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Leaders of the Air Raid Offense

Did you watch the Rose Bowl Classic Oklahoma versus Georgia last night? Did you see how fast Oklahoma’s Air Raid attack moved the ball up and down the field? Do you wonder what plays Oklahoma’s Air Raid attack ran?

Today’s episode of Talking Football with Coach McKie has you covered. I interview Coach Drew Piscopo about the Air Raid attack. Couple of things I learned from the interview:

  • How to signal plays in with only two hand gestures.
  • How to practice and become great at the Four Vertical route.
  • How Mike Leach’s Air Raid differs from Hal Mumme’s Air Raid.
  • How Oklahoma uses the run more in the Air Raid.

These are only a couple of things we talk about in this podcast. We also talk about tempo and when you should mash the gas and when you should slow down.

Hope you coaches enjoy this one as much as I do.

You can get in touch with Coach Piscopo here.

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Mike Leach talking to Hal Mumme

Proud Parents

Oklahoma plays today in the College Playoffs and every Air Raid coach across America will be cheering them on. Why? Because this is the first time since the early 2000s that the Air Raid Offense has been on the national stage.

Yet, many coaches don’t know how the Air Raid Offense fits together. Coaches don’t see how certain routes are complementary to one another. How you need to run Y-Stick and Y-Corner together. Or how Mesh complements the Shallow Crossing series.

But don’t worry coaches. Because I’ve got ya’ll covered in today’s Talking Football with Coach McKie podcast. In this episode, I talk about six route concepts that complement one another. I also talk about how play callers can call the right play based on what the defense does. This allows the play caller to stop guessing what to call in the Air Raid Offense and start killing defenses.

This type of play calling is similar to the Wing-T and Flexbone offense. Yet, it is better because you are throwing the ball all over the place and scoring a bunch of points.

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Nerd Football Coach

I’ve got a confession to make. I love stealing formations I see on Saturday and making them my own. It makes me feel like I’m a hip, cool football coach, and that I’m on the cutting edge of the game.

I know,  I need professional help.

But what formation have I stolen and used so much that it is slowly becoming a main part of my offense?

The Spread Bunch Formation.

Why do I love the Spread Bunch Form Formation?

  1. It looks cool as hell.
  2. It makes me seem as if I am on the cutting edge of football.
  3. My players feel badass when they line up in the formation.
  4. I can run every play out of the formation and nothing changes for my guys.
  5. It messes up defensive reads so bad that someone is always wide open.

How We Line Up in the Spread Bunch Formation

Shotgun Spread Bunch Formation

I know I’m not the only one here that uses the Spread Bunch Formation. Every team in America uses some form of it. I know of coaches that use it with a Full Back, Tight-End, and Flanker. And that’s cool.

But that’s not the way I use the Spread Bunch Formation. I use it with our 4 wide receiver set. We place the Y on the ball, the F on the inside, and the R/L on the outside.


Because everything we do offensively is built around hot, sexy, steamy SPEED. So all we do is tag Bunch to our Trio and BOOM – we have Trio Bunch. Simple enough.

What Plays We Run From the Spread Bunch Formation.

We can run any of our plays out of the Spread Bunch Formation, but I’ve found these three plays are our bread and butter out of the Spread Bunch Formation:

  • Fast Screen
  • Y-Corner
  • 4 Verts

Fast Screen From Spread Bunch Formation

Quick Wide Receiver Screen out of the Spread Bunch Formation

The first play we install in the Spread Bunch Formation is our quick screen to the number one receiver. We install this play first because we’ve found that teams like to play their corner eight yards off and to the outside of the Bunch.

This is freaking stupid because it is giving us a two on one advantage over the defense. But I’m not going to let the defensive coordinators know I think that.

Offensive Line Rules

The offensive line is zone blocking away from the screen. If we are throwing the screen to the right, then the offensive line is zone blocking to the left. And vice versa to the left.

We do this because I’ve found defenses key guards to tailback, and if the guards and tailback are running to the left then the defense will run to the left and nobody will be around to make a play.

I’m brilliant, aren’t I?

Wide Reciever Rules

L: You are running a hitch or slant based on the corner’s leverage.

F: You are going behind the Y and blocking the corner. Attack his outside number. We want to pin the corner inside if we can.

Y: You are blocking the man head up you. He cannot make the tackle. Ever. If he is better than you then your job is to get run over slowly.

R: Open up and show your numbers to the quarterback. Attack the outside number of the F’s after you catch the ball. You are thinking Hash, Number, Sideline. You must get five yards.

Quarterback’s Rules

Catch, turn, and throw a catchable ball to the R. We don’t care what it looks like. We only care about how fast it can get there.

Y-Corner From Spread Bunch Formation

Y-Corner Shotgun Bunch Formation

Everyone knows I love the Y-Corner route. Especially inside the plus twenty-five-yard line. So I’d be stupid not to utilize this play in the Spread Bunch Formation.

(This play is the central thesis of Andrew Coverdale’s treaty the Bunch Attack)

This quick game passing attack can hurt the defense deep and short. Making it the ideal quick game passing play for the Spread Bunch Formation

Offensive Line Rules

You can do a couple of things with the offensive line regarding this play. You could vertical set them, cut block with them, sprint out protection with them, or use play-action with them.

We use the play-action protection with them because I’ve found high school kids will bite on every play-action. Regardless of how shitty the play-action looks. Go figure.

Wide Reciever Rules

L: You are running a hitch or slant based on the corner’s leverage.

Y: You must release outside the man head up you – making sure he opens his hips are runs with you – and running a 10-yard corner route. If you are outside the opponent’s twenty-five-yard line then you will aim for the front pylon. If you are inside the opponent’s twenty-five-yard line then you are aiming for the back pylon.

F: You are releasing straight to the flats. You are expecting the ball by your fifth step. Do not drift up the field. You want WIDTH, not DEPTH.

R: You are hesitating for half a second before running a snag route. Your aiming point is 8-yards deep in the B gap. However, you will sit down in the grass the moment you cross someone’s face or they cross yours.

Quarterback’s Progression

You will first check the backside receiver for the hitch or slant. If there isn’t any color in the grass area then you will catch and throw the hitch or slant. If you can’t throw the hitch or slant – determined pre-snap – then you will go to the Y-Corner side.

You will give a hard play-action fake with the running back, take a quick three-step drop, and go:

  1. Corner Route
  2. Snag Route
  3. Flat Route

Four Verticals From Spread Bunch Formation

Four Verticals Shotgun Bunch Formation

Okay, you’ve hit them with the fast screen. You’ve hit them with the quick game. Now it’s time to flip the defensive coordinator the bird and hit ’em deep.

That’s right. It’s time to go deep a la Mike Leach.

But we run our four vertical play out of the Spread Bunch Formation a little different than most. We run it this way because we found the releases of the wide receivers mess up the defensive reads resulting in someone always popping wide open.

Offensive Line Rules

You can do multiple things with the offensive line just like the Y-Corner play. We like to use play-action. In fact, most of our passing game is based on play-action. It holds the linebackers longer which leads free releases for our wide receivers and easier throwing lanes for our quarterbacks.

Wide Receiver Rules

L: You will run a fifteen-yard comeback since you are the single receiver. Make sure you open up towards the quarterback when you come back down your stem.

Y: You are releasing at the inside shoulder of the man head up you. Your aiming point is eighteen-yards deep on the opposite hash. Expect the ball thrown on a ‘piss rope’ once you clear the dropping linebackers.

F: You are releasing outside to the numbers. You will scrape the skin off the R’s butt. You are the first read, so expect the ball the moment you get to the bottom of the numbers.

R: You are releasing up the near hash. You must stay on this hash and not waver. Give the quarterback room to throw you open.

Quarterback’s Progression

You will give a good hard play-action fake to the running back, take a quick three-step drop then:

  1. Numbers – F Receiver
  2. Near Hash – R Receiver
  3. Far Hash – Y Receiver
  4. Comeback – L Receiver


There you have it. Our Top Three plays out of the Spread Bunch Formation. Please leave a comment if you do something different from the Spread Bunch Formation. You know I love to hear and learn from you guys.

Please sign up down below for a free eBook on the One-Back Power RPO and Three Must-Have Drills for the Air Raid.

Until next time coaches, let’s continue to Master the Spread, Score Points, and Have Fun!


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Middle School teams want to install the Air Raid offense, yet don’t know where to start. Well, in today’s video I go over what two-drop back passing concepts I would install if I was installing the Air Raid Offense at a Middle School

I would install the Shallow Cross concept as my drop back passing game in the Middle School Air Raid. I feel like this is a simple passing concept that any middle school quarterback can execute and be successful at.

The Shallow Cross concept is also difficult for the defense to defend because middle schoolers aren’t used to having wide receivers cross their face and not react to it. The crossing action of the Shallow Cross concept should open up the dig route.

This concept will make the Middle School Air Raid deadly, and lay the foundation for the offense to be successful once the players reach high school.

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Top 5 High School Football DVD

Coach Is Pissed Because He Bought Another Crappy DVD.

We football coaches love to learn. We buy all of the best football coaching books, the best Football Coaching DVDs, and attend the best football clinics. But sometimes we get confused. We see a great book, a fancy Football Coaching DVD cover, or a popular clinic and we want to get it. But the thing that holds us back is the fact that we don’t have that much money.

What happens if we spend 60 dollars and that highly rated Football Coaching DVD sucks? What if that presenter has a soft voice and covers the basics of a popular concept you wanted to get more knowledge in?

You’ll be out of 60 dollars and pissed the hell off.

But have no fear coaches. I’ve plucked down my wife’s hard earn dollars and I’m going to give you my Best Football Coaching DVDs.

Football Coaching DVDs Learn The Air Raid Offense

Learn From The Masters of the Air Raid Offense

If you want to learn the Ins and Outs of the Air Raid system, and don’t have 1,000 dollars to buy it directly from Hal Mumme, then this is the Football Coaching DVD for you. The coaches in this series are the ones who created the Air Raid: Hal Mumme, Mike Leach, Chris Hatch, and Neal Brown.
You will learn the Ins and Outs of the Air Raid from the Godfather himself – Hal Mumme. Coach Mumme will walk you through the drills that make the Air Raid successful: Noose & Settle, Pat & Go, Quick Game Drills, and One-on-One drills. He then will walk you through his run game and then talk to you about receiver play within the Air Raid System.
Next, you will learn from the Pirate Himself – Mike Leach. Coach Leach walks you through the Mesh route – one of the greatest routes of all time – and how to practice the Routes on Air drill. This one drill will help you increase your passing yards and completion rate by 50 percent.
Finally, you will learn everything from Chris Hatcher – head coach at Samford University – who played for Hal Mumme and Mike Leach at Valdosta State. He will walk you through the major Air Raid Routes – Shallow Cross, Mesh, Y-Stick, Y-Corner, Y-Cross, and Y-Sail. He will then walk you through the drills that make the Air Raid successful.
There are more DVDs in the collection. This is a must have if you want to learn everything you need to know about the Air Raid offense. This DVD collection can be your entire passing game.
Football Coaching DVDs Score Points Using the Inside Zone Concept

Learn How To Kill Opponents Only Running Inside Zone

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, we’ve got too many running concepts in this offense? I wish we could simplify it and only run Inside Zone.”
You have?
Great news. Now you can simplify your run game to the Inside Zone by watching this Football Coaching DVD by Coach Craig Buzea. Coach Craig Buzea – who in 7 seasons as HC has produced a 65-18 record – tells you everything you need to know about the Inside Zone,  and how to run it with YOUR guys. That means this will work for you even if you don’t have the 6’4 350-pound offensive linemen.
The best thing about Coach Buzea’s Football Coaching DVD is the Inside Zone Tags – 14 of them – and how he pairs his play-action and vertical passing game with his Inside Zone.
Football Coaching DVDs Air Raid Offense DVD

One of the best Air Raid Offensive DVDs

Okay, so you don’t want the Football Coaching DVD of Complete Air Raid Offense. I understand. Then I would strongly advise you to get the Chris Hatcher portion. THIS is the Football Coaching DVD that you can’t live without if you want to learn the Air Raid Offense.
This is the purest Air Raid Football DVD you can find on the market. Everyone else is running their version of what they think the Air Raid Offense is. Not Christ Hatcher. He is running the offense that Hal Mumme and Mike Leach developed in a small college town in Iowa.
Football Coaching DVDs Fly Football DVD

Beat Your Opponents To The Outside With This Football DVD

Look, I understand if you want to run the Spread Offense but are afraid to throw the ball. Sometimes you won’t have a quarterback who can throw the ball. That’s fine. That doesn’t mean you can’t run the Spread Offense.
This Football Coaching DVD by Coach Kevin Swartwood walks you through the Fly – aka Jet Sweep – offense. It is amazing.
Story time: My starting quarterback got hurt. So I had to play my backup quarterback for next week’s game. Did I mention that the back-up was a Wide Reciever? No? Well, he was.
There was no way I was going to throw the ball 40 times a game with a Wide Receiver at quarterback. So I bought this DVD pack and installed the Jet Sweep like Coach Kevin Swartwood teaches it.
The Results? 230 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns. Not bad for 4 days worth of practice.
Football Coaching DVDsBaylor Offense Football DVD

Score Points Like Baylor With This Football DVD

Phillip Montogomery is destroying defenses as the Head Coach at Tulsa. This Football Coaching DVD shows you how he practices the plays that are tearing up the college football record books. I use these drills every day to get better at my running game – yes, I do like to run the ball from time to time – and the kids love them.
Football Coaching DVDs Air Raid DNA Football DVD

Learn How To Score Points Using The Air Raid at the High School Level with this Football DVD

This is a Football Coaching DVD that is found on Coach Tube and it is done by Slade Singleton. Most of you will know Coach Singleton as the man who was on my Air Raid Live Clinic. This Video Course is freaking amazing. Coach Singleton goes over how he runs his record-breaking offense and how he installs and teaches the offense. My favorite part about the Video Course is his breakdown of the Quarterback Sweep RPO. I’m totally stealing it for next year.
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