TFP 97 – Zach Turner and the Five Wide Run and Shoot Offense

The Run and Shoot offense is a NASTY OFFENSE because the wide receivers will always be open. And the Five-Wide formation is NASTY because you spread the defense sideline to sideline.

So what happens when you combine the two?

And devastating offense that always offenses to SCORE AT WILL!


Good. Because that’s what we talk about today on Talking Football with Coach McKie.

You’ll learn from this episode:

  • How R4 ties into the Run and Shoot
  • Why you need to work DRILLS every day
  • How to use the screen game as your run game
  • The EMPTY QB run game
  • How to teach your WR the right releases

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Comments on TFP 97 – Zach Turner and the Five Wide Run and Shoot Offense

  1. David Morgan says:

    Coach McKie,
    I’m coach David and I coach varsity youth football in Fairfield pa. I want to thank you for all your dumb down knowledge of the spread offense. This will be my 2nd year at the varsity level and prior I coached midget football(smurf). Where I Coach we are more speed than size so I wasn’t sure how we could be successful. I stumbled upon your air raid offense so I had to check it out knowing “speed kills” this seemed like a good way for us to utilize our speed. What I have found is a lot of teams in our league have a hard time adjusting to spread formations in turn allowing us to get the looks we want at a thoughtless pace. Before I became the head coach the guys had not won 3 games in 4 years points only totaling 21 in those 4 seasons. The kids were emotionally beat down and starting to not want to come back to the sport. I took what I learned from you easy to understand guidelines and help reignite the passion these guys once had. We finished 3 rd in the league 2017-18. They got their fist win at 59-28 all due to your easy guidance. So what I’m trying to say thank you for making idiots like me look like an all knowing role model. I will continue with the over all direction we now have a foundation in and look forward to raising the first place trophy at the end of this season!! Keep doing what your doing WE all appreciate you!

    1. Hell yeah coach. That’s freaking amazing. Great job.

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