TFP 33: Coaching Mailbag 9 - Bunch Formations, Tempo, Understanding Offense

Want to run the Bunch formation but don’t  what plays to run? Are you serious about using tempo but have no idea how to play faster?  Do you want to know how to call offensive plays but have no idea how to do it?

Then this is the Talking Football with Coach McKie for you. We talk about the ‘If/Then’ mentality of calling offense. What are the best resources for Bunch formation. And how to get great at increasing your tempo.

You’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why you need to read the Bunch Attack.
  • How scripting everything makes practice better.
  • Why you should simplify your playbook if you want to go fast.
  • Developing an ‘If/Then’ philosophy if you want to get great on offense.
  • How deadly the Y-Cross concept is from the Bunch formation.
  • How One-Word Plays allow you to go faster.

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Colin Brown - March 17, 2018 Reply

Coach, I agree with you on running lots of plays out of a single formation. I’m a defensive guy right now, and I love when a team gets into a certain formation to run a certain play. Last example I had of that was a team getting into Bunch to run the toss play to the bunch side. We installed an auto blitz check, and we strung the toss play out for a loss the first time and they never went back to it. I think the opposite approach (a very small numbers of plays out of every formation under the sun) is really hard to defend if you are strictly sticking to those very small number of plays and can run all of them out of every formation, but a lot of coaches start to get tendencies when they start to favor certain plays out of certain formations.

I’ve always wanted to run a pistol flexbone offense out of just 2 formations (base 2×2 and trips). From base 2×2 you can run the usual flexbone triple option stuff, all the wing-t stuff (buck series, belly series, jet series), and a sprint out passing to both sides on command.

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