Attack This Front Thursday - Auburn vs K-State


Here’s the Situation:

K-State: 0 Auburn: 3 (Game is at K-State)

2nd Quarter

3rd & 6 - Auburn threw an incomplete pass the play before

Ball is on the -34 in the middle of the field

Attack this Front:

What run play would you run against this front? I’m purposely not giving you the formation because I want to see what your thinking is against this box.

What I would do is run the Dart play a la Baylor since there is a 4i in the B gap. What would you do?



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  1. Coach Bacon says:

    I would bring orbit motion with the H and run IZ with bubble screen option with the H back (Triple Option). #1 /#2 block man on. The safety plays pass first. My QB/RB can get 6 yards.

  2. Robert Pitzonka says:

    I would run our 1 back power RPO to the left side. Left guard pulls and gets play side LB, QB reads #21 for pull to throw snag or give.

  3. Coach Steve says:

    I would trap that 4i in the B gap, center and down block and everyone else is getting to the linebackers to get the 1st down or maybe a 4th and short to go for it.

  4. Run GT at the 4i.

    LT & LG double the 4i down to backer.

    C blocks back on 1 tech

    RG kicks out PSDE

    RT wraps to PSILB

    QB reads BSDE

  5. Scott says:

    I am running power read to our left. We will double team the playside 4i, combo-ing to #21. We will back block the nose with our center…BSG will skip pull for #32. BST will hinge the backside. We will run an OZ path with our TB to the Left and read that wide end. If we get a pull read, QB will follow the pulling Guard.
    I would run this is I had a play maker/run threat QB. I I wasn’t confident with my QB as a runner I would probably throw a sprint out concept with this D&D.
    What do you think?…

    1. How fast is your quarterback supposed to make the read? One hop? Two?

  6. Lucas Morris says:

    Wrap draw, if I am trying to run out of 10 personnel vs a 6 man box. Otherwise I am passing in this situation.

    1. What’s the Wrap draw?

  7. Morris Washington says:

    I’m running inside power C takes a guard pulls to LB and we are trying to get the back in the frontside a to get those 6 but pushing for the house last year this was very successful for us but back was HR threat anywhere on the field.

    1. You ran the One-Back Power? Where you RPOing it or reading the end?

  8. Blake C. says:

    LG @ LT double the 4i to psILB

    RG @ C double the shade to bsILB

    RT pulls and kicks 5 Tech like long trap

    QB reads backside 5 & has bubble RPO read on apexed OLB

    RB aiming point is inside leg of LT

    1. I like it. Long traps are making a comeback I think.

  9. Coach Maurice Wyatt says:

    Here I would run Pin and Pull Left hoping that my OL have a “Kick” call and tag Y Stick to it

    1. Love the Pin and Pull. Great play call coach.

  10. Desmond says:

    Run Q-Power to the 1-tech. Tough block for the C to go backside to the 3-tech. RT go to backside backer - wrap with backside G. Kickout block with the RB on the E. That’s a pretty good running QB there.

    1. Nice call coach. Why would you rather run the QB and not the RB?

  11. Eric Kilpatrick says:

    Speed Option, Shovel, Choice Special, Zone Read Choice Special, QB Lead Trap, Slide, middle screen, inverted veer…just to name a few.

    1. I like the speed option. Thinking about putting it in in the Spring.

  12. Brock Simmons says:

    Coach McKie,

    I would show quick screen outside to the right, but we are running Q Lead inside. In the box, RG/C would fold to the 2 tech-C has him with RG leading to first LB to show, HB takes jab step then follows the RG to the next LB to show. Q opens right, tucks ball and presses A gap to green grass.

    1. That’s a great call. Why would you run it with the quarterback though? I’m always scared of getting our guy hurt.

      1. Brock Simmons says:

        I like running QB because of the numbers in the box. We throw screens when we get off the bus. Usually showing screen will give us false steps by the time S corrects his eyes, he is chasing the Q.

  13. Jerry McCoy says:

    I would run quick trap to the 3 tech or QB counter back to the 1 tech. We don’t influence block because we don pull our guards away from the center too much. What I would do in this situation is pass set/ kick slide/ shoulder raise/ my RG for a one count before releasing him to the PS linebacker. That should get the 3 tech to rush hard upfield, given the down/ distance and previous play.

    1. Nice call on the trap. There isn’t anything better than a nicely executed trap play.

  14. Anthony Bogan says:

    I’d run Trap or Pin to the 3 tech. Pin with BS slant RPO. Or Power read to the 3 Tech. On alignment power read, or even Power looks good vs this front. Power would hit in the C gap bimut would be an effective play vs. This front.

    1. I like the Pin with BS RPO. What RPO would you tag to the Pin and Pull?

      1. Anthony Bogan says:

        I’d tag Slats or Fin routes on the BS of Pin.

        1. Gun to your head - which one would you choose?

  15. Clay says:

    I would run QB Counter - fake RB and pull LG & LT. Tough block for the center, but the RB is there to help. The DE’s should be flying upfield and easy to trap and playside LB shouldn’t be too aggressive downhill because he’s probably wary of play action.

    Can tie an RPO to it - either the playside LB or the safety in the picture. Pop/slant #2/3 and he reads the safety for grass in front of him replacing the LB (he backpedals) or behind him (if safety steps up). QB can keep on a muddy read.

    1. So it turns into a QB run RPO?

  16. Gary Tuell says:

    Well since it’s Auburn I am assuming you have a relativity mobile QB. So with this front and the back in a + alignment I would run a cross face fake to the RB and QB dart to the shade (right) This allows your center to work the double with your RG to #32 and tackle to wrap on other ILB. The OZ action and the action of the center and 2 guards looks like a zone play. The safety should at least hold if not flow to the right a bit creating even more space to pick up the 6 yards. The fake will give the LT time to wrap as well.

    1. You stole my thunder. Exactly what I would call.

    2. So it would be an automatic run for the quarterback?

  17. Coach Grob says:

    Bunch to the field, push motion tail-back to the field. #1Snag, #2Search, #3Wheel, TB-Swing. BS1-Speed Dig at 12.

  18. Mykeal Terry says:

    I would run Power read to the left. The LT and LG would double team to backside backer. the C would block down on the 1 tech. The RG would pull and wrap around for the front side backer and the RT would hinge the DE. The Rb would run stretch LT and the Qb would read the front side DE. If he runs with the Rb the Qb pulls and runs the power. If the DE follows the double team hand the ball off to the RB.

  19. CoachCastle says:

    I would run Q counter to the 1 tech against this front, pulling C & LT.This would allow the LG to block back on the 4i. Fake to the RB crossing the QB’s face & have him block the DE to the offensive left.

    Are you running Dart to the 4i or or the 1-tech? I like it to the 4i. I would block out-out with LG & LT on 4i & 9-tech, double nose to BSLB (#21) with C & RG, pull RT through a-gap for PSLB. Have QB read 9-tech to the right.

  20. Eric Stewart says:

    Option to the side of the back. OL zones away and we have a great angle on their will backer with the RT to pin him inside.

    Zone reading the DE accomplishes the same thing just switches which guy is attacking the B/C Gaps while giving the OL the same angles.

    Suffice it to say I don’t want anything to do with the strong side of their front here. 4i / tight A Gap LB / Wide DE makes it tough to attack.

  21. Coach Vangen says:

    These are tough because a lot of these decisions, especially on 3rd down, are based on matchups. We have a QB who broke the single season rushing record for our school and is really good at deciding when to keep and when to give. I think I would run inside zone, reading the defender in the A Gap because we have leverage on every other guy in the box, with the center and the LG taking the linebackers. Also, since it’s early in the game, I like to vary who we are reading to try and make each player in the box a step slower because it makes them hesitate throughout the game. Finally, after the end of the drive when we scored six points, I would yell at my OL for having their splits too close.

    1. Coach Vangen,

      So you run the mid-line out of inside zone? How do you call that? Is it a tag or a new play?

      1. Coach Vangen says:

        Yes, it’s literally called midline on the card. You could make the argument that we have three running plays (inside zone, “power,” and a pin and pull toss play). Or you could make the argument that we have 20 or more different plays. We do give them each a different name on the card, but we teach them as “families” and focus on teaching the concept and what each family is trying to accomplish. This approach allows us to vary things more while remaining simple. From there we just rep, rep, rep.

      2. Coach Hatchett says:

        I use the inside zone midline too…I just call it as a tag. Tell the QB that he is reading the closes defender to the center backside (obviously if its an odd front it would be the nose.) Leave that player unblocked and work up the 2nd level. If you use smart splits you can really spread the line out and make the read clear as day

  22. Armando Gundin says:

    I would run inside trap, kicking out the 3 tech. 3&6 they are probably expecting pass.

    1. Coach,

      Do you influence block trap?

      1. Coach Hatchett says:

        My first reaction was to run Jet Power Read to the Offense’s right but since I cant see the whole formation Im just going to use what I can see so I would run QB Power to the same direction. I like how the 1 tech is way do in there and I think that’s a good look for the block down to the BSLB. BST pulling around for PSLB and using the RB to kick out that wide end. Hopefully leaving us 1on1 with safety for a good 6 yards at the least

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