TFP 54: 3 Tags to MAXIMIZE the Mesh Concept

Air Raid Mesh Concept
Air Raid Mesh Concept

The Mesh concept is THE Air Raid concept. It was what Coach Hal Mumme came back from BYU with and what he has made his play. Same goes for Coach Mike Leach. It is the play that makes the Air Raid the Air Raid.

Sometimes teams catch on to the play. And when they do, you need a tag to make them pay…

…but what if you don’t know any tags for the mesh play? What if you are confused and you are getting frustrated? What if you say ‘F-it’ and give up on the play? (Like I did last year.)

Well, you are in luck. Because on today’s episode of Talking Football with Coach McKie, I talk about THREE TAGS you need to use when you run the Mesh Concept.

You’ll learn from this episode:

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Comments on TFP 54: 3 Tags to MAXIMIZE the Mesh Concept

  1. charlie says:

    i guess that my drawing got smashed. sorry.

    our formation was 3 right and the L to the left.

  2. charlie says:


    love your thoughts on the spread offense. we use many similar thoughts.

    one thing we do that i have not yet seen in your stuff… we throw the pop pass to our Y at the(x) as quick as possible and hope that the safety gets interested. if he does get involved we read his forward movement and throw the post to F behind the safety’s movement at the(x+1).
    x +
    S i
    i i
    i i
    i i
    x i
    i i
    i i
    L T G C G T TE i
    F R


    our line explodes forward with the goal of making enough contact to get D line hands down and then follows up with two more punches to give the QB enough time to re-set his feet and throw to the post.

    results in a long possible play without a long throw or long protection.

    this is all part of 2 other possible quick throws to either L ( slant and up)or R (hitch and up) and then all three quick throws lead to two possible deeper throws on the QBs hitch up (to Y or R if S is inside Y and Y to L if S is outside of the Y).

    the second level throw is still released pretty quickly so protecting the QB is still fairly easy

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