TFP 38: Going Old School with Unbalanced Veer and Coach Kevin Swift

We don’t always talk to coaches that run the Spread Offense. Sometimes we get down and dirty with the old school coaches. You know the type. The coaches who love to come out under center, unbalanced, ‘run it down your throat’ kind of coaches who love to run the option.

That’s who we have on today’s episode of Talking Football with Coach McKie.

Coach Kevin Swift is a veteran in the coaching profession. He coaches out in the beautiful Oregon coast. He loves to fish, hunt, and run the under center, unbalanced veer option. And he does it well.  Coach Swift also helps out coaches by keeping up with the Coaching Toolbox – a freaking amazing collection of videos, power points, clinic notes, and more.

You’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why you need to mold your team to your attitude.
  • How working on the defensive side of the ball helps you out as an offensive play caller.
  • Why Coach Swift doesn’t believe in tradition.
  • Why Coach Swift went from a Run and Shoot offensive philosophy to a veer option philosophy.
  • Why Coach Swift started the Coaching Toolbox.
  • Listen to Coach Swift’s sales pitch on coming out to the beautiful Oregon coast.

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