Four different plays

I freaking love the Inside Zone and RPOs. I love how it allows me to call the best play no matter what the defense does. I love how it takes away the chalk from the defensive coordinator’s hand and gives it to my quarterback.

That’s why I talk about the best RPOs to tag to the Inside Zone scheme in this episode of Talking Football with Coach McKie.

What kind of RPOs do I talk about?

  • First level RPOs – reading defensive linemen for either a give or throw.
  • Second level RPOs – reading linebackers for either a give or throw.
  • Third level RPOs – reading corners and safeties for either a give or throw.

So if you want to learn which are the best RPOs for the Inside Zone then this is the episode for you.

Show Notes

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I went up to beautiful Madison, North Carolina for the Live YouTube Clinic with Coach Slade Singleton

Here are a couple of things we talk about in the hour and a half Live Clinic:

  • Our go-to plays when teams go cover 1/0.
  • Our favorite H-Back RPOs.
  • What the hell those tempo boards mean.
  • How to utilize practice in order to increase tempo.

Those are some of the topics we discuss. It’s an amazing clinic. Hope you enjoy it and hope you have a fantastic Holiday.

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