TFP 23: Talking Alabama Spread with Coach Shea Monroe

Alabama Spread Offense and Defensive Clinic
Do you love learning from other football coaches who are smarter than you? I know I do. That’s why I got Coach Shea Monroe on today’s Podcast to talk about the Alabama Spread Clinic, the Inside and Outside Veer, the Smoke and Mirror Wing-T, and more.

If this interview tickled your brain then I would recommend attending the Alabama Spread and Defensive Clinic.

You’ll learn from this episode:

  • How to use formations to look complex to your opponent.
  • Why you should throw out one random formation to mess with next week’s opponent.
  • How deadly unbalanced formations are when paired with inside and outside veer.
  • Why Coach Monroe considers Power “God’s Run Play”.
  • Why the Fade/Out quick game is deadly against today’s Match Defenses.
  • Why you need to go to the Alabama Spread and Defensive Clinic.

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Comments on TFP 23: Talking Alabama Spread with Coach Shea Monroe

  1. Coach Boone says:

    Just found your podcast/website and have been enjoying it! Congratulations and best of luck!

    Request – Would love to hear more about the Wing-T if you can get anyone, would love to hear more about it in the Gun or spread as well.

    Question – What are your favorite 1 and 2 man routes for RPO’s? Is there an easy way to communicate (no-huddle) to switch from Slant to Hitch? Bubble to Outs?

    Appreciate you!

    1. Coach Boone,

      Thank you for the kind words sir. They mean a lot to me.

      I’m always willing to talk to Wing-T guys. Next week I’m talking to Rick Stewart – the Pistol Wing-T coach. It is a great interview and I hope you like it.

      My favorite RPO routes are the snag and pick route. Snag route for when the defense is in zone. Pick for when the defense is in man.

      You could ways have the quarterback signal the play to the wide receivers quickly if he sees man or build in man beaters to the backside of the RPO.

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