TFP 12: Why Every Team Should Run the Air Raid Mesh Concept

Air Raid Mesh Route Conecpt


Do you have trouble against teams that run man to man? Do you have too many concepts passing concepts? Would you like to always be right when you call a passing play?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is the podcast for you.  I believe the Air Raid Mesh Concept is the one pass concept that every offense should run.

Why? It is the simplest route that can give you the most bang for your buck.

The Air Raid Mesh concept can run out of any formation, has answers for man or zone defenses, and can easily be adapted by tagging certain players.

You’ll learn from this episode:

  • How Hal Mumme’s Air Raid Mesh concept differs from Mike Leach’s Air Raid Mesh Concept.
  • How the Quarterback’s progression never changes.
  • How easy it is to tag a certain wide receiver to run a different route.
  • How to use your practice time to maximize the learning for your players.
  • How to overcome the main problems coaches have with the Air Raid Mesh Route.
  • Why you need to install the Air Raid Mesh route if you run RPOs.
  • What are the best drills to run in order to be successful running the Air Raid Mesh concept?

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Comments on TFP 12: Why Every Team Should Run the Air Raid Mesh Concept

  1. Craig Dana says:

    Coach, how do I see what you are doing in the podcast?

    1. Hey Coach,

      You can’t see them before, but now I do my podcasts live on Facebook live. Sorry.

  2. Chris DePew says:


    I’m a veteran coach who has coached run-first teams over the years. I think I’m ready to convert to spread football (after all this time). We’ve run elements of spread football (4 verts, smash, stick, & run schemes). I understand and love your explanations. I’ve even used the YouTube stuff for my upcoming QB’s to help them learn. But, I have to get some questions answered before I’m gonna plug my nose and jump all the way in. Please help.

    1. If your pass pro is half slide, vs. a 6-man box (even front), how do you account for a man-side blitzer (let’s call him Mike for this purpose) in your pass concepts? I know we’ll get a lot of that as we choose to air it out this fall. Here’s what I think I understand: 4 verts (from trips): #3 checks Mike and sits hot; Y Stick: read flats defender fast enough to win the 2 on 1?; Y Corner: slant or shoot route?; Mesh: quick to the #1 out? buy time for back or 1st mesh?

    2. Do you pre-read man or zone coverage and communicate that so your receivers adjust? Or just let them go? I’m thinking of Trips Y Stick, for example. If it looks like straight man over all 3, do you adjust to ensure the Y really picks off #3’s defender? Same question on a 2-man snag.

    3. I want to learn better how to communicate our play calls to both receivers and to the linemen. We’ve huddled, used wristbands (hate it), and signaled over the years. I see these guys with a couple of gestures who seem to get it all called that way. What do you do?

    Coach, I love what you’re doing and how easy you make it. I gotta say, I started with a YouTube search and found you. Now I’m almost all the way converted, listening to your podcast, signed up for newsletter, reading articles, etc. I’ll have more questions later. This is awesome.


    Chris DePew
    Garrett HS
    Garrett, IN

    1. Coach DePew,

      First, thank you for taking time out of your day to read my blog and leave a comment. That means a lot to me. Second, welcome to the dark side. You are on an amazing journey of Mastering the Spread, Scoring Points and Having Fun. Now to answer your questions:

      1)That’s the guy we are usually keying. What I do is first make him run left and right by screening him or doing some quick game to his side. Make him tired first before you go deep. I also like to run our inside zone and then have him be the option of throwing the bubble or the quarterback keeping it.

      2)We do not do this. Usually, we are going so fast that it really doesn’t matter. The defense is usually all confused. Now, if I know that when we get into 3 x 1 then the defense gets into man then I won’t call stick. I’ll call more three-man snag or mesh.

      3)We use signals. I can single in the formation and play within three seconds. But to be honest, most of the time I am screaming out the play. I don’t care if the defense knows. They have to stop it first.

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