Middle School Air Raid Dropback Concepts


Middle School teams want to install the Air Raid offense, yet don’t know where to start. Well, in today’s video I go over what two-drop back passing concepts I would install if I was installing the Air Raid Offense at a Middle School

I would install the Shallow Cross concept as my drop back passing game in the Middle School Air Raid. I feel like this is a simple passing concept that any middle school quarterback can execute and be successful at.

The Shallow Cross concept is also difficult for the defense to defend because middle schoolers aren’t used to having wide receivers cross their face and not react to it. The crossing action of the Shallow Cross concept should open up the dig route.

This concept will make the Middle School Air Raid deadly, and lay the foundation for the offense to be successful once the players reach high school.

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  1. Rich says:

    Great Air Raid videos, quick question I’m coaching Middle School athletes and have a good QB-WR’s.. is there a playbook I can purchase with the terminology, drills…etc
    Thanks for your time!

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