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12 Why the Inside Zone Scheme is All You Need

  How many times has this happened to you? You call a run play in the game and you know it’s going to work because you’ve watched a year’s worth of film on your opponent. You come out in a certain formation expecting the defense to give you that look you’ve been craving because you […]

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Change Up the Inside Zone RPO

  The Inside Zone RPO is your favorite play.  This week’s Defensive coordinator knows this. So he will spend all week devising ways to take away the Inside Zone RPO. He will drill his players on how to stop the Inside Zone RPO. And his defense will stop it for a drive. It will happen. Trust me. It’s football. […]

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2 America’s Inside Zone RPO

Why is it that the defenses have an America blitz, but the offense doesn’t have an America Inside Zone RPO? I don’t think that’s fair. Offensive guys aren’t less American than their defensive counter parts. So today I’m going to introduce to you all the American Inside Zone RPO. What’s the America Inside Zone RPO? It’s the […]

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