TFP 73: How to Rush For 3,300 Yards with Roger Holmes

Do you struggle to run the ball?

Does the defense seem to have an answer for EVERYTHING you do?

Are you giving your players the tools they need to be successful in the running game?

If you answered ‘NO’ to any of these questions then you are in luck…

…because today I’m talking with Coach Roger Holmes.

Last year, Coach Holmes’s team RUSHED for over 3,300 yards and averaged 35 points per game.


By running a modified version of the Wing-T.

And today on Talking Football with Coach McKie Coach Holmes is going to go over WHAT makes his version of the Wing-T special.

You’ll learn from this episode:

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Comments on TFP 73: How to Rush For 3,300 Yards with Roger Holmes

  1. Clarence Smalling Jr. says:

    This is a podcast I will listen to several times. Coach Holmes packed so much info in it that he has me considering very strongly changing some things I install in my run game and pass game. Being able to run the ball effectively and consistently was one of our achilles heels last season. I think now we have a few answers to some of the problems we faced and we can be a lot more confident running the ball throughout the game.
    Thanks Coach Holmes and thanks Coach McKie for an awesome and extremely informative podcast.

    1. Coach Holmes brought the fire this episode. Glad you liked it coach.

  2. Kris says:

    Third time listening and learned so much from hearing him.

    1. Thanks for listening and commenting coach. What was the best thing you picked up from this episode?

  3. Eric Cardinal says:

    Great podcast by coach Holmes. I like his practice organization, and I like his ability – and the teaching that allows his kids to execute – to vary his schemes during the course of games.
    It’s all valuable stuff.
    And — I want to get hands on coach Moore’s hand drawn books!

    1. Yes it was sir. Coach Holmes brought the FUNK to the podcast today.

      You can find all of Coach Moore’s books at the link below:

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