TFP 068: Stoping the Spread with Coach Cody Alexander

Do you get frustrated during games because your opponent’s defense is locking you down? Do you wonder why you can’t run the ball when your opponent is sitting in a two-high shell? Is your quarterback unsure whether the defense is in man t0 man or zone?

Then you need to shout angry things at Coach Cody Alexander.

Why? Because he is the author of the amazing website MatchQuarters and he returns to the Talking Football podcast to talk about defense.

You’ll learn from this episode:

  • How to tweak coverage to confuse quarterbacks.
  • How Iowa State is going to try to stop the Air Raid.
  • Why you need to work your linebackers against crossing routes.
  • How to practice MASTERING Quarters Coverage.
  • How Quarters Coverage is the defenses ‘Run and Shoot‘.

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Comments on TFP 068: Stoping the Spread with Coach Cody Alexander

  1. We see that as well. That’s why we try to put the safeties in a bind with our play action pass and by running Y-Cross out of 2 x 2 sets.

  2. Chris VanCleave says:

    Good stuff. We run Match 1/4s here in at my school on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Do you also get your safeties involved in the run game in 1/4s?

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