TFP 74: We Need To Talk About Social Media

I’ve noticed a horrible trend happening on Twitter…

…a trend that’s slowly tearing the coaching community apart.

And it’s something we can do to stop it.

What am I talking about?


How do we fix it?

That’s what I talk about on today’s episode of Talking Football with Coach McKie

You’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why coaches have to ‘practice what we preach’.
  • How coaches can love all offenses.
  • What we are really showing our kids.
  • Why we are hypocrites if we do this one thing

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Comments on TFP 74: We Need To Talk About Social Media

  1. Michael westmoreland says:

    I think there may always be passing vs run guys. Bill Parcells vs Bill Vince Lombardi vs. Tom Landry,air raid vs wing-t. I belive coach Mckie (air raid/run n shoot guy) and Coach West( Wing-t Jedi Master) can put a end to the ground vs air war by working together.

    1. I think you have major in one of them to be successful. That’s just me though.

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