TFP 44 – Talking Spread Offense with the Coach Mark Colyer aka SpreadOffense

We all love the Spread Offense here. So we join Twitter to connect with other coaches, and who is the first person you follow?

The SpreadOffense handle.

Why wouldn’t you? That user posts amazing cut ups of Spread Offense – Passing Cuts Ups, Play Action Cut Ups, Quarterback Run Cut Ups. You name the cut ups and that handle has posted them.

Well, today we talk to the man behind the handle – Coach Mark Colyer. We dive deep into his love of the spread offense, how he was one of the first coaches to run the spread offense, and why he loves running the quarterback so much in the spread offense.

You’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why running the quarterback is a game changer.
  • How quarterback counter is a deadly play.
  • Why Nebraska was ahead of its time.
  • How the defense hates playing teams that have a running quarterback.
  • Why you should adapt your offense to your kids’ abilities.

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