TFP 25: Three Air Raid Passing Concepts Every Offense Should Run

Mike Leach talking to Hal Mumme

Mike Leach talking to Hal Mumme
Are you wondering what kind of passing concepts you need to install for Spring Practice? Should you put in four drop back passing concepts along with seven quick game passing concepts? Or should you break down the passing concepts into coverage beaters?

I say don’t worry about that. Why?

Because in today’s episode of Talking Football with Coach McKie I will be talking about the Three Air Raid Concepts Every Offense Should Run.

You’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why you only need the Y-Stick passing concept as your quick game.
  • Why you only need the Shallow Cross passing concept to destroy man-to-man.
  • How the Y-Cross passing concept can be paired with quick game and a slow running back screen.
  • How you can tag receivers in the Shallow Cross passing concept to create a new play.
  • Why you should allow your wide receivers to run hitches or slants on the backside of the Y-Stick passing concept.

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