THANK YOU For Signing Up For The 3 Air Raid Drills EBook. The Ebook Is On Its Way To Your Inbox Now. Please Allow 10 Minutes For Delivery. Do You Know What Goes Great With The 3 Air Raid Drills Ebook?? The Simplifying the Air Raid Quick Game Video. When Defenses load up the box then you need to throw it and make them pay.

Simplifying the Air Raid Quick Game Video.

Your players will master the quick game, play fast, and score with ease when you simplify the Air Raid Quick Game.
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    Quarterback Always Makes the Right Read. Your quarterback will always make the right read because he is always keying the same defender regardless of the play called. Plus, he will drill the route every day to make sure he can successful run the play in his sleep.
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    Run the Plays From Multiple Formations. Worried the defense will know what you are doing since you are simplfying things? Don't be. The Quick Game can be ran from multiple formations so the defense will never know what you are running.
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    Make the Defense Pay with Tags. Are defenses leaving the middle of the field open? Driving on the Stick Route? Taking away the Corner Route? No problem. The Simplifying the Air Raid Quick Game video comes with tags that take advantage of whatever the defense is doing.

Want to Simplify the Air Raid Quick Game?

Patrick Taylor

North Surry HS, OC

"Whether it's RPOs, run game, screens or quick game, Coach McKie always does an awesome job of delivering great detail while keeping things simple. Two plays out of 3 formations and just one read. Makes life easier for coaches and players."

You Will Discover in the Simplifying the Air Raid Quick Game Video:


Wide Receiver Routes

Your receivers will never again run the wrong route. They will have concrete routes that don't change regardless of the formation. This let's your kids to play fast, 


Quarterback Reads

Your Quarterback will never get confused about who he is keying again. This video goes through step by step who the quarterback is keying, what's his thought process, and how to take whatever the defense is giving him.


Tags to Take Advantage of the Defense

Defenses think they have your number? They better think again. You will learn the tags for the Air Raid Quick Game that will have defensive coordinators quitting by half time.


Drilling the Quick Game

 This drill is what makes the Y-Stick and Y-Corner go. Get multiple reps running the Air Raid Quick Game concepts while your quarterbacks rep making the correct read every time so they Master the Spread, Score Points, and Have Fun.

Ron McKie Football

About the Author: Coach Ron McKie

Coach Ron McKie has been coaching football for close to a decade. He has coached on both sides of the ball, so he knows what drives defenses crazy. His offenses have set multiple school records in points scored, touchdowns thrown, yards thrown, yards rushed, and more.

Coach McKie runs a successful podcast - Talking Football with Coach McKie - as well as a popular YouTube Channel. He has been helping coaches across the world Master the Spread, Score Points, and Have Fun! 


What Coaches Are Saying


Coach Tibbs

Frederick Douglass HS

"Coach Mckie's quick game presentation is a must have for any coach running, or a coach who wants to begin running a spread offense. As someone who will be a first time play-caller next season coach Mckie's presentations have made it simpler for me and have really made all the teaching points simple. ”

RPO Master Coach Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe,

Rocori HS, HC

“Coach McKie is the coach you go to when you want to learn how to improve your offensive football. His knowledge of the game is second to none!

Slade Singleton,

Chase HS OC

“Coach Mckie has done it again coaches!! This is a must buy for coaches at all levels.”

     Jon Osowski,

Anderson, IN

“If you are looking for ways to simplify your passing game and get your players playing faster, Coach McKie’s has done the research to help. These simple concepts have helped his players play fast and with confidence. You will be able to do the same this upcoming season. You are getting great content that is applicable at all levels.  ”

Air Raid Quick Game Simplified

A Fully loaded video on Simplifying the Air Raid Quick Game. 

Want to score points?

Then you need this video on Simplifying the Air Raid Quick Game so you can start setting records while destroying defenses. Inside this video you will find:

  • How to run the Y-Stick and Y-Corner concepts so the defense is NEVER RIGHT.
  • How to DRILL the Y-Stick and Y-Corner concept.
  • Tags to the Y-Stick and Y-Corner concepts to take advantage of defensive alignments..
  • How to run the Y-Stick and Y-Corner from MULTIPLE FORMATIONS

Why Wait? Get ready to SHATTER your School's Record Book.

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