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There are a lot of Air Raid guides and self-proclaimed offensive gurus out there in the football world. The depth of information Coach McKie provides tops them all in my opinion. Not only because of the great content/ideas, but because he dumbs things down for us and simplifies this system that is easy to communicate to your players. My guys love playing in this system - playing fast, scoring points, and winning games is the byproduct of this purchase. Thanks Coach!

Spencer Wood ... OC/QBs

I have been following Ron’s you tube clips on Air Raid and RPOs for the past year, and we have installed some of it into our program with great success. I am rewriting my playbook as we speak incorporating even more of the Air Raid this year. Really glad that Ron has started up this membership and looking forward to enjoying all of the courses and material. Really fits into the UK football scene as we are still pretty new at this and great to gain value knowledge at the right level for us to develop Fewer plays and easy,to understand simple terminology really makes this a great offence philosophy to install especially with new fresh faced students starting out in the sport we have every season. Yours in football Coach Snooks

James Snooks ... Head Coach Bath University UK

Coach Mckie does a great job explaining his simplified approach to the Air Raid. The book is filled with tips for attacking both even and odd fronts. The material is laid out in an easy to understand formate.

Bryan D Dionne

Absolutely Awesome Book. I love it. Keep it up Coach

Ilja Dechant

I love the simplicity of the offense. I love the easy tags and signals!

Jimmy Young ... head

Best bang for your buck. Coach McKie presents his information in a very simple and effective way. It is a very flexible system that you can fit into whatever your currently doing. Coach has given the spread fraternity an affordable solution to hone our craft. So stop reading this now and go join...you will love it!

Coach Stein ... Run / RPO coordinator

As a freshman coach I am always looking for simplicity. Our school doesnt use the air raid offense but we run spread and several air raid type concepts. The ebook kept these easy for me to explain the concepts in the terms that we use to help our players play faster and more confident. We are ahead of prior teams with the help of Coach Mckie.

Oscar Alexander

Coached Youth football for 7 years moved up to middle school and we have run mostly power I and wishbone option offense. Saw Coach Mckie on YouTube and bought his book and can't wait to run the air raid offense. This book makes it easy to understand and can't wait to but it into action.

Bryan House

Like all coaches, I try to get better and smarter as a coach in the off-season. Bought this book on the Air Raid Offense. It has given me a whole new perspective on offensive play. It is a great read and I believe any coach can get something out of it regardless of philosophy. I go to every down time I get. Thanks Again Coach McKie.

Patrick Lower

Coach McKie's expertise on the offensive side of the ball is incredible. We have implemented a lot of what he has taught though videos and podcasts. The biggest thing for me is he not only gives you great offensive passing strategies, he provides some great running schemes. His course and podcasts are definite must have!!! Let's score some points.

Anthony Borden ... Freshman Head Coach and Asst. Varsity OC

This book is well worth the read. It goes deep into the knowledge of the Air Raid and focuses on the simplicity and fast play it affords.

Gary Koch ... head coach quarterbacks

Coach Mckie well-researched and clearly articulated SARC is a must for anyone interested in improving their passing attack. Complete with diagrams and video clips of HIS team executing the offense. In addition, Coach Mckie is always easy to reach when you have a question.

Billy Donegan ... HC/OC/QB

Purchasing the Simplifying Air Raid course was a no brainer! Coach McKie has been putting clear and concise information for years and the chance to get a packaged version of his system was something that I knew would make my staff and team better. The course lives up to its title and Catch McKie's manta of "Master the Spread, Score points and Have Fun!" A must have for any coach running or looking to run the Spread and throw the ball around.

This course is helping bring together a simple systematized approach to the Air Raid, it will allow us to master our plays and execute at a high level of success!

Ernie Burghardt ... QB/WR/RB

Coach McKie's Air Raid Book enabled our team to transition from the Triple Option to the Air Raid offense with very little confusion; every question I had about this offense and more was included in this book !

Sam Shutty

Coach McKie does an excellent job breaking the plays down and explaining why he does what he does. Very informative and useful!

Eric Major ... QB Coach/ Co-offensive coordinator

Coach McKie does a great job of making the concepts easy to learn and adaptable to most offensive systems. As a pistol concept OC, I will be meshing our concepts with a lot of what Coach McKie is teaching. Great stuff!

Brandon Snarey

The best teachers are those that can take complex matters and make them easy to understand, this is exactly what Coach McKie has done with the Air Raid offense. This book coupled with his dedication to helping further the game in a way that is fun for the kids is incredible. Regardless of what stage you are in with developing your program, this resource is a tool that can be used from the youngest players in your program, to the High School players in your program, in a way that is easy to understand, and easy to teach.

Brad I

I dove right in to the material and its well thought out and prepared for installing this offense. I certainly recommend these courses. Can't wait for spring ball!

Jeff Werner ... Head Coach

Love the simplicity and how it was organized. Get it. Cheap and very informative. You won't be disappointed.

Coach Keith ... Head Youth Coach (Everything)

This course is really good! It's simple and straight to the point. I'm looking forward to mastering spread, scoring more points, and having fun while doing it.

Cedric Jackson ... Head Coach

The Simplifying Air Raid book was everything that was advertised, it's a simple approach to the Air Raid offense with explosive results. I found the detail that Coach McKie goes into to be top notch and more then you can ever get out of clinics, DVDs and books. The detail on blocking schemes and the passing concepts are easy to understand. I would recommend this to any coach at any level.

Tyler Harness

Great course. Nice job in breaking the system down into very simple to understand concepts and installs.

John McIntyre ... QB

I don't have a life. I have no hobbies. I coach football, I watch football, I love football. I have been on all the guru sites. Many of them like to tell you how much they know. NONE COMPARE TO COACH MCKIE! He gives you the stuff that works! He keeps it simple. He actually answers questions! Best money I have ever spent!

GARY ANDERSON ... Offensive Coordinator

I been coaching for 8 years and this book helped me understand the Air Raid Offense alot better. I can't wait to install this offense. Very easy to follow

Dewayne L Seay

Hey Coach McKie, once again you have produced a product that is easy to understand. The Simplifying the Air Raid book is informative in a concise and straight forward style that allows a coach to quickly absorb and input the formation and plays. You make it easier for other coaches to coach their kids and be successful. Thank you for your hard work and your ability to not only coach kids but also other coaches. Scott Rigsby

Scott Rigsby

I have been coaching football for many years, and I found simple, yet fascinating concepts that will make our offense run smoother and at a faster pace than ever before.

Trevor Steiner

I love the resource that this site is to me! We implemented this system this year. Two years ago i inherited a team that was 0-10 and scored 60 points all season. This year we averaged 28 points a game, finished with the first winning record since 2005 (7-5) and were the district runner up. The combination of the simplified Air Raid and the Power Air Raid system made us explosive and dynamic.

Wesley R Johnson ... Head Football Coach Paul Laurence Dunbar High School

This book has been a great resource for me as I find my identity as a young offensive coordinator. I've always seen myself as a "spread guy," but there was so much I learned from the book about simplicity and packagaing plays. Very excited to implement some of these concepts in a few weeks as camp rolls around!

Caleb Cain

Coach Mckie - Thank you so much for putting this together. This is simple to understand and the concepts are even easier to grasp by young players. Keep doing what you're doing!

Fecil Blango ... Head Coach / Offensive Coordinator

Finding ways to make passing game easier and more efficient.

The ability to have a small playbook with tag opportunities to hurt a defense when they take things away.

This course is really going to help our football program offensively going forward. It is well presented, easily understood and can be implemented pretty easily. Recommend it to anybody interested in air raid Offense.

Ray Richards ... Head Coach/OC

Coach McKie’s teaching style allows me, a coach with 18 years of Double Wing experience, to learn the Air Raid Offense easily. His philosophy on limiting plays and keeping things simple in order to move fast, score more points and have more fun is something I believe in.

Kevin Keenan ... Head JV Coach at Casa Grande High School, Petaluma, CA

I’ve watched and listened to your stuff for a while. Just wanted to finally support your endeavors with purchasing.

Film showing the plays in action.

The course was simple enough for me to watch, digest and learn. The video, sound and overall quality of the course is top notch.

Ryan Hensley ... Asst Coach - Def Coordinator

The book was awesome! It is an easy read and a real page turner. My goal this offseason was to try to simplify my offense and this was a huge help. I listen to the podcast every week in the car to and from work. I’ve gotten a lot of great ideas from it but it is tough to write them down while driving. The book puts everything in one place and gives illustrations to the topics that Coach McKie talks about.

Dylan Mack

I joined Coach McKie's site as soon as I could, and it has not disappointed. Between the forums full of content, and the courses Coach McKie provides himself, this membership is well worth the money. I recommend this to any coach wanting to improve.

Marc McRae ... Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator

I absolutely love Coach Mckie’s Website!! Website has a lot of great info that will help any team running the Spread!!

Rydell Cowan ... Offensive Coordinator

I love this book. Great job of making a fun offense for the kids simple.


Saw some of Coach McKie’s YouTube videos, and just had to check it out. Simple to learn and simple to teach! This is a great course Coach McKie has put together for any Coach looking to become part of the Air Raid offense. Even those coaches that are already using the Air Raid system but maybe want to simplify even more for their kids this course will help you with that. Thank you Coach McKie for all the time you put into helping all of us coaches out here!!

Steve Patterson ... OC - QB/DB

Although this is an Air Raid book, there’s plenty to learn about why you should and how to simplyify any offense. This book is written in the same no-nonsense, but fun style of Ron’s podcast. A great book for anyone looking to install the Air Raid at any level.

Jeff Oresik

Explanation of the nuances and how it impacts the success of the play plus Ron’s obvious enthusiasm is a treat to listen too. Love the guy

Presented from concept to detail gives a degree of confidence that successful implementation is possible

Mal Scanlan ... Quarterback offense

I have always wanted to run the air raid offense, but just needed to figure out an easy way to run it and call it. Coach Mckie always shares great information and wants things to be simple as possible just like me. It would be dumb of me to not get this, and not to learn a simple way to run this offense for the kids and coaches.

The course showed me how fun and easy this offense could be. It has given me confidence that if I get the opportunity to run it, that I can show the kids the right way, and give the credit to Coach Mckie.

Coach Steve Kuchefski ... Ex offensive coordinator

In his Simplified Air Raid Offense book, Coach McKie gives his personal touch to a truly simplified offense. It includes simple blocking schemes, keys, reads, and rules that any coach or player can understand, learn, and execute. To keep the defense on their heels, Coach McKie also shares a few simple tags, screens, and motions that are simple additions to the primary schemes.

Stephen Burns

In his Simplified Air Raid course Coach Ron McKie does an excellent job of explaining the concepts he uses in a way that is easy to understand and simple to teach to your players. I highly recommend it.

Greg Hardcastle ... Offensive Coordinator

Great Book! We are all looking to make our offense explosive. This book is a Great Blue Print!

Frankie King

Coach McKie does a fantastic job of explaining the Air Raid offense. I like that he explains why he does what he does and how to expose the defense. Great job!

Eric Major ... QB's, Assistant OC

Being a young coach, this has helped increase my knowledge of the Air Raid!!

Cody Reid ... Runningbacks/ Defensive Line

I am a Defense coach at heart but came into a great opportunity to be the head coach of an awesome youth league. I came from a youth league that had all the athletic kids it seemed like. Now they are my enemy / opponent. I needed a different approach to compete and I found it in the Simplifying Air Raid book . Just from reading it I’m confident we will dominate. I’m also confident that my kids will pick it up with ease because it’s Simple. Reps, Reps, Reps is all you need to do. I plan on doing it. We start July 8 and I get to start installing on 6 flex days before it’s official practice in August. I’m ready to for us to put numbers on the board. Thanks Coach McKie “AIR RAID 53.3”

Reginald Lyles

After being out of coaching for years this information has been immense help and total enjoyment getting back into the swing of things.

Frank Blateri ... O.C.. in Ukraine League

Found it to be very good

Richard Giarratano

I’m really loving all of your concepts and how you take us through the “If... then” process. I’m learning a lot about football through your courses and thinking about offense strategically based on what the defense is doing and how the defense will likely counteract what we’re doing on offense.

Domenick DiDomenico ... OC / Running Backs

I purchased the Simplified Air Raid Course because I was trying to find a Simplified passing system.

The simple reads that the quarterback can make. Also, the plays against any defensive system.

Coach Mckie is the man. The most Simplified system I came to run It's versatile and easy for the kind kids to learn.

Jerome Padmore ... Offense

There are quite a few intricacies that we as a staff have extracted from this spectacular book! We look forward to implementing them this offseason! If you have not read it yet, I highly recommend it! Spread’em and Shred’em! 🏈🏈

Mario Cuniglio

Book is GREAT! The basic's of installing the system has helped. installing a PACKAGE of Air-raid with Zone. Thank you


I couldn’t believe how simple this book makes it. It goes over all the rules for runs, passed, and screens. The adjustments for different defenses and Tags and Counters to use for when teams try to defend your play gives you the answers you are looking for. I would recommend this book as a great starting place for digging into this system. Also check out some of his other books and his library of videos on YouTube to supplement the book.

Luke White

Ron does a great job. Everything he discusses is relevant to today’s passing game. The forums offer a chance to exchange information with like minded coaches. This is money well spent and will make you a better coach. I’m glad I joined.

Jim Glover ... Offensive Coordinator Centennial HS Franklin TN

I LOVE the Course because It fits perfectly with What I was looking for. Small but very efficient and Trustworthy Playbook


Loved the book, Period. Selfishly, I purchased it thru joe Daniel because I am very loyal to great coaches like himself. And his hardwork. 2- i coach the secondary so I always keep up to date on the latest trends on offense and your book is just that. You did an amazing job. Thank you


The "Simplifying the Air Raid" book is one of the best extract of the air raid offense. It's really simple, very useable in practice and gameplanning too.

Attila Szederjesi

The book really gives a great understanding of how less is more and to play fast.

joseph kegler

Coach McKie has a lot of valuable informatuon on his site. I find something new every time I login. Can't wait to use this new knowledge to help my team and players grow. Thanks coach

Joshua Lamb ... WR Coach

Simplified Air raid course is worth the money and then some. The course gives great detail along with video proof as to how to simply your air raid offense while still maintaining a how scoring offense. The course gives examples from blocking schemes, how to teach each skill guy to communication and answers the all important question of why coaches does what he does. Great course

Anthony Bogan ... Running backs/ offensive coordinator

Coach McKie has the innate ability to make the simple seem complex, yet allows you to understand the simplicity behind his concepts. He takes the seemingly intricate Air Raid offense, and it breaks it down in a way that is easily understood, and better yet, communicated to your players; allowing them to play fast, the defense to be confused, and your team to score points!

Keith Fagan

Remember that Geico commercial 'It's so easy a cave man can do it'... well Coach McKie's Simplifying the Air Raid course breaks down everything you need to know. It's so simple that even a youth Coach can do it 🤣

David Benjamin ... Head coach 13u

I just love being organized.Thanks Coach.

Everything less is best when you,re Coaching in the Rec Leagues... Waiting on my Season to start in September.But I'll be ready.Thanks again Coach .

Just learning all your material right now.Can,t wait to teach the Air Raid to the kids...

Coach Larry Jacobs ... Head Coach /Oc...

Coach McKie has a unique ability to make the air raid SUPER HS friendly. His existing you tube videos are some of the best online football content videos available. After watching all of those purchasing the course was a no brainier!

The Simplified Air Raid course was easy to understand and implement.

We are going full tilt with the air raid offense thanks to Coach McKie' training and assistance. Our entire program has been totally energized with the ATTACK mentality!

Gary Anderson ... Offensive Coordinator

For me this has been a great place to start. I'm a 8th grade cash. We have a new high school coach that runs the air raid. We've been running wing t for the last 7 years. I want the boys to be ready for high school next year this book will help me and it can help you.

jason brown

I enjoyed Coach McKie's Air Raid book. It is presented in a format that is easy to read and understand. I like that it presents a very SIMPLE formula for running an offense against many different defensive fronts, with very little "special case" rules for players to learn and try to remember in the heat of the moment.

Adam Bradshaw

Enjoyed the course a great deal. I am a big fan and firm believer in keeping things simple for the kids! Will continue to follow your work. Great job coach!

Dillon Turner ... QB coach

Coach McKie is spot on with his Air Raid book. It is a great manual for simplifying your spread offense. He did not forget that simple executes!

Mark Cory

The Simplified Air Raid Offense course gives me the confidence to go all in on the Air Raid offense!