Talking Football with Coach McKie - Episode 5

Mike Leach talking to Hal Mumme

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Oklahoma plays today in the College Playoffs and every Air Raid coach across America will be cheering them on. Why? Because this is the first time since the early 2000s that the Air Raid Offense has been on the national stage.

Yet, many coaches don’t know how the Air Raid Offense fits together. Coaches don’t see how certain routes are complementary to one another. How you need to run Y-Stick and Y-Corner together. Or how Mesh complements the Shallow Crossing series.

But don’t worry coaches. Because I’ve got ya’ll covered in today’s Talking Football with Coach McKie podcast. In this episode, I talk about six route concepts that complement one another. I also talk about how play callers can call the right play based on what the defense does. This allows the play caller to stop guessing what to call in the Air Raid Offense and start killing defenses.

This type of play calling is similar to the Wing-T and Flexbone offense. Yet, it is better because you are throwing the ball all over the place and scoring a bunch of points.

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  1. Footballleavesclues January 20, 2018 @ 3:36 am

    Another great podcast. Question

    I understand how certain routes compliment each other y- stick and y- corner for instance (this was explained well in the podcast). But, how do you decide when to use each set of complementary plays?

    Is it down and distance based for example: short yardage = y stick/corner, medium yardage = mesh/ shallow cross, and long yardage = Y cross and y sail?

    If so what about plays like mesh and shallow that have a short yardage element built in(drags, mesh route).

    Basically what makes you say it time to use this group of plays?

    Thanks. You do a very good job at breaking down concepts into simple and understandable pieces.

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