TPF 29: Learning the Power Run Scheme from Coach Rowdy Harper

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Do you want to run the Power Run Scheme? Do you want to know which college team has the most devastating Power Run Scheme? Do you want to know what it was like to play with a future NFL quarterback?

Then you need to listen to my interview with the great Coach Rowdy Harper.

This is a Ph. D in the Power Run Scheme. I took eight pages of notes on how to rep the Power Run Scheme, how to simplify the Power Run Scheme, and who I need to study if I want to get serious about the Power Run Scheme.

You’ll learn from this episode:

    • What’s the difference between Strong and Weak Power?
    • How to simplify the Power Run Scheme by teaching the concept.
    • Why you can get rid of the Counter Run Scheme by tagging the Power Run Scheme.
    • Why North Dakota State is the best-kept secret in football.
    • What it’s like playing the NFL star Case Keenum.

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  1. Frank Bernard March 10, 2018 @ 5:21 am

    I’m a wing-t guy converting to the spread. Love all your stuff. When I look at all the different concepts feel like a kid in a candy store. Trying to figure out what is best for us. We have a good quarterback, two good running backs, and two good receivers. What concepts do you suggest for us just starting in the spread?

    • Coach McKie March 10, 2018 @ 9:19 am

      Coach Bernard,

      Welcome to the Spread Side of the Ball. I know you are excited about opening up your offense and slinging the ball around.

      With what you have, I would recommend the Air Raid Blue/Green formation. It’s two running backs in the backfield. But my question to you is can one of the running backs catch the ball? If he can then put him at your F, put your better of the two wide receivers at Y, put your other good wide receiver at L or R (If your quarterback is right handed then put the kid at L. If the quarterback is left handed then put the kid at R.)

      If you do that then you can go to 2 x 2 Spread to 2-back without changing personnel. That will really dick with the defense if you are using tempo.

      For concepts, I’d go with the One Back Power and Pin and Pull RPO. I’d go with these schemes because they would fit your Wing-T style of running. I know it is difficult to go from gap based run concepts to zone based. With these two plays I mentioned you could do the same things Run Wise so there isn’t any new learing.

      I just put out a Pin and Pull RPO eBook. You can check it out here:

      Pin and Pull RPO eBook

      Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you on your way of Mastering the Spread, Scoring Points, and Having Fun.

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