Attack this Coverage - Arkansas vs Texas Tech


Arkansas 21 - Texas Tech 21
14:05 left in the 3rd quarter
1st & 10, Ball on the Right Hash, +42 Yard

You have Patrick Mahomes at quarterback.

How would you attack this coverage in this formation? Why did you choose that type of run/pass. Are you setting up another play? Or are you going for it all?

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  1. Jacob M says:

    Y-Cross to the short side with a Corner by BS #2 and a push-dig by BS #1.

    Ideally, the corner holds the back side safety and forces the LB to push vertically allowing the dig to come underneath, the cross gets vertical to stay away from play side safety, if the Mike chases cross then the dig should be open if he doesn’t ball has to be out to the cross upon passing Mike.

  2. Adam Hovorka says:

    There is two threes and No backers in the box. We would just block out and have center go up field. I would have each inside guy run a bubble to hold those backers but there would be no read and he better get you 20 i f not more

  3. John Maurek says:

    QB 1 back power with Smoke screen to boundary. Read the LB on the boundary 40 area.

  4. Alonzo Coley says:

    one-back power rpo tagged with quick screens to both sides

  5. Bryan Howell says:

    1. Jet Sweep to The Field w/ the (R) running a post or a go route QB reads Boundary Safety.

    2. All Verts, QB Draw.

  6. Scott Rigsby says:

    QB draw right up the middle, follow your Center to the goal line. If your QB can’t run that, find a new QB.

  7. Anonymous says:

    QB Draw.
    Defense has 3 to2 advantage to the boundary and 4 to 3 advantage to the field. But offense has a 6-4 advantage in the box. Not to mentioin Patrick Homes in my QB. I dare you.

  8. Eric Kilpatrick says:

    QB Draw Trap…PERIOD! NOBODY IN THE MIDDLE! Pass patterns to keep them outside, on trips doing Sail with #3 and on the twins side quick screen with a lead block by the lead receiver.

  9. Cody Reid says:

    QB Draw with Bubble RPO to the Trips side. Read the LB. Commits to QB, throw to bubble, one on one with the safety. Commits to bubble, get at least four yards by QB

  10. Josh says:

    2 Passes go through my head, both 95. Either 95 F-Shallow, or 95 F-move-arrow.

    Given we’ve got a good box and 2 3s, I’d package it with some QB Draw.

  11. Jason Bulling says:

    Motion off the boundary and run Power Rd to the field with a Bubble fade look to the Trips side to pull the alley defender into space. Once I get the motion tendency down I would use this against them. to RPO and/or screen them. I also like Snag (2 man or 3 man) vs this MOFO look. Arkansas obviously doesn’t have much respect for Mahomes’ feet with this look. But if I can get him 4-6 yards on a power read then they may have to shift alignment.

  12. Scott A Spaulding says:

    QB draw

  13. Coach Barton says:

    I’m going to run a QB draw, big on big, guards wash DTs into B gaps and then ride them out past the QB, tackles wash DEs outside and up filed, Center checks A gaps then leads up field on the QBs go. X, Y, and Z have hitches, F and H quick screens . This should keep the secondary and LBs wide and force hopefully force the safeties up to help. Y would be reading the LB inside of him if he blitzed then Y would run a vertical right between the safeties, if the LB on the boundary came H would read that and run a quick slant right behind him.

    F Y H

  14. Anonymous says:

    I would jet motion to the field and run a drive concept, with a backside gift RT. Depending on what that OLB does to motion. He runs with the jet you hit the backside slant for 6. He stays your the X wr runs a speed out 9-12 yards

  15. Coach Gossett says:

    I have to go with Coach Hatchett’s response above, I don’t care how good the QB is, we are outnumbered outside the box . We have them outnumbered inside with two 3 techs who look like they want to get upfield, time to run the QB draw. Big on Big pass sets, C helps the rusher that goes A gap.

  16. Gary Tuell says:

    Well if I got Mahomes I’m not a big fan of QB run. So I would run 4 vert concept to trips side and slow tunnel screen to boundary. Read the trips on my initial drop and if there drive it in if not then get secondary drop flip and find the tunnel with OL blocking. Age first down call with an immediate vertical threat and a way to attack intermediate middle with great athlete that is uncapped space.

  17. Dale Carlson says:

    Y-sail to field
    Z-Screen to boundary
    Read WLB for screen or QB Draw

  18. Anonymous says:

    I would run a QB trap RPO

    1. What kind of RPO would you tag to it?

  19. Coach B says:

    MFO - taking a shot deep.
    Right side: #1 pushing 7 step Curl, #2 shallow crossing
    Left side: #1 post, #2 key screen, #3 corner (1/3 rubbing out of the break)

    Left #1, #3, Right #2, Left #3 is OS

    Prepare to Get Some.

  20. Blazo Bojic says:

    • Snag to the field
    • Post-dig to the boundary

    1. How would you read that?

      1. Blazo Bojic says:

        field #2 (Corner route) - Rhythm

        #1 snag, #3 bubble - Read

        boundary #1, #2 - high-low - Rush

        1. How long have you been a R4 guy?

          1. Anonymous says:

            This is the third season. I found it excellent for my passing game, here in Serbia, Europe.

  21. Anthony Bogan says:

    I would run QB Power with Bubble tags on Both sides or Outs on both sides. QB finds the best grass which would be in the boundary. If the hole player plays the out or Bubble Q power to the 3 tech. If he plays in the box throw the bubble or Uut…

    1. How would you block QB Power out of empty?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Fake bubble, QB draw.

    1. So you would fake the bubble and then QB draw? Why not tag it with an RPO and give the QB the option?

  23. Coach Rivera says:

    QB Draw. Qb reads the boundary 3 tech if he goes towards sideline attack A gap, If he moves inside attack inside leg of RT. Boundary receivers are in M.O.R. on CB and K.O. block hole player. Field receivers are Post, Wheel, Stick from left to right.

    1. You are reading a d-linemen for whether or not to run a draw and not a LB?

      1. Coach Rivera says:

        The thought is that inside trips receiver (Y) would stem LB with a stick route. If the boundary 3 tech twist inside or crashes he causes the qb to studder/hesitate which allows for the boundary hole time to recover and fill. But hey you can always call 4 verts and tag a dig.

  24. Frank B says:

    1. RPO Q-Draw with stick/ now screen on outside strong and to stacked wr weak. Watch for blitz of edge weak….throw to stack wr.
    2. Q Dart strong….snag concept strong; now weak.
    3. 4 verts switch #2&3 strong. Tag #1 strong on shallow cross. The inside vert will bend into MOFO. Can even run levels weak. With protection you will have a few options.

    1. I love your dart scheme. I want to run dart this spring.

  25. Burt says:

    QB Draw . I wouldn’t even delay for the draw. Just have all 5 OL attack big on big and QB right up the middle

    1. So Catch and turn. No fake?

  26. Coach Hatchett says:

    Being that both sides are out numbered and they only have 4 in the box I have to run QB draw. It looks like they are in two 3 tech so my line will pass set encouraging outside rush and since the center is free he will release as lead blocker and pick up the first 2nd level thing to show. If by chance that’s a 1 tech, center will block down and guard will fold looking for first thing to show.

  27. @weekschad says:

    1. QB Draw. 5 on 4 in the box.
    2. Boundary alley screen to the off receiver to the right a la Atlanta Falcons. (Coverdale did a great eClinic on this last week, its in the Glazier Vault)
    3. Shield slant to the boundary. Up man runs to the far shoulder of the flat defender and “shields” (see also: picks, rubs, interferes, blocks but doesn’t block, etc) the back man from the flat defender, back man takes 1 step vertical and trails underneath the up man.

    I don’t like much to field because its 4 over 3.

    1. How would you block the QB draw? And how did Coverdale block his all screen? I don’t have the vault to see it.

    2. Anonymous says:

      For the draw, normal big on big protection but have the center work to the tightest DT since there is no LB. Pass set then club the d-lineman upfield.

      The screen is tough to describe without being able to post diagrams. Its a quick alley screen with the inside 3 lineman working to the alley. #1 runs the alley for the safety. #2 blocks ps lb. #3 cleans up bs lb. Tackles pass set and club the man upfield. The up wr to the boundary blocks the flat defender. Hopefully that makes sense. I can email you the diagrams if you’ll give me your email.

  28. Morris Washington says:

    QB draw until they bring somebody in the middle then back to my stick route and release

    1. How would you block the QB draw?

  29. Coach Terry says:

    I would run a Qb Draw right up the middle of the defense. Bubble screens on both sides and run the Qb for an easy gain of 8-10 yards.

    1. How would you block your QB draw?

  30. Coach Maurice Wyatt says:

    I’ll give you two (2) plays that I could run here:

    1. QB Inside zone


    2. I would run Bubble LT (Fake) but tag Y Cross

    1. On your inside zone would you base the backside end or let him go free?

      1. Maurice Wyatt says:

        I would base block BSE on the QB run because he would have to wait on play to develop because he won’t have the Back to run fake with the read BSE

  31. Desmond says:

    Quick game concept to the short side. #1 run a slant and #2 just run a 2-step hitch. Put that overhang LB/S in a bind. Pick your poison. Could also just run a “Base” concept. There’s no defender in the A gap. Q just take one step drop and run a Q draw.

  32. @coachjwilson says:

    1. Bubble Screen to the field.
    2. Quick, step back screen by boundary slot.
    3. QB fakes a screen, then runs draw

  33. Anonymous says:

    Anything other than Q Draw or Q Trap seems silly to me with no LBs in the box

    1. Would you attach a RPO to the draw or trap?

      1. Billy K says:

        Nope. No LBs in the box. Left side blocks out on the 3 and 5. Center blocks on on the DT to his right, RG folds inside and blocks first bad guy he sees. RT blocks out. They have 4 over 3 on one side, and 3 over 2 to the other. Even with a cannon arm like Mahome I’m running it all day vs that.

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