TFP 91: Doing Simple Better with Coach Joe Salas

Football isn’t a hard game.

Sure there is some strategy to the sport - plays to call, formations to get into, situations to master - but that’s about it.

So why do we, as football coaches, act like it is so difficult?

That we HAVE to have every play known to football inside our playbook?

Why don’t we just keep it simple and do simple better?

That’s the question Coach Joe Salas asked himself…

….and it’s what help his offense become EXPLOSIVE.

In today’s episode of Talking Football with Coach McKie, we talk with Coach Joe Salas about his “Do Simple Better” Method.

You’ll learn from this episode:

  • What his favorite Air Raid Concept is
  • How it was like working for Hal Mumme
  • Why Gap schemes are better than Inside Zone
  • Why you need to tag your vertical concept
  • How we need to win back football
  • How tempo works at small schools

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Comments on TFP 91: Doing Simple Better with Coach Joe Salas

  1. Randy says:

    Hey, I love that you’re gonna start incorporating gap schemes. My suggestion is that you use an h-back and run power-o, wide trap, and buck sweep. You can use the same rules for power and trap. The only difference is the guard kicking out or walling off. When the defensive end starts fighting the kick out block, you can block him down and run buck sweep. If you want to run counter, it’s just trap with the h-back pulling behind the kick-out. These blocking schemes all allow for RPOs. It’s basically 4 blocking schemes for the price of 2. This is coming from a Wing-T guy.

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