One-Back Power eBook

You love being in 10 personnel, but want to have a physical power running game. Can you do both?want to run the One-Back Power RPO, but you don’t have a tight end?

Heck yeah, you can do both. How? By using the One-Back Power RPO.

What’s the One-Back Power RPO? It’s a powerful downhill running game combined with a quick passing scheme that will have defensive coordinators pulling out their hair the entire game.

Don’t know how to install and run the One-Back Power RPO? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. My FREE One-Back Power RPO eBook covers the blocking scheme, passing concepts, and quarterback reads.

It’s that easy. Now you have everything you need to stay in 10 personnel and pound the ball. I promise you - defensive coordinators won’t know what to do while your players are running up and down the field breaking school records.