TFP 15 – How to Install the Spread at a School That’s Never Ran the Spread

So you’ve been hired to run the Spread Offense at a school that barely knows what the spread is. What do you do? How many run schemes do you install? Should you install seven quick game concepts and five dropback concepts? Should each wide receiver have their own screen? How many pass protections should you have?

I answer all of those questions and more on today’s Talking Football with Coach McKie Podcast.

You’ll learn from this episode:

  • How many run schemes you should install in the first year.
  • Why you only need two quick game concepts.
  • Why Pin and Pull should replace the rest of your quick game.
  • How having three passing concepts lead our quarterback to throw 15 touchdowns.
  • Why you only need the quick wide receiver screen.
  • How one pass protection is enough.
  • Why you should double down on Tempo.

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Comments on TFP 15 – How to Install the Spread at a School That’s Never Ran the Spread

  1. Coach Rob says:

    Nice PodCast Coach. This will help me with next season. Installing the spread offense that’s never been run at this school. Doing research I’ve come across one common thing, and you nailed it. Pick a few plays and get Wally good at those plays, then maybe add to them as time goes on. My first spread playbook started out just packed full of plays and i mean packed. I’ve thinned it down after watching a lot of videos and reading a lot of books. Coming from a wishbone and wing T background I’m excited to finally sling the ball around and put a lot of points on the board. I’ll be tuning in here that’s for sure.

    1. Coach Rob,

      I’m glad I can help. Great minds think alike because I truly believe a simplified playbook will result in more points scored. Why? Because the kids know and understand the game better. Please keep me posted on how you do slinging the ball around. And please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out.

  2. Thecoachvogt says:

    This sounds almost identical to my first year lol. I was running 7 wingT plays. WZ. Power. 5 pass pros. over 20 pass concepts. We were a fucking mess lol. Week4 I trimmed to WZ. Belly. And GT. 1 pass pro. And 4 pass concepts. We ended up winning 8 in row losing in round2 in playoffs and lead county in rushing and offense. “Know it like ya know your testicles”….. I am pirating that phrase lol

    1. Coach Vogt,

      We may like different offensive schemes, but we have the same thought process on how to run those schemes.

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