TFP 76: 3 Ways to Attack the 4-4 Defense

imagine: Joe Daniel Football

Do you go against teams that run a 4-4 defense? Do they spin down to a one-high safety? Do they decide to go man-to-man and say “Bring it on.”

And are you confused about how to attack them?

Then you need to listen to this episode of Talking Football with Coach McKie.

Because we are talking about 3 Ways to Attack the 4-4 Defense.

You’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why you need to test the defense’s option responsibilities
  • How to use motion
  • When you should go into a 3×1 look
  • What you are looking for when you use motion
  • How to take advantage of the numbers game

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Comments on TFP 76: 3 Ways to Attack the 4-4 Defense

  1. Gavin P says:

    I hadn’t seen this in your arsenal yet. It worked great for us throughout the playoffs. I know you will add to this and make it even better.

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