TFP 14: Coaches Mailbag #3 - Offensive Line Coaching, Buck Sweep, and Beating Man to Man.

Football Coaching Mailbag

How do you split duties between two offensive line coaches? Who should you pull in your Buck Sweep? What are three ways to defeat man to man?

I answer these questions in today’s Coaches Mailbag

You’ll learn from this episode:

  • What to do if you have two offensive line coaches.
  • Who you should pull on the Buck Sweep.
  • Why I think the Outside Zone is better than the Buck Sweep.
  • Three plays that kill man to man defenses.
  • What route concept kills high school defenses.

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Comments on TFP 14: Coaches Mailbag #3 - Offensive Line Coaching, Buck Sweep, and Beating Man to Man.

  1. Colin Brown says:


    Here’s my two cents on who to pull on bucksweep.

    If our fellow coach from Brazil is dead set on pulling the same two linemen every time on bucksweep, then it has to be the guards. Pulling the playside guard and the center leaves a huge hole in the middle of your line that your playside tackle and backside guard have to cover, and those blocks can be really tough (depending on the defensive front). For example, a backside 1 tech must be reached by your backside guard if you are pulling your center, and this block is a nightmare for your guard.

    This is a perfect demonstration of why I like the pin and pull version of outside zone. It really is the perfect marriage of the two concepts. You can run all the same reads that you can with true outside zone, but you can also get all the good blocking angles of a gap scheme that you do with traditional bucksweep.

    In that kind of scheme, you would have different linemen pulling depending on the front the defense gives you. I love this because it makes all the blocks easier. If I’m worried about my lineman being able to make the tough blocks, this scheme guarantees that all my lineman have an EASY block. All the down blocks are just in the gap to your inside (no down blocks a full gap over) and with good down blocks, the pulls become cleaner, shorter, and all around easier.

    Now coach, I like the pure outside zone scheme too, especially when I have a running back with great vision who can make good cuts, because he will work those reach blocks and find the hole if the defense gives us one, wherever it is. I think it takes more work with your o-line to get really good with outside zone, but it can be worth it. The pin and pull is a little easier to get good at if you also want to run other schemes. You can’t minor in the outside zone, you have to major in it. The pin and pull is something you can minor in.

    As always coach, keep doing what you’re doing. Love the show.

    Coach Brown

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