Summer is Upon Us

Summer Football Practice
Summer Football Practice

Ah summer…

…no classes, no administrators, and no worries about freaking state standardized tests…

…but there are the summer workouts. And with the workouts come practice. But not the normal practice teams where we can line up in full pads and work on everything under the sun.

No. These summer practices are different. More focus on weight lifting and individual drills. Working on how to get better for the upcoming season.

And I was stuck.

I know what I like to do. But I know others have different ways….better ways of doing things.

So I reached out to other coaches and asked them what they did in the summer. And here are their responses. Because the only way we can get better is by helping one another.

So without further ado…here are what other coaches across the country say they do in their summer practices.

Coach Andrew Ruhland says:

Our summer strength and conditioning goes Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday 9-11 am. Start in the weight room then transition to the track and stadium. Football specific work takes place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-7:30 in the stadium.  Broken into offense and defense periods with skill specific work. Always get an inside run period and finish with a team or 7v7 passing period.

Coach Stephen says:

General outline for a “soft practice” would be
– We start w/ an installation period (2 TU / 10mins),
– then Dynamic Warm Ups (3TUs / 15-20mins; w/ some static stretching to get the kinks out)
– followed by a so-called scheme phase (D and O are on their for 2 TUs / 10mins; do what the coordinators feel they have to do [facing mst important issues], which could be indies or all units working on specific plays / blitzes or coverage), or an indie phase for 4 TUs
– followed by of 3 special team periods (5min; one day O, next day D),
– again followed by a “scheme phase”,
– StP
– SchP
– StP (PAT / FG and D; which is always our last phase of any practice)

Every unit has a water station, players drink water between phases.

Coach Bret Baucher says:

We do stations for our workouts, usually 4 stations that are 12-15 minutes each.  Twice a week we will use one station for an “Individual” period and then the other 2 days we will have a 5th station for group work.  The second day of group of work is competitive.

Last week our schedule looked like this for QB :
Monday – Indy station (Footwork and R4 progression)
Tuesday – Indy station (Veer and RPO footwork)
Wednesday – Off
Thursday – Group Work (Veer / RPO Drill)
Friday – Competitive Group Work (7 on 7)
In Ohio, we don’t have spring ball, but get 10 coaching (camp) days in the summer.  This layout really helps with teaching base concepts, so when we do have a camp day / practice, we are able to go at a high tempo for more reps and not waste field time talking.
Coach Anthony Borden says:
We have been out of school since the 24th of May. We have our regular spring ball. Right now we have a summer conditioning program in the morning and weights or yoga in the second half of the morning. We will run out and do concepts sometimes. Our freshmen do the same in the morning but have practice at night. We have been in a bunch of passing leagues. We have one every Tuesday and we have been going to tournaments at Universities every week. It’s great competition and they also have big man challenges at those. We will be shutting down on the 22nd for a couple of weeks. Then it’s back to the grind
Coach Sheldon Tucker says:
On our heavy weight days which are Monday’s we just go out and do light walk through of everything we’re gonna do on our heavy practice but high rep/low weight days which are Wednesday’s, then Saturday’s we do some classroom stuff review what we did Wednesday fix some mistakes and make it basically a long Indy period
Coach Hale Allison says:

Our summer conditioning (I got this from Apopka Fl where I was an assistant coach) includes Tuesday and Thursday (we have 7 on 7 league on Wednesday but that is hosted by another school).  We only come in for 2 days but we are there for 3 hours!

First hour: 1/2 players in weight room and 1/2 outside for agilities etc
Second Hour: Switch
Third Hour: skill work and plays
Coach Jared Smith says:

Attached is my general practice plan.  We are a two platoon team so this is our weekly schedule for our 10th-12th grade.


Defense lifts from 8 – 9

Offense in classroom from 7:45 – 8:45 for character development and weekly install.

Tuesday and Thursday

Defense lifts from 8 – 9

Offense practices from 7:45 – 8:45

Wednesday and Friday

All players have speed and agility training off site with our S&C coach from 9-11.

Freshmen will follow the same schedule with their coaches from 10-noon on M, T and Th.  Every week they will switch their focus to either defense or offense.  On W and F they are with the varsity for speed and agility training.

Coach Mark Holcomb says:

We have a true practice.  Lift and condition around an hour and a half to two then go out on the field for an hour.  Work defense on Tuesday, Offense on Wednesday, and 7 on 7 and 1 on 1 on Thursday.  We give the kids (and Coaches) Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off.

Coach Jon Anna says:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6am – 8 am we lift, do speed and agility work, then condition. The kids usually stay and work on routes and throw the ball on their own, but it’s not required.

On Wednesday from 8pm – 10:30 pm we bring the kids back and have an organized practice.
We have opportunities Monday through Friday for the kids to make up missed workout sessions.
We also compete in multiple 7v7 and big man tournaments throughout the summer
Coach James Ward says:
Lift for 50 mins… High Tempo (Anaerobic Benefits)
Teach on Board 20 Minutes….(Recovery)
Condition…10 Minutes
Indy…15 (3 Periods)
Team Running Game…15 Minutes
7 on 7…30 Minutes.    (Linemen Indy & Sleds)

I want to say thank you to all of the coaches that helped me out. And I know you are helping out other coaches as well. Because this is what makes this sport so freaking great.

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