TFP 81: Formations in the Spread Offense

There’s a lot of talk about what kind of formations you MUST use in the Spread Offense.

Some coaches say you need to use MANY formations, shifts, and motions to confuse the defense and gain an offensive advantage.

There are other coaches who say you need to line up in a few, get perfect at them, and FORCE the defense to stop your high-powered offense.

So where do I fall on this subject?

Your going to have to listen to today’s episode of Talking Football with Coach McKie to find out.

You’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why multiple formations hurts your offense
  • How lining up in a couple of formations WORKS for your offense
  • What you can do to ‘tweak’ a formation
  • How to use stack formations to your benefit
  • Why defenses don’t know how to defend the stack formation

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Comments on TFP 81: Formations in the Spread Offense

  1. James J says:

    We were a formation team last season. It worked because we used personnel groups for families of formations. We used our unique guys (Fullback, fly guy, lineman with an eligible number, 2nd or 3rd running back, 5th WR, TE) in the special sets. Those kids only needed to know their roles which made learning and getting reps easier. 9 guys are doing what they normally do. Only 1 or 2 players have to adjust.

    The one place where we had problems was after 2 starting linemen went down. The CGC combo would mix up who was pulling on the pin and pull. The problem was not just in our special sets but allowed for run through in LB blitzes when no one stepped down on the backer.

    I do not see us running quite as many sets because our special folks aren’t as versatile. Yet, we will still run over a dozen before all is said and done. There are teams in our league who adjust poorly. They are giving us yards.

  2. Jeff O says:

    Just playing devil’s advocate: if defenses are incapable of defending stacked formations, why not run them all/most of the time? Maybe it’s the lack of frequency that is the cause for defensive coaches to not scheme them as much.

    1. You are right coach. That’s why I’m making sure I rep the piss out of the formations this spring. FORCE the defense to spend time in practice defending the formations.

      1. Jarome says:

        I like to show (especially) if I’m up different formations just to make sure the Defense have to work on them during the week. But I normally have used only 3 or 4 during the game.

        1. Do you carry over the same ‘different’ formations each week or do you do something new every week?

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