Attack This Front - UCLA vs Arizona



UCLA 3 Arizona 7

8:43 left in the 3rd

3rd and 3. Ball on the Right Hash. +40

UCLA is driving. They have hit a couple of passes throughout the drive. They just ran a key screen to get four yards on second down.

What would you call to attack this front? Why would you call that? What’s your thinking on this drive? Tell us in the comments below.

Comments on Attack This Front - UCLA vs Arizona

  1. Eric Kilpatrick says:

    Inverted Veer with X Read and a backside Z switch. Read the right d end (on the defensive right) and bock down with your Lt Guard and Lt Tackle. simple and easy

  2. Silas Digeser says:

    Hi Coach,
    I don’t know if you remember me but I left a comment on one of your latest YouTube videos. I wrote that I live in Germany but I want to come to the US and become a football coach. After you replied to me I thought about it once again and I came to the conclusion that that’s what I want to do. So here I am once again annoying you with my questions 🙂 Now that I know THAT I want to do it, it has become a question of HOW I should do it. Do you have any advice for me? And by the way your videos and E-mails help me to increase my football knowledge which gets me more and more in reach of my ultimate goal! Thanks a lot and I’d love to stay in contact with you because I have so many more questions to ask 🙂

  3. Coach Barton says:

    IZ Read Left with a little wrinkle on the play side blocking. If we have a 4i to the play side the PSG and PST exchange responsibilities, so the PSG would kick out the 4i and the PST would skip pull through the B and take MDM, most likely #33. Since we’re reading the backside DE the BST inside releases and flies up to get the Safety. We would also tag a bubble RPO to the backside.

  4. Scott A Spaulding says:


  5. Jay oneal says:

    I would run power

  6. Coach Gossett says:

    Zone left, done!

  7. Coach Maurice Wyatt says:

    My play call will be 2 x 2 (All VERTS) Pin and Pull Left. My thoughts are that we’ve been successful with passing and I’m hoping that we can get the defensive coverage to run with the WRs and with our run game should be able to gas this TNT front

    1. So you’re using your wide receivers as decoys and straight up handing the ball off?

      1. Maurice Wyatt says:

        I’ll be faking the pass after I hand the ball off

  8. Jeff says:

    This looks like the defense is baiting the offense to run left. There is going to be an alley player and this safety is potentially playing robber and reading run. Move the TB and run Flood Left. Pin the 4i to the field. My guess is there is going to be a field defender coming up to contain. The Mike is either going to blitz the weak A gap to create two through a gap or will pop over the nose to the other side. The Will looks like a B gap defender and potential blitz. I’d expect a 3-3 defense to heat up 3rd and medium. Moving the pocket should buy enough time to beat man coverage. Plenty of choices with a lot of field. A running QB brings another dimension. The lead back gets to cut block as well. QB can throw it away to avoid a loss. 4th and 3 isn’t too bad on this side of the field.

    1. Do you like Sprint Out passing? The more I run it the more I dislike it.

      1. Coach Rivera says:

        What route concepts are you running it with?

  9. Billy B says:

    Jet mo to the back, TB Counter GT the left. This has the potential to be a big play. I’m going for it on 4th down, if I don’t hit a big play.

    1. How often do you go for it on fourth down?

  10. Coach Hatchett says:

    My mind knows that I should run zone left because with the backers both on the other side I know id get the 3 yards.

    BUT.. I the evil person on my shoulder want to run power read to the left. They have already placed that end on an island so with the front side G and T blocking back to second level I can get them walled offed bc of their alignment. That backside tackle pulling around for that safety we could have a big gain

    1. Nooooo. Run the zone. Don’t listen to that guy on your shoulder.

  11. Armando Gundin says:

    I would run a Dart Run play reading the back side DE combinded with a RPO to the boundry.
    This would get a double team on the Nose, the playside guard would pass set, back side guard would climb to the LB and the back side tackle would wrap lead pull tbrough the A or B gap.
    Another call would be a Qb backside lead Iso with the RB lead blocking. Iso rules double team the Nose and the rest Man Block.

  12. Adam Hass says:

    How about influence trap the 4i?

  13. CoachR says:

    Inside zone left with a jet motion (oline covered/uncovered principle). Bang out the 3 yards and you are 1st down at the 40 yard line. Then would most likely would use a no huddle freeze and check cadence. Read the alignment, take a first down shot. 2×2 set 4 verts with H and Y (inside receivers). H has a triple read(streak,post, stop) and Y has the double read(streak,stop) X and Z can run MORs.

  14. Anthony Bogan says:

    3rd and 3 vs an odd front with both backers on the backs side I would call IZ to the defenses right. Big on big with the Tackles. BSG Climb to 45, C and PSG Combo the Nose to #33. Base on the defensive alignment there is grass in the B gap away from the back. It appears they are misalignment which may be due to tempo. On alignment they are giving us 3 yards in my opinion. Why not take it…

  15. coachd says:

    I would run GT Counter Left “Short”. The FST will block out on the OLB who is just outside the frame, and BSG would kick the 4i.

  16. Dale Carlson says:

    QB Power Read to offense lefr with POP pass tagged to the left.

  17. @weekschad says:

    Both guards go out to the head up DE’s. Both tackles fold inside to the nearest LB. Center man blocks the Nose. The RB reads the Nose and runs opposite of him. If the FS comes down in the box, the QB could become the runner and the RB could lead up on the safety.

    Not something we do because we are not a wide split team, but this is something I’ve seen a lot of wide split teams run the last two years vs Odd fronts.

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