About Ron McKie Football

Ron McKie Football is a Spread Offense resource and community ran by me - Coach Ron McKie - to teach you proven strageties for building and running the Spread Offense. 

I have been a football coach for almost a decade now - and have been a coach in the Spread Offense for all of them. Today, my goal is to help coaches who want to learn about the Spread Offense or who wants to stay with the current offensive stragigies going on in the Spread Offense.

That is done through my blog articles, Podcast - Talking Football with Coach McKie - and my YouTube Channel. We also have in-depth discussions on the Spread Offense through my Twitter Feed and our Facebook Group.

Who is Coach Ron McKie?

My name is Coach Ron McKie. I am a family man who lives with my wife - Amanda - my daughter - Aria - and my son - Connor (Not pictured because he isn't born yet). Today, the Ron McKie Football Blog is my website dedicated to helping coaches - both young and old - learn about the amazing Spread Offense. 

I've always been around the game of football. I played all throughout high school, played a year in college before tearing up my arm - one of the few football players I know of that's gotten Tommy John surgery - and have been coaching every since. (Hint: High School coaches love dedicated volunteers!)

Why I Do What I Do?

I didn't have a great experience when I first started coaching. I was chewed out constantly by my head coach, none of the other coaches would answer my questions in meetings, and everyone ignored me when I wanted to discuss different play concepts that might have helped the team.

So I had to learn everything on my own. That meant setting up Google Alerts for subjects like the Run and Shoot offense, Air Raid Offense, Inside Zone, Outside Zone, Tunnel Screens, and more. I bought every Spread Offense video, read every Spread Offense article/book, and stealthly incorporated every Spread Offense drill I could throughout practice.

And I made a promise to myself.

I will do everything I can to help the next generation learn. Because I don't want any other coach to go through what I went through - starting at myself in the mirror asking "Why the hell am I doing this?"

Because football is an amazing game when you are surrounded by a great group of coaches who are striving to learn everything they can to become amazing coaches and mentors so they can help the next generation of men.


Here's What I Believe:

  • I believe the Spread Offense is the greatest offense in all of football.
  • I believe coaches trash the Spread Offense because they don't know the In's and Out's of the Spread Offense.
  • I believe players LOVE to play in the Spread Offense.
  • I believe every team has a quarterback that can play in the Spread.
  • I believe coaches love coaching in the Spread Offense.
  • I believe defenses HATE playing against the Spread Offense.
  • I believe every team can benefit from TEMPO.
  • I believe every team can run RPOs.


There are a lot of coaches who talk about running different schemes in the Spread Offense but don't call them in games.  There are a lot of "gurus" popping up around the game of football and promise you State Championships. They talk up their offense and how it will set records and propell you to becoming the next Gus Malazhan or Chad Morris.

I'm not one of those coaches. 

I take what I do around here pretty serious. I show you what I've run, how I've practiced, what works for me, and what I suck at. I'm as open and transparent as I can be.

Everything I do around here is to help you learn about the Spread Offense and become great at coaching the Spread Offense. 

So together we can Master The Spread, Score Points, and Have Fun!


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