Tight End

Spread Power Read Play

Do you want to run the Power Run Scheme? Do you want to know which college team has the most devastating Power Run Scheme? Do you want to know what it was like to play with a future NFL quarterback?

Then you need to listen to my interview with the great Coach Rowdy Harper.

This is a Ph. D in the Power Run Scheme. I took eight pages of notes on how to rep the Power Run Scheme, how to simplify the Power Run Scheme, and who I need to study if I want to get serious about the Power Run Scheme. Continue reading TPF 29: Learning the Power Run Scheme from Coach Rowdy Harper

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Everyone loves the Inside Zone in football. Everyone also loves using Tight Ends in the Spread. So it’s only natural to incorporate your Tight Ends into your Inside Zone scheme.

Yet, some coaches don’t know how to do this. They ask themselves, “Do we put him on the line and have him combo with the tackle? Or do we throw him the ball and never use him to block? Should we Flex him out or put him in the backfield?”

I don’t have all the answers, but I do have one formation and one play that utilizes the Tight End and makes the defense pay.

The Formation

Trey Formation - 3 x 1 with a tight end

This is it  The formation that scares defensive coordinators. The combination of power and speed. It’s a 3 x 1 set with an attached Tight End to the two receiver side. Continue reading Get the Tight End/H-Back Involved In The Run Game

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