Talking Football with Coach McKie - Episode 3

Man to man defense

Don’t let this coverage scare you.

In this episode of the Talking Football with Coach McKie Podcast, I talk about how you can make teams pay for going Cover 0 and Cover 1 against you. Most Spread teams struggle when teams get in their face and go Cover 0 and/or Cover 1. Why?

Because of the mindset. You have to get excited when teams go Cover 0 and/or Cover 1. You must instill that mindset into your players. And you must have a list of plays you go to when you see man. It’s that easy.

What plays should you use? Crossing routes and pick routes. What kind of crossing routes? Mesh and shallow cross. Those two routes are a must if you want to defeat man coverage.

Then you must use motion. Quick motion with the wide receiver and fast motion with the running back. Get the defense to move with you. If they don’t then you have the advantage.

Last, you must use formations. I love Stack and Bunch formations. Gets the defense confused and usually allows one of your guys to come free.

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Until next time coaches, let’s continue to Master the Spread, Score Points, and Have Fun!

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  1. Mark B January 1, 2018 @ 1:09 pm

    Excellent podcast. Love the details and insights on his to beat man coverage.

    • Mark B January 1, 2018 @ 1:10 pm

      To clarify previous comment, On how to beat man coverage

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