TFP 10: Interview with the amazing Coach Mike Rowe

Do you want to score 1,000 points per game? Do you want to utilize the latest technology to engage your kids? Do you want to be able to transform your team by implementing character building into your practice plan?

Do you? Great. Then you want to listen to this episode of Talking Football with Coach Mckie. Why? Because today I’m interviewing Coach Mike Rowe.

Who’s Coach Mike Rowe? Coach Rowe is a State Championship football coach from the state of Minnesota. Coach Rowe has won two conference titles, four section championships, and have gone deep in the playoffs the past five years in a row.

You’ll learn from this episode:

  • How to incorporate adversity into your practice schedule.
  • How implementing his character program sent his team to the state championship game.
  • How he matches up his defense to his offense.
  • How he built his feeder program and helped his program.
  • How his style of offense changed a basketball school into a football school.
  • How filming practice helps him practice faster.
  • How he uses Google Classroom to engage his players.

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