Want to run the Bunch formation but don’t  what plays to run? Are you serious about using tempo but have no idea how to play faster?  Do you want to know how to call offensive plays but have no idea how to do it?

Then this is the Talking Football with Coach McKie for you. We talk about the ‘If/Then’ mentality of calling offense. What are the best resources for Bunch formation. And how to get great at increasing your tempo. Continue reading TFP 33: Coaching Mailbag 9 – Bunch Formations, Tempo, Understanding Offense

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Are you torn between running the 3-3 Stack or the 4-2-5 defense? Do you want to know about the ‘umbrella’ principle. Do you want to run an under center offense but don’t know how? Do you wonder how you can get better as a coach?

Then this Talking Football with Coach McKie podcast interview is for you. Today I talk with the man, Coach Joe Daniel. Continue reading TFP 32 – Learning the 425 defense with the Great Joe Daniel

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How many Spread quick game concepts do you have in your playbook? 5? 10? 15? Do your kids know how to run every Spread quick game concept to perfection? Do you call each Spread quick game concept multiple times throughout the game?

I’m willing to bet the answer to those questions are no. So why do you keep the Spread quick game concepts in your playbook? Continue reading TFP 31: Getting Rid Of Your Spread Quick Game Concepts

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Football Coaching Mailbag

Are you looking to run more unbalanced formations from the Spread next year? Are you struggling with building leaders in your program? Do you want to have an ‘If-Then’ play-calling philosophy but don’t know how the Air Raid plays fit together? Continue reading TFP 30: Coaching Mailbag #8 – Unbalanced Formations, Building Leaders, and ‘If-Then’ Air Raid Play Calling

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Spread Power Read Play

Do you want to run the Power Run Scheme? Do you want to know which college team has the most devastating Power Run Scheme? Do you want to know what it was like to play with a future NFL quarterback?

Then you need to listen to my interview with the great Coach Rowdy Harper.

This is a Ph. D in the Power Run Scheme. I took eight pages of notes on how to rep the Power Run Scheme, how to simplify the Power Run Scheme, and who I need to study if I want to get serious about the Power Run Scheme. Continue reading TPF 29: Learning the Power Run Scheme from Coach Rowdy Harper

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