football every single week. You get instant updates when new offensive techniques are discovered. You get online coaching and consulting help to apply the techniques to your offense.

You get to sit on my board of directors to suggest what I should be researching, testing, and teaching.

You'll Receive The "No B.S. Offensive Results Diary"

You can see exact results of my offensive schemes along with the offensive schemes of other top offensive football experts every single month.

Which offensive plays and schemes score the most points and which ones are difficult to execute? Which passing concepts give you the most ‘bang for your buck’? How do you get to play with maximum tempo without confusing your players? Which type of run schemes can your players run and be the most successful without being the most confusing? What kind of RPOs pair up with those run schemes? What are some simple passing progressions that you and your quarterback and use to set records?

All of these questions and more are answered every week with at least one brand new football course. Ignore the hype surrounding complex offensive football. Find out the truth...proven by our exact results each and every week.

You'll never have to spend time and money on worthless DVDs and online courses again. Just play follow the leader and model the exact kinds of offensive plays producing incredible results for us.


I don't have a life. I have no hobbies. I coach football, I watch football, I love football. I have been on all the guru sites. Many of them like to tell you how much they know. NONE COMPARE TO COACH MCKIE! He gives you the stuff that works! He keeps it simple. He actually answers questions! Best money I have ever spent!

GARY ANDERSON Offensive Coordinator

You'll Receive "Monthly Offensive Football Breakthroughs"

Find out the hottest new Offensive Football Breakthroughs as they occur, not six months later.

Discover how to use the best RPOs, simple passing schemes and tags, create easy one word plays for maximum tempo, easy running schemes with built in answers, and more and more.

These 15 to 20 minute online lessons cover step-by-step instructions to immediately apply what you have learned without all the fluff and filler you get handed in those 50 minute, vague Coaching DVDs.

Plus, every one is based on actual, real life experiences...You'll see my overwhelmingly successful offensive schemes scoring 30 to 50 points a game...and you'll also see my mistakes. I don't hold anything back!

You'll Receive "Free Online Coaching & Consulting"

Get Online Coaching and Consulting for all of your most pressing problems through this private members-only discussion board. This is one of the most active and used tools in our entire site...with many members telling us they visit 5 or more times per day!

Normally, one-on-one consulting from Coach Ron McKie for your offense would cost you a bare minimum of $267 per hour, but you can get my best advice for free through this online tool. Plus, top offensive football coaches have been known to show up and post responses regularly.

Need ideas or a way to apply what you have learned in your offense…just ask!

Plus Bonus Consulting, Reviews, and More...

This is an interactive member site and to get you involved in the learning process...

You will also be encouraged to use the online contact form to send me over questions or subjects you would like us to cover in the training. Would you like me to test a certain type of run scheme? Want to learn how to simplify your offense to go score more? Is there something you would like to see done on video?

You basically get to serve on my editorial board and let me know the football topics we should be covering for your maximum touchdowns…


I joined Coach McKie's site as soon as I could, and it has not disappointed. Between the forums full of content, and the courses Coach McKie provides himself, this membership is well worth the money. I recommend this to any coach wanting to improve.

Marc McRae Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator

"I'm Going to Bribe You So Silly Your Legs'll Wobble, You'll Be Bumping Into Furniture, Your Head'll Spin, And You'll Yell "I Can't Handle Anymore!"

If the interactive member site, weekly offensive football updates, monthly training videos, and online consulting isn't enough…You will also receive so much Offensive Football information the moment you join that your head'll spin

You get every online football course, special reports, all the archives, videos, audio interviews, quick win videos, Live Coaching Clinics with some of the BEST Offensive minded coaches, ebooks, wrist band software, offensive drills, All-22 film and more. I'm going to provide you with so much Offensive Football material the moment you join going anywhere else won't make a lick of sense.

We have more bonuses available for immediate download inside of the Ron McKie Football Coaching Community than all of the other Internet football sites put together...nothing even comes close. And I'm giving them all to you for only one reason...to help you succeed as quickly and easily as possible...and to endear you to me as a member forever.

You'll Have Immediate Access to Over 75 Offensive Football Videos...Showing Exactly Where, What, and How to Run an Offense for Maximum Touchdowns...

Watch the exact tested and proven results of simple Offensive Football. By just following our examples and walking in our footsteps, you'll save time and MONEY by knowing which offensive plays work BEFORE you run them.

You'll see offensive schemes such as...

  • A simple RPO producing the best Run AND Pass production every time you run the play...and we've proven it time and time again.
  • Where to attack defenses when they decided to bring the funk and blitz the hell out of you…this one breaks all the rules.
  • One play that produced multiple 6 passing touchdown game…and how simple the read is for the Quarterback..
  • A highly acclaimed and recommended offensive football strategy using formations and tags bombed big time...with multiple 0 point scored games. Find out more and why you shouldn't always listen to the "experts."
  • Tempo Football...which method works best? One word plays, repeat plays, lining up based on the hash, how to signal in the plays, wristbands, etc. See the EXACT number of points scored we're getting from each method...It will absolutely shock you to know the truth.


Best bang for your buck. Coach McKie presents his information in a very simple and effective way. It is a very flexible system that you can fit into whatever your currently doing. Coach has given the spread fraternity an affordable solution to hone our craft. So stop reading this now and go join...you will love it!

Coach Stein Run / RPO coordinator

You'll Have Immediate Access To Over 40 of the Past Ron McKie Football Coaching Community Training Videos...

All of the below information is available immediately the moment you join our member site through our 40 special videos:

  • 10 Ways to Simplify Your Offense for 2019 (forget the crap everyone else is preaching…this is the easiest way to simplify your offense today).
  • How to simplify your passing scheme so your quarterback will NEVER be confused again.
  • Simple run scheme that generates hundreds of yards PER GAME (and why you don't want to any of those ‘power’ run schemes that every coach in American says you must run).
  • Why one of our favorite passing concept has answers for whatever the defense does…and how we practice 1/30 of the time most football teams do.
  • How to Increase Your Scoring by 10 to 35 Points per Day By Guaranteeing Your Offense becomes Explosive.
  • Learn how to succeed and build an power offense without relying on that ‘once in a generation’ athlete.
  • Create Your Own High Scoring Offense in 2 Practices or Less…even if you are not an expert in the subject!
  • Simple Step-By-Step Offensive Strategy Which Worked Last Year, Works This Year, and Will Work Next Year…Without having to learn multiple defenses and their philosophies.
  • How to Setup Your Own Practice Schedule so your players will be successful on game night.
  • Why you're probably working too hard on the weekend…and discover my step-by-step answer to the question of how to game plan in under 2 hours.
  • One of our run plays is our best Run and PASS! Find out why and how you can apply it to your offense.
  • Discover the secret other Air Raid coaches are using to turn simple quick game concepts into EXPLOSIVE touchdown scoring plays..
  • Learn the secret TAGS to use in your passing game…and how most Spread Air Raid guys will get you in hot water if you listen to their advice.
  • And so much more…


Coach McKie has the innate ability to make the simple seem complex, yet allows you to understand the simplicity behind his concepts. He takes the seemingly intricate Air Raid offense, and it breaks it down in a way that is easily understood, and better yet, communicated to your players; allowing them to play fast, the defense to be confused, and your team to score points!

Keith Fagan

You'll Receive Immediate Access to the Million Points Scored Football Drills and All-22 Film…

I have close to 100 All-22 film, have 200 different drills for offensive line, running backs, wide receivers, and quarterbacks, and spend a bare minimum of 2 hours a day doing online research.

The Coaching Resource section contains my favorite and most offensive explosive resources....resources such as:

  • All-22 of some of the most EXPLOSIVE College Football Teams. Teams such as Clemson, Baylor, Oklahoma, Washington State, and more.
  • A growing library of Live Coaching Clinics involving the brightest coaches in the game today. Coaches like Dub Maddox, Cody Alexander, Drew Piscopo, Patrick Taylor, and more. These coaches go in DEPTH on football strategies that are working for them…use their knowledge to DESTORY defenses.
  • How to generate 300 yards per game or more using these simple passing concepts and RPOs.
  • Which run schemes to run based on what your offensive linemen can do…saving you over three months of wasted time trying to figure out what to run.

You'll Receive Immediate Access to 26 Video Demonstrations Showing You Exactly How to Turn Your Offense into a Point-Scoring Machine...

You will be able to watch videos and download audio to see and hear how to score points in a hurry…Learn how to design explosive game plans, handle offensive adjustments, design practice plans and scripts, create instant points, install simple RPOs, and more.

Sometimes things are a little hard to understand when only words are available. Now you will be able to learn by hearing me narrate and watch my on-screen actions though the magic of video.

Here are just a few of the video demonstrations we have live online right now:

  • How to design your own Simplified Air Raid Offense using totally simple concepts...without having to know an ounce of defensive philosophy or complex pass progressions.
  • How to create your practice schedules for maximizing your time...and your players and coaches will be able to know exactly what is expected of them during practice.
  • The quick and easy way to build your offensive play call sheet business using the simple 80/20 Method of Simplification.
  • How to install your own RPOs to your run game and not confuse your quarterback, your running back or your offensive linemen.

You'll Receive Immediate Access to 8 Real Audio Interviews With Top Football Coaches Detailing Exactly How They Score Points in Football Games...

The easiest way to succeed in any endeavor is to model (or copy) someone who is already successful. So I've interviewed a select group of top football coaches winning region, conference, and State Championships.

We've cut through the bull and giving you their exact strategies and instructions for scoring points in football games. If they can do it, you can do it too. These audios are recorded in Real Audio playable on any computer and/or Smartphone and we have over 8 hours currently available!

Here are a few of the interviews available instantly to you:

  • Dub Maddox shares his ideas on how to build buy in from players and how you can too through ownership of the offense.
  • Drew Piscopo gives a complete talk on how to effectively run the Mike Leach Mesh Concept…and what tags to use to turn this deadly passing concept into an unstoppable force.
  • Slade Singleton will teach you how to create simple RPOs which any receive can run and how to tag it to any run scheme you use.
  • Patrick Taylor covers how to create an entire offense using only the Air Raid Four Verticals concept and how to teach your players to ALWAYS BE OPEN
  • Joe Salas discusses how effective the gap scheme is inside the Air Raid Offense…and shares how to make it your number 1 run play that gives defensive coordinators nightmares.


I have been following Ron’s you tube clips on Air Raid and RPOs for the past year, and we have installed some of it into our program with great success. I am rewriting my playbook as we speak incorporating even more of the Air Raid this year. Really glad that Ron has started up this membership and looking forward to enjoying all of the courses and material. Really fits into the UK football scene as we are still pretty new at this and great to gain value knowledge at the right level for us to develop Fewer plays and easy,to understand simple terminology really makes this a great offence philosophy to install especially with new fresh faced students starting out in the sport we have every season. Yours in football Coach Snooks

James Snooks Head Coach Bath University UK

You'll Receive Immediate Access to Football Training eBooks, Practice Templates and Scripts, Wristband Examples, and More...

Special Free Software Bonus #1

The “Wristband builder” is a program that builds wristbands for you. You have a master wristband for yourself and your quarterback – everyone else has a wristband with ONLY their assignment. This cleans up any confusion your players will have about what assignment they have during any given play.

Special Free eBook Bonus #2

You will have access to my “Simplifying the Air Raid Offense”, “Pin and Pull RPO”, “One Back Power RPO”, and “All American RPO Drill” eBooks. These four eBooks will give you a step-by-step guide for installing and creating an explosive offense. It gives you a game plan and a roadmap for success on offense starting from ground zero. It takes you from ground zero to Offensive Success. These eBooks are sold for over $30 dollars.

Special Free Live Coaching Clinic Bonus #3

Coach Drew Piscopo goes in DEPTH with his “Magical Mesh” Live Coaching Clinic. Coach Piscopo will show you the BEST way to run the Air Raid Mesh concept, which are the BEST tags to use with the Air Raid Mesh, how to teach your quarterback the progressions for the Air Raid Mesh, and more…all designed to get your offense to start being successful with the Air Raid Mesh immediately.

Special Free Live Coaching Clinic Bonus #4

Coach Dub Maddox’s presentation on “What’s Open” using the R4 System will show you how to you’re your game plan into a point scoring machine, how to game plan for the upcoming game, how to evaluate your opponent’s personnel, and how to drill the R4 progression into your quarterback.


First, As a coach i love watching Ron Mackie videos. Because, its short and he gets to the point right away. I just love how he give us coaches his opinions on what works for him. Last, I love when coach Mckie talks about Air Raid quick game. Love the Air Raid Y-Stick in my quick game. Coach Mckie is the man. And i love all his videos. Thanks for your videos!! Keep it coming brother...THE END


"Everything Is Backed By a 100% ZERO Risk Guarantee "

The Ron McKie Football Coaching Community membership site gives you Ron McKie’s greatest secrets, including monthly updates, the private Ron McKie Football Coaching Community Forum, the video training, All-22 film, college drills, online consulting and coaching, Live Coaching Clinics, the 4 ebooks (and growing), and more.

Outdated and ineffective Football courses and DVDs cost $30 to $200. Consulting with an expert costs you a minimum of $250. Going to an Coaching Clinic will cost around $2,000 once you factor in the cost of the clinic, travel, hotel, and food.

None of those options even come close to the value you will receive out of this membership site. You will receive more cutting edge Offensive Football information in one month from the Ron McKie Football Coaching Community than all of the possibilities above.

Setting the price at $495 per year for this program would be too cheap, yet it would also limit the number of coaches who could take advantage of it. Coaches who need it most may not be able to afford it at that price.

So, I am going to go out on a limb and set the price at an astonishing low price of only $139 for a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP. Any of the individual sections inside of the site is worth way more than this by themselves…you get the whole package for only $139 for a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP.

This is less than the cost of an entire offensive course on CoachTube or Championship Productions…which may or may not work for you. Unlike random online courses/DVDs, the Ron McKie Football Coaching Community site comes with a complete 100% money back guarantee.

Receive instant access to the membership site. Try out the breakthrough offensive techniques for a full 30 days…If you are dissatisfied with the information, then you get a full refund of your $139…No Questions Asked

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Membership Includes:

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I'm not going to tell you any stories about cutting off this offer on Wednesday at midnight or any tricks like that. Hopefully you are smart enough to see through these kinds of tricks.

The out and out truth is the season is coming up and we want to be the most successful offense in our region/district/conference. Since that is the case, we will be closing the Ron McKie Football Coaching Community membership at the end of the week so we can get ready for the up coming season. we've almost reached the level of membership I want for this site. Once the week is over with, the lifetime membership price will be gone forever AND the monthly/yearly price will go up. (current members will get their sign-up price for as long as they are a member no matter how high the price may go in the future).

If you want to be guaranteed the Lifetime Membership price of $139, then you must take action today

Get the LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for $139 and NEVER pay again.

Membership Includes:

  • Unlimited access to the full Course Library
  • The Private Coaching Community Forums
  • Unlimited access to all Live Coaching Clinics
  • Unlimited access to all offensive drill library
  • Unlimited access to the Quick Wins Library
  • Unlimited access to All-22 video of the most popular College Football Teams
  • Instant access to ALL NEW COURSES, LIVE COACHING CLINICS, EVERYTHING...into the future!

Yours in Success,

Ron McKie

P.S. - Stop and think how much this breakthrough offensive information could be worth to you. How much is it worth to you to know in detail which offensive strategies work…and which ones don't? The $139 for a Lifetime Membership is only a tiny drop in the bucket compared to the amount of real value you will take out on your very first day as a member.


Coach McKie has a unique ability to make the air raid SUPER HS friendly. His existing you tube videos are some of the best online football content videos available. After watching all of those purchasing the course was a no brainier!

The Simplified Air Raid course was easy to understand and implement.

We are going full tilt with the air raid offense thanks to Coach McKie' training and assistance. Our entire program has been totally energized with the ATTACK mentality!

Gary Anderson Offensive Coordinator

Get the LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for $139 and NEVER pay again.

Membership Includes:

  • Unlimited access to the full Course Library
  • The Private Coaching Community Forums
  • Unlimited access to all Live Coaching Clinics
  • Unlimited access to all offensive drill library
  • Unlimited access to the Quick Wins Library
  • Unlimited access to All-22 video of the most popular College Football Teams
  • Instant access to ALL NEW COURSES, LIVE COACHING CLINICS, EVERYTHING...into the future!

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