In hindsight, the issues with our offense were pretty obvious.

To put it simply: we couldn’t score points. We had a system, but it wasn’t working. So to compensate for our less-than-average players, we looked for the best plays we could find (TV or online). 

In effect, we created a “Frankenstein Offense”. A bunch of different football philosophies and plays mashed together to form one BIG playbook. I remember it well...

  • We’d collect plays that looked good on paper, or that we’d see in a game. Because we “knew” the play would work on the defense that week.
  • We gave our kids 6 dropbacks, 6 quick games, and 5 running plays to memorize (when they already had a TON of school games...and Youtube.)
  • Every week we’d change our “identity as an offense”. One week, we’d run. Next week we’d throw every down. 
  • Practice went longer than expected because of a few “new wrinkles”. Coaches often came back home late.
  • And we simply didn’t have fun.

That’s when I decided that if we wanted to have ANY success we needed an offense that: 

A) Didn’t confuse our players… B) didn’t require kids to have any special athleticism… and C) the kids had to enjoy implementing it.

So, how do we actually do that?

Let me show you the first step…