TFP 41 - Talking Run and Shoot Offense with Coach Wayne Anderson

I love the Run and Shoot offense. In high school, I would tell my friends I was grounded and couldn’t go to parties because I wanted to stay home and watch June Jones’ Hawaii team sling the ball around. When Google took off - yeah I’m old - I found the old John Jenkins ’84 Gamblers QB manual and read every single page.

Then I found the mother load. The 90’s Mouse Davis DVDs and watched those religiously.

I love the simplicity of the offense. The Run and Shoot poem:

  • He dropping, I stopping
  • He even, I’m leaving
  • He cross me, I cross him

That’s why I’m so excited to talk ball with Coach Wayne Anderson. Coach Anderson learned the Run and Shoot from Mouse Davis. He learned Go, Choice, Hook, the Seam Read, and everything else from the legend himself.

And now you are going to learn it as well.

You’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why you need to run 60-Z Go when in trouble.
  • How to teach the Seam Read
  • Why the Hurry Up Offense + the Run and Shoot = Unlimited Points
  • How to learn the Run and Shoot Offense
  • Why you need to watch Mouse Davis DVDs every day.

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Comments on TFP 41 - Talking Run and Shoot Offense with Coach Wayne Anderson

  1. Jerry Ball says:

    Outstanding podcast. Thanks Coach McKie and Coach Anderson.

    1. Thanks for listening coach. Coach Anderson was a blast to talk to. Got a heck of a lot smarter while talking to him.

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